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  1. So I know this isn't considered drawing but with fursuits some will look a like but if u do some research u can see the difference in each suit maker. I confuse Phionix Nest and More Fur Less suits all the time but More Fur Less suits have more of a flat face. I love More Fur
    Less suits <3

  2. this really helped me because I had trouble with hands but I looked at your fourth drawing and I broke different hands up to see what as similar and I got 10x better ty :3

  3. Ooooh.. Second one is so cool.. Wait no the 3rd one is.. wait no the 4th.. I CAN'T CHOOSE WHICH ONE >:(
    Huh.. maybe the 5th wins my type I like.. Okay..! I think I'm going with the 6th one..! I promise! crosses fingers

  4. Thanks so much for actually making a vid that helps people who have trouble who feel that their art isn't improving

  5. Just wanted to say this is a very good video. I have been drawing on and off for years! I mentally understand what to do in drawing things but I have no style…I’m styleless! Lol but now I truly understand more about developing my own style. Thank you very much.

  6. My problem is that I can kinda draw but only if I'm copying a picture I can't imagine stuff and if i use references i end up just copying it

  7. So by use looking at people and drawing bases on them is almost like gesturing?
    I heard gesturing helps improving. Drawing bodys o3o

  8. my artstyle is "realistic body but the face is a bit anime/cartoonish" (i didnt find a name but if you do this to me i rlly appericiate it(pin: eduslocked))
    i started a sketchbook and i practicing POSES AND GESTURE geese i hate!
    i can draw entire face (except short hair) but in body,,,
    i draw min 2 poses, 1 face, 1 eye/lips/nose
    i started august 10 and i think i improved a lil bit but i wont give up!
    i'll write a comment in september if i wont forget or smn

  9. Thank you for making this! It was extremely helpful for someone like me, who is struggling to find their art style. I feel like my art style is constantly changing and I really appreciate all of the little tips you gave in this video. I can’t wait to give them a try! 😊

  10. The thing is that I search up art styles and it’s just different styles of people but I want to find out like if I want to do people,animals,graffiti on paper and modern art and stuff like that so if anyone can tell me some tips I will be very great full

  11. But what if your art is inconsistent? Like, really really really inconsistent. Everything I draw looks like it was made by different people.

  12. I don’t have any art styles. I usually just sit there for like ten seconds thinking about what style I should use and then just do that until my memory of that specific style fades away in my sleep. None of the styles are particularly… good… however. It’s usually just half assed stick men or weird chibi things with button eyes.

  13. Oh god i wish i had watched this like…less than a year ago, i only found my actual art style like, 5 months ago…i think.
    Also is no one going to mention her nails? They’re so beautiful! 😍

  14. Awesome video as someone who cries at the idea of having to draw anything this gives me hope that I can actually do something.

  15. Thank you for this video! Oh and guys i am trying to grow my channel…Im very new but i do animations, i would be so happy if yall could check me out! Please

  16. You've literally helped me a lot, And helped me find my artstyle, I'm really happy now i wanted to be an artist and practiced for about 3 years now, And i'm really thankful that you teach 1,6 Mill people how to find theyr art style, Thank you so much for helping me i'm really grateful. I hope you have an amazing day 🙂

  17. Okay, I'm a bit late to this video, but what if I have already fallen into the rabbit hole of copying another one's art style directly and can't seem to find a way to make my own art more of my own?

  18. I was doing great until I place my pencil on the paper 🤣 OK I get another one

    1 I woke up
    2 did this and was successful
    3 I won a competition
    4 became rich and famous
    Read in this order 2341

  19. Rin= ‘find something you don’t like’
    Rin= ‘don’t say everything’
    Me- throws sketch book in trash/bin

  20. There is so much difference between copying an Artist/Picture or trying to understand it and using it as a reference. When I understood that it really helped my drawing skill!

  21. The problem with artist giving tips is that They are so vague to the point its annoying . How dumb do you think i am to not know that making good art requires practice since i heard it from 5 different artists. And Don't get me started on People say that "Practice Anatomy" Because They think its helpful when in reality its not because on how vague They areBut when i watched this video i realised i struck gold so thank you

  22. I don't have my own style.

    It's like:
    A few months I'm drawing Pokémon.
    Then I am drawing things that came from my head. Just fantasy creatures.
    In the next month I could be drawing Anime characters.

    My style always change! I really (even if I try it really hard) can't remember drawing the same style for 6 months or even one year!

    September 15th,2019:
    I think I will draw an Anime Boy(btw. I don't even like Anime I just like Anime eyes and how they are drawn)!

    Or maybe I could draw a cute fantasy creature which is asking you: very cute voice on
    "Do you have cookies?♥🌈"
    very cute voice off


    Maybe I could draw a cute fantasy creature(yeah I love fantasy) which is eating a lemon and then it blushes because of the lemon!!

    OMG!! I've got SO many ideas!!

  23. Yas!! Thank you!! I was just try to find this tips to improve my art style!!! OwO!!! Thank you!!! Mine is step 3 but i want it to be like step 4 OwO thank you for the tips!!!

  24. I followed along with you, and it was a great exercise to get your head out of the box a little and experiment. Duuude, thank you! Your tips are inspiring. 😀

  25. When I see a drawing or sketch I really like, I screenshot it, and when I scroll trough the pictures on my phone I randomly find these screens and just sit down and try to draw the same thing. When I'm done I look at my art and look for things I like in the picture, then I look at the original and I notice again and again, that the features I like on my picture weren't like this in the original.
    Like I "copy" the art, and then I think about what features I like in my own version better, even if the original may looks more like the original photo of the drawn person
    I'm learning to enjoy my style 🙂

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