5 Things Supplements WON’T Do (REALITY CHECK!)

5 Things Supplements WON’T Do (REALITY CHECK!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today we’re talking about supplements, but
not what you might think. Instead of talking about all the good things
supplements can do, we want to talk about the five things that supplements won’t do
because if you don’t get these right, and you refuse to acknowledge these five things;
your supplements will never do what you were hoping they were going to do. That’s why we need to cover them. First up, guys, we’re going to talk about
the fact that supplementation will never overcome a lack of focus, or training intensity. I made the same mistake, I have to be honest. When I first started to train the number one
thing I did was worry about which hot supplement I was going to take – literally. I was taking something called Hot Stuff because
at the time, everybody on the high school football team was taking it. It was the ‘hot thing’ and I was so focused
on just making sure that I got that and took that, and everything else became secondary. My workout intensity; who cares? The focus on how to do the exercises; who
cares? The fact that I was half-repping everything;
who cares? As long as I was taking the supplement, everything
was good. That’s wrong. If you ever approach your supplementation
that way you have the equation 100% backwards. Think about supplementing as quickly as you
possibly can. Get it in, and then get over to the gym, and
spend all your time focusing on doing the exercises right, training with your hardest
intensity, and making sure that you know how to do everything to its fullest every, single
time, so you can get the most out of every gym experience. Supplementation will never, ever overcome
a lack of training intensity. The next two things that supplements will
not do are both related to nutrition. The first of those is that supplements will
never help you to overcome poor food selection, or poor diet. Guys, I’ve talked about this all the time. If your body fat levels are 30%, 35%, 40%;
focusing on what supplement you’re taking is the wrong focus. You need to, instead, be worried about getting
solid, foundational nutrition, and improving the foods that you’re already eating. If you focus here, the impact that these supplements
can actually have on your physique is about as impactful as throwing a single deck chair
off the Titanic, or as Jesse says “F***ing with a broken condom”. JESSE: We interrupt this video to bring you
a public service announcement from ATHLEANX.com. Don’t be silly. Wrap your Willy. Good luck out there, boys. It just doesn’t work that well. So get that nutrition in check first, and
then start worrying about supplementation as it becomes more necessary. It could take you to the next level. Continuing on with nutrition, supplements
should never be used to replace that good nutrition that we’ve just talked about. A lot of people will look at supplementation
and say “I’m taking a meal replacement”, or “I’m going to skip this meal in favor of this
supplement”. I don’t think it should ever be looked at
that way. Think of supplements as supplementing that
good nutrition plan you’re already on. Supplementing each, and every meal, as opposed
to replacing a meal. Why? Because I just don’t think, no matter how
much they’re marketed that way, that a supplement taken in liquid form is going to replace all
the benefits you’re going to get form your solid meals, and meeting all your micronutrient,
and your macronutrient needs throughout the day. Guys, supplements should always, always, always
supplement the foods you’re already eating, as opposed to try and replace them. Next up, supplements to not negate the need
for other supplements. Guys, if you look at supplementation the right
way it should be very prescriptive. There should be a reason why you’re taking
what you’re taking. Either for the effect that they’re going to
give you, or the goals that you’re trying to achieve in the gym. So just because you’re taking a pre-workout
doesn’t necessarily mean that you couldn’t benefit form a joint formula, especially if
you have joint pain. Or just because you’re taking a protein doesn’t
mean you necessarily couldn’t benefit from that pre-workout. The fact is, if you’re doing supplementation
right you should be looking at the way that supplement’s ingredients specifically – or
if you’re looking at a product that has all these ingredients together – that the benefits
of each of these together are going to have on your training. Creatine alone is going to benefit a very
specific purpose at a high energy, power output, and lower reps in your training. Whereas, a beta alanine, on the other hand,
is going to increase your ability to perform at higher rep ranges, more in the 10-12 rep
range where hypertrophy might be your goal. So depending upon what you’re trying to train
for, your supplementation needs should vary, and taking one thing does not preclude the
need for others if you’re looking to have those benefits. And last, but not least, one thing supplements
cannot do is equate to you being healthy. Look, I get it. Let’s say you’re getting your workouts in
at the right intensity, your nutrition is in check, and you are supplementing with a
purpose, and you’re benefiting from it. If the rest of your lifestyle, however, is
not conducive to being healthy then the supplements are not going to outdo, or overcome any of
that. If you find that you’re drinking too much,
if you find that you’re using recreational drugs for all the wrong reasons, if you find
that you are smoking, if you find that you have a lot of lifestyle habits, your stress
levels are through the roof; it doesn’t matter what you’re doing from a supplementation standpoint,
even if you were so dialed in. that does not mean that you’re a healthy person. I think a lot of people get confused by that
and think that just because their gym habits had them dialed in, and healthy it doesn’t
necessarily overcome the fact that their lifestyle might be getting out of hand. So there you have it, guys. There are five things that supplements will
not do. Remember, this is coming from somebody that
owns a supplement company. You see, I’ve never tried to push my supplements
on you, or deceive you, or BS you. The fact is, all I’m trying to do is address
these misconceptions head on so you’re more informed about your supplements and the benefits
that supplementation can have if you take them in the right doses, at the right time,
for the right purpose. Then, and only then will they be incredibly
impactful on the results you see from your training, and even how well you perform in
your training. If you’re looking for supplements that will
take you to the next level, we put the science back in supplementation over at ATHLEANX.com. You can grab our entire bundle over there. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
here in a future video and I’ll do my best to do that for you. All right, guys. See you soon.

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  1. Hey Jeff (and Jessie) just wanted to thank you for your videos. I’m a sports med doc and really find your info useful for not only my patients but also myself! Thanks to you I was able to overcome my AC issues and get back into lifting!

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  9. Quick question for you I am 6'4" 236 lb and 38 yrs old. I supplement with creatine, preworkout, amino acids, whey protein and casein protein at night. I am doing 2 a day workouts I do Crossfit at lunch and hit the weights at night for about an hour. I eat pretty much oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner but still weigh the same thing. I am losing inches around my waste and my man boobs, lol. Anything that you can thing of I am only eating about 1,600 calories but of organic nature no man made preservative crap?

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  19. Great video Jeff. But at the end of the day it is a supplement and putting anything in your body (except normal solid food) will have some consequence as well. Even if you workout heavily, putting all these chemicals in your body will create issues. Isn't it? How to overcome that?

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  22. Jeff, I love your videos and have been watching them for some time. My wife has been watching them as well. Unfortunately, you shot us both in the foot with stooping to use the infamous "F-word" in this one. I'm sure if it offended my wife that bad, it probably does the same thing to other people as well. Just a friendly suggestion: No one EVER will turn off your videos because you aren't lowering yourself to gutter language. But I know at least one who will no longer watch them because you put it in. I hope you take this to heart. I honestly do love your stuff and all the huge help you've been to me.

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  24. REM sleep, Vitamin D from the sun only, more water, increasing fats from whole foods, more coniferous vegetables and high quality sodium (himalayan pink salt, sea salt), consistent meat protein (with a low inflammatory response in the gut), throughout the day, eating less food but better quality foods only, don't stress. There you go. Not one supplement, and 100 years of disease-free, quality life and gains.

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  30. The humour in your videos is much appreciated. It reminds me that fitness and health should be taken seriously, but that as humans it's important to have fun with everything, especially the things we take seriously. As a newcomer to the world of weightlifting and fitness, I'm grateful for all the videos you put up for free. Thanks!

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  32. I know you have your own line of supplements and i never hear you tell us to rush and buy your special product. all i hear you say is to make sure you take a pre, during or post workout drink which is true.

  33. My diet is not as healthy as it could be. So I take a multivitamin. It's a good insurance policy. Even as I improve my diet I will keep taking the multi. I am a vegan, so I at least need to be taking B12.

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