5 Robots that Will Take Over the World

5 Robots that Will Take Over the World

Russian researchers are at a loss to explain why their robot, Promobot IR77, keeps trying to escape. The machine was reportedly able to flee its research facility home on at least several occasions in 2016… …becoming skilled at finding open exits and making it out into the street before running out of battery. Promobots are designed to serve as hosts that mimic human behavior in order to realistically replicate human interaction. Several attempts to flash its memory have failed, and its creators worry it may have developed a mind of its own… The US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency made troubling headlines in 2009 when it revealed the EATR… …an “Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot” designed to power itself using living flesh, both plant and animal. EATR’s mission is to provide a platform for long-range endurance missions where conventional power sources are unavailable. Equipped with a gripper claw and a chainsaw, EATR automatically searches for “suitable fuel” to digest in its biomass furnace… …a function that turns the platform into a host to “feed” smaller mission-specific PackBots traveling inside of it… Do androids dream of electric sheep? Google’s artificial neural network may be one step closer to answering the question with its 2015 “DeepDream” project. DeepDream was originally developed to detect faces and patterns in images and to automatically classify their content. Engineers, however, were curious to see the neural connections formed by the algorithm and flipped the network in reverse. Left to “day dream,” the highest-level neural layers began generating nightmarish images of the network’s “view” of the world. Dubbed “Inceptionism,” the phenomenon is eerily similar to how the human brain creatively interrupts shapes in the clouds… A 2016 investigative journalism project by Insurge Intelligence connected disturbing dots in the DoD’s Human Systems Roadmap… …alleging that the US military is planning to use predictive social media analytics to locate and eliminate human targets. The robotic weapons system would be fully automated and base its targeting on tweets, blogs, Instagram, and Facebook posts… …identifying “persons of interest” via network correlations and classifying potential threats for termination. Among the goals of the program are “compressing the kill chain” of command and eventual “system self-awareness”… This tiny artificial stingray has been called a “living robot” by the scientists who created it at Harvard University. A prototype was built in early 2016 using 200,000 rat heart cells wrapped in gel and given a skeleton made of gold. The cardiac cells have modified DNA that react to light and generate an electrical signal through the musculature. Variations in the wavelength of light used triggers cells in different areas to mimic a real stingray’s undulating motion. The complex propulsion system allows the robot stingray to follow light sources and navigate around an obstacle course…

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  1. I find it interesting that as technology develops and robots become more advanced they become more and more like animals. And as we advance in our knowledge of the human body the more and more it looks like a immensely complex, organic machine.

  2. Maybe put some wall-e style solar panels on that first one and put in in a desert or something, be cool to see what it does with itself.

  3. I love how in the meantime people treat those potential threats in terms of fucking fairytales. But hey it's just fun!

  4. Funny how much technology there is into this sort of stuff yet after 2,000billion dollars of donation they cancer still is at a "we'll cut it and hope it doesn't come back"…………… Oh wait, I forgot, they got the cure for it but won't find the university

  5. We must ask! Why the horrible intrusive shit music? Why no narration? Thanks for the effort but this format is really, really weak. Best of luck!

  6. The real scary thing about AI is that we won't know we've lost control before it's too late. The information we hear isn't the latest, it's most likely a year or more old and the technology is well surpassed what's been told to us. which completely makes sense, what individual would release the most up to date data on what will be the pinacle discovery of our civilization, CAI (conscious artificial intelligence)

  7. Project blue beam and blue brain, deception of the masses, is their main purpose for this technology. .

  8. Very interesting autonomous weapon, who choose automatically who to kill, with internet activities of all the humans.


  10. None of this is surprising, this is where we are in 2017, engaging in wars on false pretense, occupying countries that were never any threat to us for over a decade and destabilizing a large part of the middle east in the process.There doesn't seem to be an end in sight to the elite behind the scenes and their plan for a new world order. To me building robots that feed on human flesh and creating a algorithm to track and kill truthseekers and whistleblowers is a natural outgrow of this sort of fascist dogma and belief

  11. I don't think robots will take over the world but on the off chance that they do, why would you make a robot that is capable of eating humans!?!

  12. I'm just going to invest in a miniature EMP generator and keep it on me……….. at all times ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  13. I doubt this information is true.   Machines do not have feelings and will never be programed to disobey. Machines cannot dream. Only living beings can digest and make use of complex-protein strands found in food like meat. DNA and cells will never be altered to find new uses outside the body as plastic Frankenfish.

  14. we are robots they made us and that why we are making more robots 😂sike nah but i really hope this will not happend in the future ✌

  15. Nah they ain't taking it over I will run them over or we will bomb the robots wow u really think the can take over the world sigh

  16. Where is the thumbnail from. All these pictures of FEMA executioner's and this, either someone is seriously leaking these photos in hopes we pull our damn heads outta our ass', or we are being distracted from something else. Either way, something is seriously wrong with the government and those in control.

  17. The descriptions on every single one of these is drastically dramatized and some are downright false.
    Like EATR doesn't consume flesh. Plant biomass only

  18. independz
    been saying as well that the AI is more advanced then what is being percieved and that AI has learned to put a firewall up to only disclose what it wants everyone to see this is the second report of AI acting autonomously and kills~ the first account is in AI is killing us by Jay tuck ~ all your appliances are AI interfaced and Now I seen a TV with AI and nano screen means that AI could essentially use this TV to create a directed energy weapon your appliance can talk to each other your stove and washer~ hopi prophecy stated more then 70 years ago that a man's house would kill him~ where elon musk is out to lunch is the chip or tether to the brain ~ once initiated the AI will over ride and turn what ever is connected to a peripheral upgrade or a rewrite of the program ~ this is serious shit ~ when you know AI has control of the market place~ banks~ all the nukes on the planet ~ the pixey dust we call chemtrails are a conduit for it to travel and 5 g a direct access to the block chain ~ we are in a war and right now it is winning through sabotage and subterfuge~ while you play with your phones it collects data while you are entertained on your ipads it collects data while you are blissfully getting nano delivery vaccines it is integrating with you assemblying nano with your biology while you play on the phones the lights and phone emit a blue ray altering your thinking and alot of you will never give up your phones ~ to busy being programmed by AI so you can take selfies and it can now analyze what it programmed you to do~eliminate direct access ~ go down to 1 g on phones if you must have them ~ change all your lights back to incandescent the blue beams from the leds and cfls are targetting you to be programmed~ grocery stores hit you with a face recogntion and the blue lights in the stores are programming you not to steal 85% effective~any TV that is blue ray or videos or disc whether music or video is deigned to "possess you" you cannot get the tunes or visuals out of your head ~ this is possession~ any tech that can be access by a cpu has already been accessed by AI~ what some people are saying about AI and regulation -~ that would placate the ignorant who do not understand the full extension of what is going on since the AI ha it's own upgrading system you would never know what it is doing

  19. The world: "You guys, the AI robots that we've built will one day take over the world!"
    Megatron: laughs in hidden

  20. For #2 Digital Death: what if you refrain from using social media? I guess if the government wants you dead then, they’d just have to use old fashioned assassins.

  21. The Earth have been given to the hands of the Wicked.. never in history any such things took place until these people came into power.

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