Let me hear you say CAAAAAAHHHHBBBBBBSS!! hahaha

    VIDEO LINKS! BOOOOYAH!! Nobody Loves you more than me 😀

    (1:23)- BMR Calculator

    (1:52)- Bulking: You Are Doing It Wrong

    (2:37)- Testosterone: How To Optimize Your T-Levels Through Nutrition & Lifestyle!

    (6:45)- Build Your Meal Plan!

    (10:20)- Online Coaching (Custome Routine & Meal Plan)

  2. 5:28 hahaha man!!! so funny! You make me laugh with your accent but I really like you, you make very good videos with great content. One of the best fitness channels in youtube. Bahhhbell!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Hey Scott. Love all your videos. Do you stay away from breads? I've switched to Ezekiel bread when I have to use bread. Do you know any good or bad in that? Thanks in advanced 🙂

  4. Need to eat more huh i work for a tree service cant get it in can not run to the bathroom every other time i eat got to get the job complete

  5. "supplement doesn't give you micronutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals." this is the real knowledge ladies and gentlemen, little that people know that the power of fruit and veggies for muscle growth are really important.

  6. I've the very same problem as the person in the thumbnail. I do hundreds of crunches, sit ups and leg raises, abs are already appering, yet the pouch is no way coming flat. Skinny-fat phisique, no junk foods, no alcohol/tobacco/cofee.. And yet – phuck!

  7. I knew all of these before I watched this video, and I'm getting OK gains following the rest of the list, except I don't take supplements at all

  8. Man your videos make cuts after every single sentence =9) Really makes me wonder how long they take to make!

  9. I was advised to stay away from skim milk because of high sugar content. How do y’all feel about skim milk? I used to drink a half gallon after a work out and now I might do whole milk maybe and then I was advised to go whey protein instead… ugh

  10. Your calculator says that for RAPID FAT LOSS, I should be eating 683 carbs per day, along with 198g of protein and 69g of fat.. totaling 4145 calories. Lol, I would become fat as hell if I listened to those results. I think you overestimate how much extra height really affects metabolism.

  11. Hey Scott, would you do a video about intermittent fasting? I did it a lot while I was burning fat and saw great benefits from it. I got used to it, and it just felt normal so I kept doing it. I'm trying to build muscle now, and I'm wondering if I should stop doing IF. Does it hamper muscle growth?

  12. Surprised at all the good information here!

    Most people I talk to about weight and food follows the "stay away from fat" and "carbs are carbs" mantra…

    There's still a lot of ignorance out there.

  13. Hello there, have you considered Fenoboci Diet Plan yet? Simply just do a search engine search. On there you'll find a great guidelines about how you can lost lots of weight. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  14. I'm not able to eat carbs or have sugar additives due to a neurological condition that causes severe inflammation, PNS and CNS. What can I do to be healthy if I want to gain mass if I can't eat bread or noodles? Is kale and broccoli enough?

  15. I love the comment section😂😂😂😂
    It's like we're all friends who are thankful for the infos we need yet we still tease each other

  16. Hey Scott when I know all about the brm and all that stuff but whenever I’m trying eat something like a peanut butter sandwich that my aunt brought me I wouldn’t know how many grams of peanut butter I’m eating? Please help

  17. 1. Not eating enough.
    2. Neglecting eating fat.
    3. Not choosing the quality foods.
    4. Not enough carbs – choose the complex ones.
    5. Not enough protein – need to calculate it.
    6. Too many supplements.

  18. Yo Scott, I got a question bro.. Should I weigh my chicken breast raw or cooked..?
    I weighed my raw chicken breast but after cooking it I weighed it again and it lost a lot of it's weight. Does this mean that it lost a lot of it's protein content too..??

  19. I do like your videos and most of what is say is fairly good but to recommend people eat upto 2 grams of protein per pound is completely not backed by science which is 0.8 grams per lean muscles max per pound, while gaining and 1.0 grams if you are dieting per pound of lean muscle muscle mass. No research has shown any significant benefit of eating more than this. Some research has shown similar growth with only 0.6 grams per pound. Even arnold only ate 1 gram per pound. So please if you giving advice ,give out the correct information because lots of people on here will only zone in the highest numbers of 2 grams and eat that. .. I eat 0.7% per pound lean mass and i have a f.f.m.i. 27.3…PLEASE DNT KEEP FEEDING the protein myths and the bro science read the research papers.

  20. Wtf, weighlifting is more important than food to build muscle. Just look at people who are fat, they eat lots but dont have muscle lol moran

  21. There is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. The closest thing is fiber. Carbs are only used for nutrient and mineral delivery and energy. Cruciferous and green leafy vegetables are really the only truly healthy carbohydrates that are offset by fiber. Energy coming from fat is better. I’m 60 on my next birthday and for the last year I brought myself down to 10% body fat and great muscle aesthetics. (Thanks to you and Jeff cavalier who helped me immensely in the gym.). You will discover this as you get older. Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all. Especially all ages.

  22. Should be BMR + calories burned from any other activity besides existing. Then you will know how much more calories you need.

    BMR + 500 calories with no account for calories burned from exercise will put you in a massive deficit of calories and you won’t gain nada.

  23. Thank you for mentioning people ingesting too many supplements!
    If people can get all their nutritional needs covered in the food they eat, then they shouldn't need supplements.
    I worked at GNC for a bit, a lot of customers had issues with their liver & kidneys because they were putting too much shit into their bodies that they didn't need.

  24. Mistake #1 100% guilty! I never ate enough, even struggled to all my life. I would eat once a day with an unhealthy amount of snacking.

    Now, I'm barely hitting 2200 cals a day, when I should be eating at LEAST 3k

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