6 PACK ABS For Beginners You Can Do Anywhere

6 PACK ABS For Beginners You Can Do Anywhere

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  1. This guys physique is obviously very good but pretty common in the industry except for one thing. The dudes serratus muscles are fucking massive

  2. A six-pack was a goal I set for myself when I started an exercise routine at the Y 13 years ago, but my addiction to free food has kept me far far away from this goal.

    In all seriousness how often would you recommend completing this circuit? 3 times a week? 6 times a week?

  3. After a whole week of doing this, I can I actually do the Russian twist all 45 seconds!! And when I first started I stopped like the first 10 seconds. Wow

  4. This a GREAT start-up to my building of a better body. I'm starting each set at 30 seconds because I've yet to build the ideal resistance.

  5. Bro im 13 and i kept up with this guy only for a week my stomach became so strong the other the abs started showing then the thirdvweek guess what i got fucking six pack abs this is legit boiiis


    1LIKE = Reader of this post will do 1 whole set for me.

    I'm being totally serious, i really need some motivation 🙂

  7. My father:(shows me the video)
    Me: dad, I watched some of his vids….he has equipments dat I do not hv
    The video: these workouts require zero equipment, so thr is no excuses
    Me: ok dad….I will start
    Also me: suffering stomach pain….

  8. I tried this and I will keep on trying until I get those abs but it was so so so so so so haaaaaaarrrrrrrrd

    Oh and I love u not in a gay way

  9. I don’t think I have the leg strength to do this, and I’m also like the least flexible person on the planet 😆

  10. I was told by someone that you can't target specific areas for fat burning, whatever exercise you do, you lose fat first where you gained it last. Yet at 1:00 you say you can target the belly fat. Can someone shed some light on this,? I don't have a clue what to believe.

  11. Yo dude can you please tell me that while doing these exercises is there any kind of particular diet you have to take like eating healthy 😅 and avoiding spicy food or stuff

  12. Ok so more than my core, my legs are a problem. I'm on the second set and I can't keep them straight anymore, they are just too heavy, it seems that the muscles on my legs can't keep up.

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