5 Tips To Avoid Muscle Loss

5 Tips To Avoid Muscle Loss

This video is sponsored by Squarespace. We’ve been told that if you go on a weight
loss plan, invariably you’ll lose not only fat, but also a chunk of your muscle mass. That’s certainly something we want to avoid,
especially if we’ve worked so hard to gain that muscle in the first place. Luckily, there are a few things we can do
to not exactly stop it from happening, but perhaps mitigate the damage done. Here are 5 tips that might help you shed that
fat away and keep more of your gainz! Number 1, be a beginner
For all of you fresh gym goers learning the basics, you should feel fortunate to have
the almighty ability to gain muscle and burn fat virtually at the same time with little
effort. This is largely due to the idiomatic event
known as newbie gains. Basically, beginners have a long way to go
to reach their genetic potential. Your body’s going to preserve the relatively
limited amount of muscle you have, especially with an abundance of stored fat present to
use as energy. In short, any sort of training you do that
is at least a bit challenging, even without reaching maximal training intensities, have
shown to stimulate muscle growth. So first things first, be a beginner. If you can’t, then let’s keep going. Number 2, keep a tighter control of your calories
Weight loss is commonly achieved by sustaining a calorie deficit. Your total calorie intake from food is below
that of all factors which burns calories. That includes your basal metabolic rate, thermic
effect of food, non-exercise activity thermogenesis, and of course, exercise. The problem met by many is imposing a deficit
that is too extreme. Going on, say, a 1000 calorie cut, not only
sucks, but it sets your body into a nutrient-lacking catabolic state, increasing the likelihood
of muscle breakdown. The smart play here is to take a more gradual
approach, perhaps only cutting 500 calories or even only 250 calories if you’re diligent
enough to stick to your diet consistently. Yes, you’ll lose weight at a considerably
slower pace, but also preserve more of your muscle and maintain more of your sanity. In other words, if you wanna do it right,
then be patient. Number 3, get your protein
Common thinking would have you believe that, since you need to eat less to lose weight,
then that means you need to eat less fat, fewer carbs, and… less protein. But protein’s role in muscle growth and
preservation has been well-documented. There is a protein dose-dependent effect to
muscle protein synthesis. Thus, during weight loss, we might actually
benefit from not less, but MORE protein. A 2016 study supported this, where they found
that eating 2.4 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight versus half as much resulted
in roughly the same amount of weight lost but also significantly more fat loss and actually
INCREASING lean mass. Simply put, we NEED adequate protein to feed
our muscles. Bare in mind, the amount varies depending
on your fitness level. Overweight and less active individuals can
simply eat the standard recommendation of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Eating more hasn’t shown to change much. Athletes and leaner individuals, though, should
aim for more, due to their lower proportions of stored of fat and higher susceptibility
to muscle loss when losing weight. Some experts recommend 1.6 grams per kilogram
or more in this case. Number 4, do both cardio and resistance training
One of the most dreaded words in the world of weight loss is cardio… Cardio is indeed one of the better calorie-burning
tools used to shed away the pounds. But for protecting your muscles? Not so much. That’s where resistance training comes in! Resistance training, be it lifting weights
or calisthenics, is much better in stimulating all of your muscle fibers. The greater fiber stimulation results in greater
stimulation of pathways leading to muscle protein synthesis and preservation, keeping
your muscles at bay. But resistance training alone isn’t going
to cut it either since it typically burns fewer calories. As studies have shown, it’s when both cardio
and resistance training are combined that we see an accelerated weight and fat loss
as well as greater attenuation of muscle loss. Yes, it’ll suck a bit more having to do
both, but the added workload will be worth it in the long run. Before getting into number 5, I want to give
a quick shoutout to this video’s sponsor, Squarespace! Squarespace is an awesome all-in-one platform
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head to squarespace.com/picturefit to save 10% off your first website or domain. And number 5, cycle your food intake
This one is perhaps the most difficult endeavor on this list but might be worth trying if
you’ve tried everything else. The concept is actually pretty simple: on
some days, specifically days you don’t work out, you eat at a deficit by keeping your
carb intake to a minimum. On other days, or days where you DO work out,
you have much more flexibility with your carbs and should eat at a calorie surplus. This concept is more popularly known as carb
cycling. The benefit is that you maximize muscle growth
by giving your body enough nutrients TO grow on days that you exercise. And then maximizing fat and weight loss by
eating less on days where you rest and don’t need the additional nutrients. This also counteracts metabolic slowdown commonly
seen in long-term calorie deficits. Additionally, greater carb intake on training
days leads to greater insulin levels, resulting in higher uptake of nutrients and amino acids
into the muscle to prevent muscle breakdown. Of course, simple in concept, but not so simple
in application. This requires quite meticulous planning to
ensure that you get the right amount of carbs for any single day. For casuals, it’s already hard enough to
maintain a simple weight loss plan AND go to the gym. Now imagine having to change up that plan
each day. Perhaps for some, simply having a re-feed
day where you eat more than usual, might be good enough. For you hardcore buffs and aspiring bodybuilders,
though, carb cycling might just be the missing piece to your bicep-shaped puzzle. And that wraps it up. I would love to hear from you guys as well. What are other tips you might have for those
wanting to save all of their hard-earned muscle while still losing fat? Shoot your thoughts in the comments below. Thumbs up and share the video if you enjoyed
it. And as always, thank you for watching and

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  1. I am eating 5000 calories a day, working an intense push-pull split, 12 hour days as a tower rigger and I am still at 163.6!! Why is this happening!?!?!

  2. Quick question: I'm doing intermediate fasting to lose weight and running three miles a day for Cross Country, i also got Weightlifting season in Feb, am i doing this okay? am i risking muscle for a lower weight?

  3. i have a doubt my leg muscles are growing stronger I'm a cyclist i have fear that i may loose my height growth is it right? @ picturefit

  4. !) GTFO the gym asap. Get a solid workout, and LEAVE.
    2) go into the gym with at least a small handful of starches in your stomach ~20mins earlier
    3) take HMB 3-4x a day. (google it)
    4) take half gram to 1 gram of vitamin C after waking (it WILL make you a bit drowsy, so use caffeine) and 1 full gram of vitC IMMEDIATELY post workout. It knocks out cortisol which not only keeps you awake, but cortisol also destroys muscle tissue.
    5) get lots of sleep and take naps often
    6) take glutamine a few times a day, ESPECIALLY right before leaving for the gym
    (the body strips glutamine from unused muscle fiber types when exercising, and if you have it already boiling through your system, the body will use that instead)

  5. I went from 111kgs to 80kgs in 9 months with no change in diet or any supplements.. just morning empty stomach runs/brisk walks of 5k..Have i lost my muscles..? i still look strong and have maintained my shape.. Also m 6ft talk.. What should i do next ?

  6. Great video. I wonder if my BMR is 1800cal/day does it mean that if i dont move at all and eat 0 cal/day then i will burn 1800cal/day ? Lets say i dont move for a day and eat 2000cal does eat mean that i will burn more than 1800cal due to thermogeneses of food ? Becuase that would be great.
    Kind regards

  7. I broke my leg and did gym for 2 months lifted and now they found out it was broke sucks that I am going to middle school like this

  8. GREAT video and editing PictureFit. In addition to those awesome tips, keeping water intake around a gallon a day does a lot for muscle growth and retention.

  9. I truly admire your video presentations! makes things stick in my head as motion pictures are more effective for me lol … So I have a question for you, if I may…;
    I fly as cabin crew and due to my erratic schedules/ timezone changes and sometimes experiencing all seasons in one day, the workout/ eating regimen goes haywire and quite possibly my circadian clock has lost track of time long ago… Is there any workout/ eating formulae you might know to keep the body away from stress-eating?

  10. 1. Be a beginner
    2. Keep careful track of calories on a deficit
    3. Get your protein
    4. Do cardio AND weight training
    5. Carb Cycling (Eat the number of calories and macros you need on specific days)

    Hope this helps have an awesome day 😀

  11. 4:02 so..cardio doesn’t help muscle lossage……..(?) I don’t get what that part was saying.
    Combine cardio to help preserve your muscles ? If so ; then HOW does it work ? I feel like that part got skipped.

  12. ok heres me:i was 64kg eating only 400cal and run for 2 hours/day no rest day(for 2years)
    one day i got fed up i binge like crazy even i was full stuff my mouth with food and wamted to kill.myself i guess had enough and my solution raise my cal to 1200….boom gained 10kg..so i read about reverse diet……now i only run 4km/day mon-thirs and weight lift 1hour and 30….now increase my cal 1350 my weight is steady now to 74kg no change but im happier, no depression since im eating..my concern is..im fat…i mean when i was doing running im toned..no buns…now i can feel my muscles are harder but i have fats jiggling around me….whyyyy???

  13. Does someone know if you stop working out let's say for few years, and then you start again. Does that make me you a beginner again ?!

  14. I am getting tommy john surgery soon and can’t lift for awhile. Do I just eat a lot of protein and take l glutamine?

  15. Anyone here just love eating food i eat pizza and shit food alot. But i do train so it kinda balance but i got a big ass belly.

  16. Really dig your videos. Don't want to sound generic, but they're very informative and simple to follow. One of the best channels out there. Keep them coming!

  17. Can i just eat to Im full? I eat healthy and MUCH meat and Salomon but i dont have a diet doo i need that? Thanks If you answear love-andre ahah

  18. I pride myself in making I don’t listen to the annoying video ad. Thank goodness YouTube lets us double tap the right side of the video to skip 10 seconds. I just keep double tapping till he stops droning on about whatever squarespace does.

  19. I get around 1200 calories per day and I noticed I'm losing weight but it's so slow it's demotivating me I want to be 85 to 80kg at the end of this month but I'm losing 2 to 1.5 kg per week

  20. I came to to learn how to lose muscle because I'm genetically very stocky with thick muscle.
    I'm huge with 30 inch thighs naturally.
    Instead of running marathons or doing crack or meth this vid may work. 👍
    I will do HEAVY Squats, Deadlifts and Flat Bench to raise my Testosterone level because of my age but will do HIGH REPS and cardio for the other days. I have the Helmet Strebl workout too.
    I guess the main problem is that I love protein too much…been trying to more towards a heavier veggie & fruit diet. I try to stay away from dairy and too many carbs that are not veggie carbs. (Mainly sweet potatoes, potatoes & rice) I feel it's much easier for a skinny guy to get muscular than a muscular guy to lose muscle without it turning to fat. Defeating genetics is hard. My Dad looks like a thick ass powerlifter and so do I.
    So eat 1000 calories or less per day and limit my protein intake. 1000 calories a day is easy just 3 to 4 meal replacement drinks a day and water and add Lucein Amino Acid to my meal replacements with supplements.

  21. Watched a video shot fasting while maintaining muscle. The body has become used to going days without eating from the hunger gather days while maintaining muscle to survive.

  22. Thanks for the great content! Could you please maybe do a video on egg whites consumption and the possibility of biotin deficiency?

  23. Guys make you smoothies do some laps every day sit ups push ups burpee‘s squats do it ever day I’m 13 I was lazy now I got abs it you might be sore but keep going

  24. Eat all types of fruit and vegetables, avoid meat with hormones witch is in almost all meat especially red meat, drink tons of water work out and eat less so what if you lose a little muscle, you'll lose more fat in the long run then you can build lean muscle, I prefer natural looking Male body over a body that says look at me look at me! I'm so buff not worth to me…

  25. Summer is over and my bench has decreased a lot. My football player friends that I was stronger than are now above me and I feel very insecure. It’s a weird feeling knowing you can lift something, but when you try you can’t. All the equipment I had at home during summer was a dumbbell. I curled most days all summer. I’m upset

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