7 Best Frozen Shoulder Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

7 Best Frozen Shoulder Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

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  1. My age is 21 I have frozen shoulder and frozen neck from last 1.5 years but before that I wasn't doing any kind of exercise or medicine I wasn't serious about my Injury but now I'm serious to recover it ,
    Is it possible that. Can completely recover my should ?

  2. Thanks for information Doc….I’m starting to get to the thawing stage(after 5+ months) doing stretches and moving it in my pool 🏊🏼. What a horrible experience this has been since I’m a golf professional 😢….thanks for positive delivery, as well as excellent explanations. I’ll incorporate these new stretches. Kevin

  3. Hi doctor … I have a big knot in my back because of my poor posture and I try everything to get of it it cause me pain do you have any suggestions?

  4. Dx with Frozen Shoulder 2mo ago (along with ultrasound showing bicep tendinitis). When doing these exercises, how much pain is too much pain post-workout. A common concern (and observation) among FS patients is that aggressive stretch/exercises prolongs the disease. Any tips on how to find the right balance given this video workout? Thanks.

  5. Thanks for your detailed instruction. It's very helpful. I am seeing a PT now and he's having me use the pulley and the towel behind my back. (Actually, a dog leash but who has to know?) He's also got me placing a pole behind my neck with my hands draped over it. Then twist my upper body. These plus his mobilization stretches with his arms and hands have resulted in considerable improvement in the first week. Massage was having zero effect. Plus I'm glad to know the technical name for FS. I'll wow everybody down at the diner now. I've been mystified why I got this since the precipitating event was just lightly tossing a pebble off to the side, not falling out of a tree.

    Thanks for your effort and your pleasant personality is nice too! :–)

  6. Thank you SO much for that video! I've had a frozen shoulder for about 1 1/2 years now and I really need to do something about it. I think this will help SO MUCH! I can already feel some relief after just one time! THANK YOU!!!! <3

  7. thank you so much for this video! i needed to see what other movements I could do that I haven’t already done, and I’ve picked up a few new ones from this video! I’m 23 and I’m going on my 10th month with Frozen Shoulder caused by a shoulder dislocation. I got a MUA about 2 weeks ago and it’s helped a little Range of motion wise but this painnnnn ain’t no joke! Ive been going to PT for about 5 months, and just recent been going every single day. I hope I get back to normal soon ! 😊💜

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