5 Most Unusual Bodybuilders You Never Heard Of

5 Most Unusual Bodybuilders You Never Heard Of

5 Most Unusual Bodybuilders You Never Heard
Of Hi guys! When people hear the word “bodybuilder”
they probably think of some unusually massive dude or a really buff chick. Some people think
that it s really cool and that their bodies looks fantastic, others see them as freaks.
Regardless of how you feel about them there are some truly extraordinary bodybuilders.
Some of them have charisma, others are simply enormous. There are those who are entirely
deformed. Today guys you will see five extraordinary bodybuilders that deserve your attention.
1. Jacques Sayagh Jacques Sayagh lives in Paris. On the street.
Yep, that’s right the guy is homeless. And like most homeless people he lives of handouts.
But apart from that this dude is a bodybuilder. Unlike other homeless people, Jacques has
all kinds of protein cocktails, gainers and energy bars.
Street bodybuilder Jacques looks about 50. He starts his day from pull-ups on his handmade
bar. Then he proceeds with training his arms and shoulders, he does that with rubber bands.
Jacques can’t afford to buy dumbbells and barbells so he uses everything that comes
at hand or does exercises that doesn’t require any equipment. For instance, his favorite
exercise is pushups. Despite that Jacques is a homeless guy he
sticks to his strict diet, he eats vegies five days a week and gains 1 500 calories
every day. Jacques has become a street hero a long time ago, tourists often come to make
a photo together and kids like touching his biceps. Jacques says that despite the fact
that he s always naked, he never gets cold or catches flu. The most important thing for
that guy is to make children be proud of him. That is his dream and the meaning of life.
2. Big Lenny Just like all bodybuilders on our list, Big
Lenny isn’t exactly usual. Lenny has big belly and hanging buttocks but that doesn’t
stop him from taking part in competitions and get more famous. He also shoots his training
sessions on video where he boasts about his appearance and feels comfortable talking about
it. Lenny is 190cm high and weights 140 kilos. When asked why he s got such a big belly he
says that he eats a lot to keep this shape. Did you guys notice that despite the belly
size you can still see a six-pack? You can tell that Lenny like attention. I
am not saying he s a whore but it`s funny he says that he has 140 kilos of pure muscle
and contains a serious face while he does that. When Lenny was younger he used to weight
a whole 205 kilos. Well I can only say that it s pretty cool
when a guy does what he likes, enjoys the process and when that doesn’t hurt anybody,
well that s just great! 3. Caleb Mutombo
Caleb Mutombo is a buddy guy who s only 113 cm high but he sure has a character! He weighs
only 32 kilos. Caleb was born in Congo and it was clear that there s something wrong
with that guy`s development. He was always shorter than his peers and by the time he
was 14 Caleb`s growth stopped. But Caleb is not a soft pancake! He s a very persistent
and hardworking guy! Where many people would give up and start crying, Caleb kept on rockin!
He started training at 12 and already back then he knew that he was going to be strong
one day! He was training at home first and soon moved to the gym where he spends 5 days
a week. Despite that idiots often pick on him he s still going strong and already shows
great results at the local contests. 4. Gunnar Anderson
This young man went thru a lot of difficulties before he could become a bodybuilder. Gunnar
was born without pectoralis major muscle. Despite that, Gunnar started training very
hard and was able to achieve great results! When Gunnar was a little kid, he was very
thin and shy. He couldn’t take his shirt off in public and that’s quite obvious.
Poor guy developed inferiority complex. But later he managed to overcome his fears and
started working hard in the gym with a trainer. The result came soon enough. Right now Gunnar
is an online-personal trainer and a fitness specialist. He became a great example for
those who never even thought about attending a gym. That guy inspires others and I think
that’s really great! Gunner has his own YouTube channel it s pity that he hasn’t
got that much followers so I ll leave a link in the description check him out if you guys
are interested, ok? And if you re not subscribed to Real Bizarre
yet then go ahead and click subscribe button and click that bell near it too! Because the
coolest stuff is yet to come! 5. Collin Clarke
Collin Clarke is 22 and he works at the reception desk in the GYM. Clark has a genetic disorder
known as the down syndrome. But that didn’t come as obstacle in achieving his dream becoming
a bodybuilder. Ever since Collin was a little kid he was interested in sports. He has been
watching films featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and collected sport magazines, you can really
tell the guy was passionate about the whole thing! Back then he didn’t expect his dream
to come true. Because one of the symptoms of this disorder
is a muscle tone decline and growth deficit. It means that it makes it really hard to keep
shape not to mention actual bodybuilding. It all started when Clarke met a famous trainer
Glenn Ubelhor. Ubelhor mentioned that never in his life he has seen a guy this disciplined
and purposeful. The result came swift: only a year ago Clarke`s
weight was more than 90 kilos with more than 30 percent fat and after a year of intensive
trainings he weights 66 and only 10 percent of his body is fat. So after he has worked
very hard for a whole year, Clark was ready to take part in a bodybuilding contest. He
took the honorable fifth place. Our young bodybuilder won’t stop now! And he suggests
that all you guys should work hard and follow your dreams!
I am totally agree with Clarke! Don’t stop dreaming, you can’t stop believing! Work
hard guys! That’s all for now. Press thumbs up and again thank you for watching! Bye-bye.

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  1. If I was that guy with the half pec, I would get at tattoo of a small weightlifter below lifting that pec. Or something like flesh ripped open with terminator skeletal underneath. Would be a great optical illusion.

  2. half tit guy overcame his complex by getting buffed? nah, that inferiority or whatever complex and shyness runs him to this day. thats why he got buffed, he cant face it. take him off the test or whatever he takes (and stop bodybuilding for half a year) and he is the same shy guy with inferiority complex. he still cant walk around with his shirt off… bodybuilding is full of insecure and shallow folks.. rarely people do it for the love of it.

  3. Props to the guy with Poland syndrome. Looks good with legit physique. My 4 year old son was born with this syndrome (missing right pectoralis major) and at times my wife and I think about it. I can see how he has learned how to compensate with his left side. This guys serves as an inspiration.

  4. That last dude doesn't look like 10% body fat at all.. If they're being honest about what they were told then I believe the process is just very flawed (which I'm beginning to believe anyways)

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