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  1. RE#6: Not to mention meat is a much more whole protein with a greater array of amino acids with higher bioavailability than broccoli!

  2. Hi, on the 22nd Dec '16 you published a video about the best 5 foods to eat at breakfast where Oats was one of them. But you stated that one cup of oats is equivalent to 6 grams of protein where here you say half a cup is 13 grams of protein. Why is this?

  3. From a fellow Dietitian, I love your videos! However, I'm wondering about the content of protein in the oats that you mentioned. In the US, 1/2 cup raw oats ranges from 3-6 grams depending on the type (Quick, thick cut, steel cut). Do you have some kind of "Super Oats" down in AU?!

  4. Loved the comments on number 6 – contexts so so so important. Would be great to have this included more often, were applicable. Also would like a better understanding of Bio -available (eg iron reference in this video). What is the bio availableness of proteine in plant, eg lentils and how it compere with animal proteine, outside of life style choices of course.

  5. Thank you for this informative video. As one of the countless individuals out here who are trying to balance taste, nutrition, and calories, these videos are very helpful. Please keep up the good work!

  6. I'm very surprised chicken breast was not in the top 5 as for best protein especially for those active in the fitness/adding lean muscle mass world.

  7. Your emphasis on, and explanation of, context is excellent, which is why chicken should have been included in this video, but not broccoli.

  8. salmon, not tuna. tuna is filled with heavy metals while WILD caught salmon isn't and additionally it's filled with leptin.

  9. 1. Fish protein is linked to premature death.
    2. Eggs are associated with premature death, higher cholesterol, more oxidizable cholesterol, prostate cancer, diabetes.
    3. Red meat is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes dementia its protein not only spikes insulin, but also raises IGF-1 and mTOR and also its heme-iron could be blamed. Of course broccoli protein is better.
    Not telling the whole story is as bad as lying.

  10. This video is not totally correct when talking about beef. Beef definitely contains all that he said but the human body, once fully grow no longer needs a huge amount of animal protein if any – although the meat industry would have you believe otherwise! Adult humans should be getting protein mainly from plant based. The body finds it incredibly hard to process meat and this is why if you eat lots of red meat in particular you can encounter lots of health problems. Any foods where the body takes like 24 hours to process is not good – a lot of energy used up just trying to process the food out of the body and utilise it. Once adults. our bodies are no longer growing so we don't need a lot of certain animal products anymore. Children are different, their bodies are growing and they should be very active, therefore their bodies are using up these proteins more efficiently than adult bodies. Too much red meat can also contribute to disease. If you are critically ill, red meat will not contribute to healing the body. What does contribute to healing the body is huge amounts of greens variety and berries not forgetting herbs and in tea forms. This should in itself tell you something. In fact, for critically ill too much red meat would continue to keep your body in an unhealthy state. The new controversial on red meat is everything but wrong, It is so correct. Just like the new controversial on eating lots of healthy fats is good for you and fact, you will lose weight, is also correct.

  11. Oats, beans and nuts all contain high levels of complete proteins. Actually 1/2 cup of oats contains 6 g of protein, the same as 1/2 cup of beans and one egg. Cocoa powder surprisingly contains protein but it's not a complete protein(only 8 amino acids), it's also loaded with magnesium and fiber.

  12. +AuthorityNutrition Hey there! I am just really interested in knowing what would you say about hormones and cholesterol in eggs. Also I would really like your opinion on Doctor Campbell The china study book. Honetly, I don´t think the title of this video is accuarate. Not that super healthy in my opinion.

  13. Beef is super healthy?
    Red meat and processed meat are labeled as carcinogens by the World Health Organization.

  14. Organic oats with my breakfast every morning mixed with chia seeds, blueberries, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

  15. So many people have such extreme opinions here, like in politics, it's either perfect or it's pure evil. Why do you get so angry about someone's opinion on food? All things in moderation, folks! There are degrees of good and bad in most things. If you eat fatty red meat every day, you may develop heart disease. If you only eat broccoli for your protein, you may end up malnourished, which will probably shorten your life. My grandparents' generation had many centenarians who never worried about what they ate like our generation. They ate to live. They were farmers so they didn't have to worry about having enough food. They ate whole foods without chemicals or GMO's, because that's all there was. They cooked with lard, made their own butter and bread, and ate lots of red meat and very little processed foods. They ate fresh vegetables and fruit in the summer and canned ones in the winter. They didn't call each other names and get all angry because someone ate a steak or voted for a different candidate, it's not personal.

  16. I agree with the list but when doing weightlifting nothing like a pork steak with eggs and chickpeas, have that for optimal performance for training.

  17. For people asking why not other sources, this is his opinion of great sources. Compared to others broccoli has little, but among veges its alot

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