7 Exercises to Build Bigger Arms Without Heavy Weights

7 Exercises to Build Bigger Arms Without Heavy Weights

What makes a hunk a hunk? Well, I normally
walk like a winner, my middle name is confidence, and, let’s admit it, big biceps are definitely
important. If you look at yours and think “I’ve got confidence, I guess” – no
worries. Here’s a set of exercises that can help you bulk up your biceps as you work
out at home! Anyone who wants to have bulky arms must not
only treat the biceps well, but also show the triceps some love. Your triceps muscles
have three heads: the long head, the lateral head and the medial head. When your triceps
muscles are too tight, it limits your strength, power and mobility. As you exercise, you should
give all those muscles a good stretch. So let’s start with that. Diamond push-up Any pushup is good for your triceps, but the
diamond close-grip pushup variation is particularly challenging and effective. Start by putting your hands on the mat under
your chest just like in any pushup exercise. One major difference here is that you have
to put your hands in a diamond shape. For that, spread your fingers and touch your thumbs
and index fingers. With some imagination, it should look like a diamond between your
hands. As for your legs, you can either keep them straight in a plank to make things harder,
or keep your knees on the floor to make it somewhat easier. Keep your back flat, your
hips up, and your arms tucked in close to the sides as you lower your body to the floor.
The goal is to touch the floor with your chin or chest. It sounds hard, but you’ll get
there with practice. Once you get down, press back up with your hands to repeat the exercise.
Do a total of 4 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions and a 45-second rest between sets. This exercise helps you naturally extend your
arms while straightening your elbows. When you keep your elbows to the sides, you make
your triceps muscles the primary movers instead of your shoulders and chest. Kickbacks If you managed diamond push-ups, kickbacks
are going to seem like a piece of cake. Even though they’re easier, they also work all
three heads of the triceps. Start by setting your right foot on a step
or a platform, and rest your right forearm on the thigh. This will help you support your
back. Take a weight with your left hand and pull the elbow up. Stop at torso level and
extend the arm behind you. This is when you’ll feel the triceps contractions. Put your forearm
down at 90 degrees. One set of this exercise consists of 12 repetitions, and you should
do 1 to 3 sets for an effective workout. It’s important that you keep the upper arm immobile
during the exercise to get the full effect of the extension. If it seems too hard not
to strain your elbow, try a lighter weight. Chair dips
Chair dips are an easier alternative to the regular dips you do at the gym. As you can
see from the name, all the equipment you need for these is a chair. Dips let you work out
targeted muscle groups, and as you lean on the chair, you put all the tension on the
arms. Sit on a chair with your hands outside of
the hips. Lift your body using your hand power, and then lower down, bending the elbows until
they’re at 90 degrees. Your elbows should point behind you and your shoulders should
be down, away from your ears. You can either bend your knees to make things easier or extend
them out for more of a challenge. It’s important that you keep your hips close to the chair
so you don’t strain your shoulders. Do 12 repetitions and 1 to 3 sets depending on how
you feel. If your shoulders start aching, stop immediately. Close grip bench press
The close grip bench press is a pretty unique exercise because it helps you build both muscle
bulk and strength at the same time. Take a barbell and lie down on a bench or
step holding it with your hands shoulder-width apart. Bend the elbows and hold the barbell
over the ribcage. Your goal is to press the barbell straight up, feeling the triceps contractions.
After 12 repetitions, take a rest for 45 seconds, then do 2 more sets.
It’s important to give yourself a good break between exercises when you’re trying to
increase muscular strength. But as you’re working to increase arm size, don’t rest
too much. An interval of 45 seconds is what you need to drive more blood into your muscles.
Okay now, enough for your triceps, let’s give your biceps some attention. These muscles
have two heads, one short and one long. The long head is more on the outside and the short
head is located on the inside. To make your arms bulkier, you gotta figure out which of
the heads is more developed in your case and work on improving the other one. Another muscle
you shouldn’t ignore is the brachialis. You can find it under the long head of the
biceps, and when you give it some attention, it can push up the biceps and make your arm
look wider. Here are some exercises that target both the biceps and the brachialis. Inverted row You can do this exercise pretty much anywhere,
all you need is something to grab onto. Lie flat on the ground, and get a grip on a sturdy
chair, a coffee table, or some other object within your reach. As you grab onto its edge
with your hands, try to lift the upper part of your body off the ground. Hold on like
that for a few seconds and then lower back to the floor. Since you aren’t using weights
for this exercise, make it effective with multiple repetitions. If you’re doing everything
correctly, you’ll feel your biceps working. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions or more, if you
can, with short breaks in between. Arm rotations This might sound too simple and basically
useless, but that’s wrong! Making circles with your arms, first small, then bigger every
time, is a good way to build your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Just like with the
inverted row, the secret here is repetition. You’ll start feeling some serious strain
in your muscles after two to three minutes of making circles in each direction. And,
if you want to make things even harder, add a resistance band!
Towel bicep curls As the name suggests, you’ll need a towel
for this exercise, and also a heavy bag, so you can do it at home, work, or in a hotel
room while traveling. Get a towel and slip it through the top of your bag or backpack.
Grab it with your hands on both ends and lift it. When you get to the top, rotate your arms
away from the body and hold it like that for a couple seconds. Stuff your bag or backpack
with something heavy for extra resistance. Concentration Curls with a Jug Most biceps exercises involve lifting weights.
However, if you don’t have any dumbbells at home, no worries! You can use canned goods,
bags of rice, water bottles or heavy books for weights. 100-ounce (3 litres) laundry
detergent jugs have handles and secure lids so that might be your best bet. So, get yourself a jug and sit on a chair
or sofa. Set your feet apart. The fact that you’re sitting down during this exercise
means you’re putting all the pressure on your biceps muscle, and that’s just what
you need, right? So, hold the jug in your right hand, and touch the inside of your right
thigh with your right elbow. Keep your arm and wrist straight as they’re facing downward.
When it’s all set, start lifting the jug from your ankle level and up to your chest
while exhaling. Once you lift the jug, hold it like that for a few seconds to flex the
biceps and then let it down and exhale. Meanwhile, your left hand can rest on your left knee.
Switch hands after 8 to 12 repetitions and perform three sets with each hand. It’s
important that only your forearm is moving during this exercise, and the rest of your
body stays still so that all the strain goes righto your biceps. And because this exercise
gives your muscles a really hard time, it’s a great one to finish the workout with. Do you know any other effective biceps and
triceps exercises? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today,
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