5-Minute Workout to Get in Shape in 4 Weeks

5-Minute Workout to Get in Shape in 4 Weeks

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  1. Ohmagod! I could barely do any of this! HA! I'll keep at it. Thanks for the approving clip of Loki! Nice to get that while I'm panting in agony!!!!! 👍😍👍

  2. How do you do this at 64? Especially when my lower back hurts when in certain position? I used to be able to do this back in my 50’s, now I feel tired and worn out.

    Exercise #1 – Plank 0:48
    Exercise #2 – Push-ups 1:46
    Exercise #3 – Toning your thigh and bottom muscles 2:34
    Exercise #4 – Squats 3:19
    Exercise #5 – Ab exercises 4:05
    Exercise #6 – Abs and buttocks 4:52
    Exercise #7 – Waist 5:34
    The four-week plan 6:28

  4. guys here is the helpful easy workout for your entire body in just 1 it work it ce
    lled lose weight with pilate workout. it worked for me i am so happy try it it so easy.

  5. I’m not political but the impeach Donald Trump advertisement is ridiculous…
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    Thanks 😐

  6. What part of your body do you like best?

    Btw, these exercises will help you to slim down your face https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBtMAyTD9Hc

  7. #Brightside.. I wanted to know if we have to do these exercises all 7 days in a week.. or 5-6 days a week n take a one day gap on Sunday n again start from Monday???

  8. The reason I'm looking this up is because I'm worried. I spend my whole life sitting. I sit for school, I sit to read, I sit for homework, and all the activities I do for fun involve sitting. Idon't want to be out of shape as a young adult, and I don't want to have any health problems because of my constant sitting. I eat healthy but that's not enough I don't think.

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 look easy,but it s not !!!!!!!! In 4 weeks come on 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1year to have the perfect body

  10. bright side should be watched carefully , many misleading statements and out right wrong, why do that to people?

  11. I feel so awkward when they count to 15 and I am sitting in my chair being lazy and not do the exercise at all

  12. Ok I’m going to do this for 4 weeks and see what happens
    Day 1
    Like to give me some motivation

  13. One with over weight body should be doing it. Already fit person can do all exercises easily. So what's the point.

  14. Do you mean t
    On the weekly plans to do the exercise for the slotted time with a 15 second rest before going on to the next exercise? Example….am I supposed to hold the plank for three minutes with a 15 second break before going onto the next exercise?

  15. A question that OLDER people should be asking: Why is it that only the very young and in perfect shape females & males are shown in these and other exercises? It’s because one CANNOT achieve the alleged results if she is over 40 years old. If it was that simple or even possible, older women/men would have been used in these exercises.

  16. And mind your elbow joints when doing push-ups!! Avoid hyper-extending as the girl in the field does .. ouch for the joint after a while…

  17. Thank you so much for the realistic starting amounts of repetitions!!
    Any chance of some videos with only 'average'/'normal' people rather than ones who look like models and totally perfect abs etc, is depressing, tho I suppose it's to show that the routine works! I have some 'large' friends who probably will stay large but can get fitter and bendier, be good to see some in that situation do the workout :))

  18. What to do please if (as I have) an old shoulder and neck injury, and a knee injury, so plank, push-ups, and squats are tricky/ painful/ not possible, but that's nearly half the work-out.. :(( ..??

  19. I cannot get up if I get on the floor. I do push-ups standing a distance from a wall . It is age appropriate for me.

  20. While STARTING the video:I'm going to do this and reduce unnecessary weight

    AFTER 3mins watching this video : I'M PERFECT.. and started to eat stress-fully

  21. 1:16 – #1 PLank
    2:10 – #2 PUSH-UP
    3:50 – #4 SQUATS
    5:01 – #6 ABS + BUTTOCKS
    5:57 – #7 WAIST

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