7 Balance Exercises for Seniors-Fall Prevention by Physical Therapists

7 Balance Exercises for Seniors-Fall Prevention by Physical Therapists

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  1. Loved your progressions! I'm a personal trainer for the over 50 population and I like having an assortment of functional balance exercises. thanks!

  2. can you make an video
    where someone has to
    think very hard for there legs to move and then when they do they Shake really bad . then there leg finally moves What excerises do you have for this

  3. Just came across this site…..very informative. I have been recovering for 6 months from laminectomy, discectomy, kyphoplasty, with 3 months of physical therapy! Continuing to work on recovery and plan to try the back routine with the ball. Thank you for sharing info!

  4. I have very little movement in my left arm, and my balance is very bad, I think if you had a stroke victim with these problems you would make more sense of these exercises, as you are using both sides of your body which is normal.

  5. Bob and Brad videos are great. They explain in simple form and show you exercises on balance etc. They make it interesting. Great advice.

  6. Hi guys I love your vidoes but I find it hard to understand that you expect elderly persons to have perfect hearing. The noise in the background is enough to make it hard to hear what you say.

  7. My left knee has a lot of pain when I put weight on it, which affects my balance. It has resulted in a very weak left thigh. Any suggestions.

  8. Ha! very nice video presentation for seniors to get strength in the legs. 79 yr old man suffering from hip pain, joint pain unable to get up from floor etc Lifting the body is itself a difficult situation daily. I want to be independent and continue my travelling without wheel chair or walker. May I get your complete video showing the proper exercise to strengthen legs and get rid of walker? Thanks hare krishna money Canada

  9. Great info!! I injured my Achilles tendon on my right foot and as I was rehabbing the physical therapist had me perform the touch toe on the pad exercise.Needless to say it was a challenge!!! Thanks again for all your videos

  10. I see lots of exercises for balance, and many say stand on your toes (or heels.) Well that’s the problem I can’t. Do you have any exercises that pertain to me? I have been diagnosed with sensory motor polyneuropathy (peripheral neuropathy) and the podiatrist says there are no feet problems he can see. I’m much better now but still have issues with balance and I’m 74 years old.

  11. I just discovered your site! I immediately Subscribed. I use a cane daily, especially now that Idaho is swathed in winter. But I also have a walker left over from a time when I had a spinal compression fracture. I try to use it for stability and support for some exercises. If you see opportunities for your patients to use walker besides chair, please mention. I like your team work and your periwinkle blue 👕 shirts.

  12. The loud talking in the back ground makes it hard to concentrate on your instruction. Can something be done to stop that?

  13. Great help for Elderly People who live alone. As does a large number of the Population nowadays. Thanks so much for your Videos!!

  14. Thanks I love your videos for seniors, they have helped a lot, I don’t have balance problems, but I can’t get on the ground to exercise!

  15. You guys are so user friendly! I have recently subscribed, having spinal issues, and your videos are so helpful. Greetings from Italy!

  16. Guys, why didn't you film after hours? The background noise is really annoying. Good information, though, thank you!

  17. I need this type of help but couldn’t handle the noise in the background. I hope they make adjustments and make more videos. Thanks guys.

  18. This is great information. I hope you will consider re-doing this video without all the background noise, and making the dos and don'ts clearer for those who are elderly or hard of hearing. I love your channel.

  19. Hi it is very distubing with noise in the background . And many elderly have hearing loss ,more or less.

  20. This is great – thank you for helping keep seniors safe from dangerous falls! More fall prevention tips, as well as suggestions on how to fall more safely, are outlined here: https://www.continuumcare.com/preparing-for-a-fall-could-be-your-best-fall-prevention-plan/

  21. Found the exercises excellent. They echo what I do with my physiotherapist and what we do in the physio-gym activities. Well done fellas – good one.

  22. I’ve been noticing that I loss my balance while walking more from walking normal gate to walking with a cane and in crowds I use a walker… Cerebral palsy from birth

  23. Noise in the background is distracting but I love the exercise and see great promise for my walking and balance

  24. Is this vdo made when 90's ?
    Two doctor have very big tie.
    I feel like meet doctor 20year ago at hospital.

  25. YOu do not speak so hard-of-hearing elderly can understand you. Much mubbling, fast talking — I can't show this to my father.

  26. I appreciate all of your videos. Thank you. I’ve fallen and thank goodness I am able to get up. I have MS with weakness and I’m always looking for activities to improve my balance.

  27. Older people falling is mostly caused by us walking too fast for our age and not being able to handle tripping over defects in the walk ways. Our reflexes are slower, and our musculature is weaker so recovering from the initial trip is harder to achieve than for a younger person. If we remember our age and slow down we get much safer
    Otherwise can I recommend cleaning out the ears with ear wax solution? Great help to balance, I promise you

  28. You helped my Stroke Husband to walk better. Today he was tested on the blood flow on his Stroke side. It was excelent. Thank you.

  29. I really have learned a lot from the two of you. You explain things so that we can understand the exercise and why not to do it other ways that might seem easier. You always explain the whys and the what is best and why it is best to do it certain ways. Thank you both for these videos that have helped me more than I can say. Keep up the good work. You surely have helped a lot of people improve their health and lives.

  30. These guys aren't experts. Did anyone out there notice that the only posted comments these guys kept were POSITIVE ones? Can't take a little criticism there, Bob and Brad?????

  31. You guys are great and informative. But you should rename your video to "9 Balance Exercises……" instead of "7" because that is what I counted! Did you take math in college? (joking!)

  32. If these two guys would just STOP talking to each other, this video would only be 8 minutes long. Also, we don't need to watch one guy doing the exercises while the other one stands around making comments. Get over your ego's and make a decent video !

  33. Hi sir , I have very weak calf muscles…and I have bilateral foot drop hence unable to balance .can you please help me out

  34. When you stepped up on the little bench you did not say which leg you step up and down with such as do you step up with injured leg or good leg?

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