5 Months on Testosterone! In-Depth Changes (Muscle, Body/Facial Hair) // FTM

5 Months on Testosterone! In-Depth Changes (Muscle, Body/Facial Hair) // FTM

everyone its Zy and I am 5 months on
t so obviously I’m here to talk about any of the changes that have happened
and the first thing I want to mention is that from month 4-5 I had a lot of
noticeable changes the first thing I want to say is that I get addressed
properly now. Usually people say like sir or or like dude or whatever you know man
so that’s cool that’s great that’s proper or they don’t say anything at all
when it comes to pronouns like they don’t use a pronoun with me like it’s
like they beat around the bush I don’t know
so what the physical changes I do want to note that I think my hairline is
starting to like recede right here it’s like going bald right here and right
here I’m not happy about that I’m not having it
I got a lot of facial hair over the last month a lot of new facial hair as well
as like just growing lengthwise but I have like a whole last neck beard now
it’s in ain’t cute but it does say something I got sideburns now I would
never have those my moustache I don’t know it just seems like it’s saying the
same I think there’s more spawning here for sure I think mostly the acne has
subsided I get it here in there if I fuck with my face wrong but other than
that kind of like Jill my voice is deeper and I think it mostly feels
different and my throat I don’t know how to explain that it just feels a little
different so we’ll do a little comparison as as usual and this is my
voice for months on T this is my voice five months on T you body hair is one of
the biggest things I’ve noticed in the last month that have changed it’s like
going up the belly here like obviously right here the lower belly but I’m
starting to come to the sides right here and oh my
I’m getting a lot of like chest hair mostly you know by my nipples but
there’s quite a bit going on that’s like boom and I don’t know where
y’all my ass got hairy a little bit out of nowhere
it really wasn’t it’s more like a light lighter hair not like darker colored
hair but it still it kind of it wasn’t there before and now it’s there I shaved
my whole ass one day just for fun this is crazy but I’m actually getting some
thigh hair and I know you guys gonna be like this is a man shut up but it’s
because I shaved my thighs twice over the last month my thighs looked full-on
bald like you would look at them and be like your thighs are bald
not after I should have been before I shoot and now that I grew back it’s like
it’s actually growing back I don’t know why that myth actually
works on me it has worked on many parts of my body
I think this hair has gotten longer I don’t know but it looks more like full
another chain just like it’s sweaty or easier and like more amount of sweat
especially like my back like jesus motherfucking for my back is why is my
back so sweaty right now what the fuck my muscles are changing but that’s
definitely in part with working out it’s not I’m not not working out so keep that
in mind and there’s more density it’s more full and dense I used to just have
the muscles like a straight like pancake of muscle I don’t know how to explain it
but it was like a straight line and I flex it now it’s more like a rounded
piece of muscle I’m kind of targeting that with with the supination to a
little bit not a ton but it’s definitely has changed significantly my
measurements have changed a little mostly I’ve got more with around my
shoulders here and my bicep has grown an entire inch since I since like December
when I started tea I think my veins pop out a little bit easier
they aren’t now it just depends and ask for bottom growth it seems the
same except disclaimer TMI it seems the same but maybe it when it’s hard it
seems like it might be a little bigger and then what goes along with that
horniness a little more Harney it’s not it’s not anything wild everybody’s like
so fucking horny on tea oh my god I’m whacking off eight times a day what do i
do and meanwhile I’m just like where the fuck is mine can I get some of that what
the fuck I need a smoke some fucking weed y’all I might take a bong rip for
this video bong rips for Jesus y’all have a lot of
faith in me as a human being don’t you this rip is for y’all thank you guys for
watching all my videos and shit and liking them and just sub in or whatever
just existing appreciate you guys to shit fuck and some people that comment
don’t rock your going above and beyond love it and dome fuck please don’t unlike my video because of
this this is meta fucking keishon thank you guys for watching I really
appreciate it if you like my videos thumbs up sub you know subscribe and
shit and definitely check out my Instagram keep up with it on there like
thank you for watching appreciate it y’all peace out get some
sleep get some good risk goo good workout a good rest I burnt the shit on
my finger earlier and there is no fingerprint on it anymore there isn’t it
like right here it’s got it is like smooth as fuck it is like a piece of
fucking I don’t know reminds me of a piece of leather

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  1. I know exactly what you mean by your voice feeling different. Like my voice felt weird before it started actually cracking, but I'm only 3 months half dose right now. Also the "meda-fuckin-cation" weed…. Go off boy

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