5 Min Full Body Workout at Home no Equipment

5 Min Full Body Workout at Home no Equipment

today I’ll lead you through a five
minute full-body workout that will help you build lean muscle and it can be done
from the comfort of your own home without any equipment sound too good to
be true I promise it isn’t you’ll just need to
work hard to make it count Coach Jenny here from WarriorMade.com
where our goal is to meet you wherever you’re at on your health journey and to
give you the exercise and nutrition tools you need to reach your body
transformation goals we’ve already helped thousands of our tribe members do
this very thing with our at-home workouts so today I’ll show you how our
program can help you get the results you’re looking for let’s get started now
since this is a five-minute workout the harder you push the more you’ll get out
of it don’t let this scare you though when we
talk about high-intensity workouts it’s relative to your personal ability
basically this means work out as hard as you safely can to get the most out of
your workout after all we all have different thresholds just make sure
you’re listening to your body as you go when you work harder for shorter periods
of time you get a metabolic response meaning your metabolism can burn more
calories for between 24 to 48 hours after your workouts instead of just
during it also focusing on multi-joint compound movements like the ones we’ll
do today helps your body burn more fat by simulating muscle growth if you do
around 20 minutes of high-intensity workouts about three times a week you
will meet the recommended weekly exercise goals set out by the Department
of Health one thing to mention is that if you’re working out at higher
intensity it is important to give yourself plenty of recovery time stick
around to the end of this video because I’ll show you the supplement I take
after my high-intensity workouts to help my body recover faster alright the only
thing I like better than talking about fitness is doing it so let’s jump in a
few things to point out before we get started first always be sure to check in
with your personal care provider to make sure following a workout like this is
safe for you once you get the thumbs-up here’s what we’re gonna do first I’ll
show you two full body exercises next I’ll show you how to do each with
perfect form pay close attention here because when you do an exercise with
perfect form not only is it more efficient you also reduce the risk of
injury after that I’ll lead you through 5-minute follow along workout where
we’ll rotate each exercise for 30 seconds so let me introduce you to the
exercises burpees and thrusters exercise number one is the Burpee this is super
functional because it actually lets you practice getting down on the floor and
getting back up again safely take this with in your own frame of reference as
far as how you want to get down on the floor and how you want to get back
up again but there’s a couple of things to keep in mind we’re gonna start with
our feet a little wider you can jump back or step back after placing your
hands on the ground lowering yourself all the way down to your chest touches
we’ll slowly push up you can either jump your feet up or step one foot at a time
back to the standing position if you need some assistance feel free to use a
chair or a couch as a prop to help you get down on the ground
take your time lowering make sure your back stays nice and flat and again if
you need a little bit of assistance getting back up that’s totally fine to
try to move through these nice and smooth if you want to turn it into a
little bit more of a metabolic conditioning in other words if you want
to speed it up a little bit you can jump your feet back jump them up and finish
with a little clap at the top exercise number two is the thruster this combines
two more functional movements that focused on first the squat all the way
down all the way up and then a press or a reach overhead we’re just gonna
combine those two you want to stay nice and neutral in your spine keep that
chest nice and tall if you need some assistance you can always turn this into
a sit to stand okay and then finish with an overhead reach the idea here is a
transfer of weight so taking a weight all the way down
into your squat and jumping it overhead again you can make this really dynamic
by speeding that movement up either way the descent should be nice and
controlled you’re gonna start with your feet in squat position okay the weights
balanced just about mid foot stand nice and tall
breathe low brace out hands come up to the shoulders we’re gonna squat by
driving those knees out setting back on the heels squeeze your butt to stand
after follow-through with the reach overhead putting those two together big
squat stand and reach big squat stand and reach and shake it out now that you
know how to do these two exercises with perfect form and you know how each one
can help you in your everyday life get ready to work out remember to get
the most out of this work as hard as you can for the five minutes and if you’re
still building your strength and stamina just focus on working out at a pace that
feels good for you focusing on consistent movement and
perfect form I’ll count down from three and then we’ll move through burpees and
thrusters for 30 seconds apiece rotating between the two exercises with a
five-second pause after each ready three two one go nice job guys keep pushing hang in there guys stay with it hang in there guys stay with it nice job guys keep pushing thirty seconds left guys earn your rest amazing work I hope you’re feeling good
for getting in your quick full body workout if you’re going to commit to
high-intensity workouts click the link below to learn more about the supplement
I told you about which helps me restore and recover and because I love coaching
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  1. I'm really tired. I was doing it and it's a great cardio workout. I started sweating right away. I love this exercise you show us. Thank you

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