5 Muscle Building Tips For BEGINNERS

5 Muscle Building Tips For BEGINNERS

It can be difficult for people to start their
path down the world of fitness. For those guys and girls interested in building
muscle, what you can find on the internet is vast and very daunting, to say the least. But there are.. some things that are more
straightforward and fundamentally important for beginners to know. Here’s five of them that I think all beginners
can benefit from once they start their way down the fitness path. Number 1: Start with moderate resistance and
volume. No pain, no gain, as the motto says, couldn’t
be any more devastating for a beginner to follow. Don’t be the guy that can’t walk after
their very first training session. Fact is, studies do show that untrained individuals
can get bigger and stronger without pushing their bodies to the limit. Certainly, maximal intensity and volume become
important matters once you’re more experienced, but for beginners, it incurs much more exercise
induced muscle damage. And since your body is not used to exercise,
you’ll be sorer and weaker for longer, hurting your future exercise performance. Go moderately heavy, perhaps something you
can do comfortably for 10 reps, and then slowly progress from there. Number 2: Get Your Protein. Nutrition is important. I think we can all agree to that. But often beginners fall short on their protein. Within the fitness industry, not many aspects
are messier and more confusing than protein intake. Whether that’s protein timing, eating protein
with your carbs, or using specific types of protein shakes. The information is overwhelming, and often
unsubstantiated, but none of it matters more than simply getting enough protein each day. A good starting point is consuming 1 gram
of protein per pound of bodyweight. Or you can check out my protein intake video
for other, more detailed options based on your goal. Number 3: Focus on Compound Movements First
The best way to achieve overall growth and strength is through compound movements. These are like your squats, pull-ups, bench
presses, push-ups and deadlifts, all aheavily targeting multiple muscle groups unlike isolation
exercises. It will take more effort to master such movements,
but the payoff in terms of growth and strength is much more lucrative. If I were to train every beginner in the world,
compound movements will be first target on the list before anything else. Once you get your compounds down, then you
can focus on isolation exercises targeting muscles that you want to improve. Number 4: Work on your mobility. Many beginners and even a lot of experienced
trainers for some reason think they can neglect stretching and warming up their muscles and
joints. But without proper mobility, improper lifting
technique, lack of range of motion, and injuries often follow behind. If you feel like you’re not doing a certain
exercise correctly no matter how much you practice, chances are that your mobility is
holding you back. Implementing dynamic stretches, PNF stretches,
joint flows, and even foam rolling can go a long way in improving mobility. And finally, number 5: Ask for Help. I get it, when you’re at the gym, all you
want to do is blend in like everyone else, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might be timid in asking for help from
that one athletic guy doing that one exercise you’ve been trying to learn. But think about it this way: whatever emotions
or concerns you might feel or have about asking someone else for help, chances are that someone
else was in the exact situation as you are now. And unlike others that never sought help and
quit, that someone else set aside their fears and approached their someone else and got
the support they needed. And contrary to popular belief, people at
the gym are more than willing to lend a helping hand. After all, they understand the struggle just
as much as you do. So, muster the courage, put your own pride
aside, and ask for help when you need it. One day, once you’re all muscular and knowledgeable,
you might be able to return that favor. And there you go, that’s my five tips for
beginners wanting to build muscle. I hope this helps some of you watching this. For some of you that are little bit more advanced,
please share some of your tips below and help your fellow peers. Other than that, let me know what you thought
about the tips or if you want tips on other topics. As always, thank you for watching!

100 Replies to “5 Muscle Building Tips For BEGINNERS”

  1. I need to cut so badly rip dude I'm like 10 pounds overweight after only doing weight lifting and bulk exercises…now I look like a marshmallow with muscles….

  2. could you please do a video on if you can change for body type, height, and metabolic rate and the best way to train for strength then gains? please I'm having a lot of trouble with these things as I don't seem to be losing belly fat and my gains aren't much after 6 months then again I am 15

  3. That's the thing when is it to much? I'm 280 mostly fat. I cantv lose it. I am stronger but I noticed my lift gone down from 50 to 30 and don't know

  4. I still consider myself a beginner (4-5 months in) but in my experience being consistent and having the correct nutrition is what got my my gains. Form and workout you learn as you go.

  5. Dont you think thats a overkill on protein?
    Im 6foot 200 pound,so i need like 800 grams of chicken or pork just so i can build muscle
    Im pretty sure 99% of people cant eat/afford that much meat
    Forgot about americans but still…

  6. 1g per pound is heavily debated considering I see just as many as people saying 1g per 1kg of body weight.

    They still don't know exactly how much a person needs protein wise. That's why the 1g per 1 pound essentially balls to the walls just in case

  7. My advice is create ur own routine..then if u think u cant do ur routine its okay have a rest..i do bodyweight exercise for 7 days and not even taking serious rest but when i do..i probably take 1 day..for me i do upperbody for 5 times a week and lower body for weekend..

  8. I really love PictureFit…Iam going to the Gym since iam 16 (7years now) but for many years ive been doing things the wrong way…asking someone to help me was one of the most important things i did! During the last year ive seen more progress then the 6 years before….!!

  9. Not really a beginner – I've already put in hours and hours of weight training over the years, but not consistently enough to really make progress. I've always had a pace of running 5 or 6 days a week, but only doing weight training maybe 1 of those days and I have always wanted to take the weight training further. Already started taking suppliments in preparation for the training I just started. Need to stop taking months off and things would be easier. I started weight training/lifting again 5 days ago and it already feels like a majority of my muscles hate me, but a lot of soreness I know is a good sign. Just glad I have access to more than one gym now – these outlets will be utilized.

  10. My friend asked some d bag to help him, he said "heh, you have to do lots of exercises and lifts. No pain no gain brah! Get down and do those pushups asap!" And later on he gave him 10 kg weights… my friend told him that he just can't lift that much and he told him with a dead ass looking face (that's exactly how he described him to me) "go big or go home lil guy"… he left the gym 1 hour after that and he just ate a bucket of icecream. I mean… most people will help you, but some others just show off..

  11. Hey guys if you want some free in depth advice on building muscle or losing fat check out http://musclebasedfitness.com/ content is always free and updated regularly

  12. Six tips for beginners to put on muscle:

    1- Keep continuous tension on the desired muscle
    2- Use a slow rep cadence (five seconds)
    3- Keep the time under tension around 60 seconds (that is 12 reps with a 5 second rep cadence)
    4- The workouts should be short (under 45 minutes) and relatively hard
    5- Give yourself adequate time to recover from the workouts
    6- Maintain a positive energy balance (eat more calories than you burn)

  13. I’m 128 lbs male. How many grams of protein should I intake a day? I already drink Premier Protein shakes which contain 30 grams of protein. I was thinking about adding Whey Protein to my daily intake which has about 32 grams. All that would add up to 62 grams of protein plus whatever I get from meals. Too much or too little?

  14. Bullshit, most of the time I get told "gtfo" when asking people. Most of the time resting, gym "bruahs" exist and are everywhere.

  15. On page 23 there is a fantastic nutrition trick that will tell your body that you’re not starving and keep your metabolic rate sky high so you burn fat all the time most quote on quote diets end up leaving your body to believe that it is starving and that’s why your body holds on to that stubborn body fat it’s the last to go for a good reason it thinks your starving there’s a way to trick it. Now this is going to to shock you yeah there’s a type of actual saturated fat yeah you know the kind the media tells you is all bad no this saturated fat is healthy and even supports fat burning metabolism.

  16. Just look at how this channel blew up, I remember when this channel had under 100K now it’s almost at 1 million! Hard work forever pays ☝🏾💯

  17. I literally just saw another YouTuber fitness channel guy say compound movements are the worst thing for beginners. Just too many opinions out there.

  18. Went gym for the first time, after gym, soreness and after soreness i got bigger biceps but cant straight my arm.

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  20. i lift or train 10 times and wait 2 minutes and 10 times again and wait 2 minutes and do 10 times again and im done. these were my tips

  21. I have almost a month training doing a 5×5 program and I was the one who couldn't get up after my first training, put on too much weight but my motivation was much stronger than the pain.

  22. Can we get a tshirt that says Newbie Gainz with the stick figure guy at 0:51? That would be pretty cool.

  23. Want to gain some Muscle.. Do it in the easiest and fastest way.. Check it out https://bit.ly/2LznTKX

  24. I start lifting last week and i will hit my upper body MW, and lower body then friday abs and sat. Cardio, sunday is rest day. What do you think?need ur advice thanks a lot

  25. Don't lift too heavy,I'm talking about five rep kind of weight,go for eight to twelve,and volume is important

  26. What do you do when you reach a certain amount of muscle mass and you want to maintain it. Not wanting to gain more or lose any, how does your workout change at that point?

  27. Hi! Is it advisable to do those 5 compound exercises everyday + one muscle per day for fatloss and muscle gain- increasing volume with time? I love running so is it ok if I sprint for a few mins in bw sets-3/4 times per session, how can i retain my muscle mass at the same time?

  28. 1g of protein per 1 pound of body weight !!
    science do not agree sorry :/
    does that matter if the body is fat or skinny ?

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  30. plus that mascular someone would reallyyyyy love to talk about anything about the gym…soooo take advantage on that free trainor..thats what i did🤣

  31. So if I’m 130 pounds I’m supposed to get 130 grams of protein a day? How is a vegan supposed to manage this

  32. Beginners have no routine they cherry-picked there exercises and ego lift or using bad form on everything!

  33. Well doing leg press with no plates on it at all (rehabing a knee injury) certainly got me used to leaving my ego at the door

  34. 6 – wipe your bench, pulldown machine, yoga mat, whatever it is that you used for the people after you.

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