7 Groin Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

7 Groin Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and mr.
handsome bear, and today I’m going to show you seven treatments for a groin
strain. so let’s get started. so the first stretch for a groin strain is going to be lying down.
this one might be the stretch you want to start off with because it’s not quite
as tense because I’m lying down. so get your legs kind of in that hooklying
position, or with your knees propped up, and then you’re just going to gently
bring your knees down. so this is kind of like a butterfly stretch, but this is a
lying-down butterfly stretch. so it’s not quite as intense on the groin area or
those adductors, but this is going to give you a nice stretch to start off
with. so when you start off with this stretch, you want to hold it for 30
seconds if you can. if this is easy you can place your hands on your inner
thighs and just push down a little bit, but again if you have a strain in there
this might be plenty for you. so holding the stretch for 30 seconds, coming back
up and then do that three times. you can do this stretch several times throughout
the day doing about 30 seconds 3 times each. so the next one while we’re still
in this hook lying or knees bent position, you’re gonna do kind of what we
call a knee roll out. so this is kind of working the groin a little bit, but
still stretching it a little bit. so if it was my left side, I’m gonna do just
like it sounds, I’m just gonna roll out that knee while trying to keep this one
up in the same spot and then gently come back up. so usually the going down part
is kind of stretching it out and then when you bring it up you’re doing a
little bit of strengthening because you’re going against gravity. so this is
still kind of early on when you’re still a little bit tender, but it shouldn’t
hurt. it might be slightly uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t have any pain with
doing this. so again just maybe starting off with 10, you can do two maybe two
sets of 10 and do that several times throughout the day. but don’t feel like
you need to overdo it. you don’t want to do a whole lot where you’re just
irritating that strain even more. so while you’re still in this position,
we’re just gonna go through the stuff, grab maybe a ball, basketball, soccer ball,
something like that. if you don’t have a ball in your house, you can just kind of
fold up a pillow, but you just want to have something in
between your knees so you can squeeze into. so this is kind of an isometric
exercise for the groin area where you’re activating the muscles, but you’re not
really moving them. so they shouldn’t be quite as painful as if you were doing
maybe like a band workout with it. so all you’re gonna do is just squeeze in, hold
it for about three to five seconds, and then relax. so again it shouldn’t be
painful. you might feel you know a little bit of the pressure in there and that’s
fine, but it shouldn’t be painful while you’re squeezing in. so just squeeze
enough where you’re like okay I feel it, but it’s not painful. again holding it
for that three to five seconds and maybe doing ten of those couple sets. some
people asked about the size usually you want it to be so your knees are about
shoulder, hip width apart. so something smaller like a tennis ball or you know
even like a lacrosse ball or something it’s probably a little bit too small. you
want it be a little bit bigger so you can get a nice push into it. so then
after that you’re gonna roll over onto your side and start doing some hip
adductors ad exercises. so with this one, when you’re on your side, you really want
your hips to be perpendicular to the floor and if you can’t get on the floor
you can do these all on your couch or in your bed, you don’t have to get down on
the floor. some people like the leg to be in the back and some people like the leg
to be in the front. make sure you’re lying down. I’m just pulling up my head
so I can talk to you. I’m gonna put my leg in the back just so you can kind of
see what I’m doing. you want to keep that leg nice and straight and if you pull
your toes up that’s going to help lock it down. so the side you’re working you
want it to be on the floor and then you’re just gonna lift it up and then
slowly come back down. so it’s not going to be high. this isn’t going to be one
we’re gonna be able to get that leg high. and again it should be comfortable. so if
you’re lifting it up here and it’s really hurting that groin area, those
adductors, then you might not quite be ready for this one. so again you can
start off with five. you can start off with ten. do a couple sets and do a
couple sets of those throughout the day, just kind of working it out. so then the
next one is going to be a seated butterfly stretch. so
if your did the one where you’re lying down and you didn’t feel a really big
stretch, then you can do a seated butterfly stretch. but this one’s going
to be a pretty big stretch and there’s a couple ways where you can start off with
it easy and then work your way into making a little bit harder. so your feet
are gonna be together. I like starting with them far out so then you’re not
getting a whole lot of strain on the groin area yet, and then you can just
slowly start bringing them in until you feel a stretch. the key with this is to
keep your back straight. some people want to kind of like curl down and do this,
but I’m really not getting a whole bunch of a stretch doing this. if I keep my
back straight and lean forward at my hips I’m gonna get a much better stretch.
so the closer you bring in your feet, the more of a stretch you’re gonna get. so if
you can get pretty far in and you’re still not feeling a big stretch, maybe
you’re a very flexible person in general, you can put your elbows on your inner
thighs and then just gently push down those knees while you lean forward and
then you’re gonna get even bigger stretch. but again you want it to be
comfortable. you want to feel the tension, but you don’t want to be painful. so
holding that for 30 seconds, doing that three times at one sitting and then
doing that a couple times throughout the day. so the last ones are gonna be
standing up. so the next stretch is just going to be a standing stretch for your
groin. we call this one looked kind of like a sumo stretch, so if you can’t get
down on the floor stretch or maybe you want a little bit more of an active
stretch, where not everything is relaxed, you can do a sumo stretch. so you’re just
going to take your feet and put them slightly past shoulder-width, and you’re
gonna go down into a squat position. so really still keep the knees behind your
toes. you don’t want to come forward, you really want to kind of squat back get
your booty going back behind you, and the lower you go the more stretch that
you’ll get. so if you’re coming down like this, take your elbows and just put them
on your inner knees right there and then push outwards. so the lower I go down
into a squat and the more I push out I’m gonna get more of that groin stretch. so
again just holding it for about 30 seconds and then coming back up and
doing that three times. so that one’s a little bit more advanced, so you probably
don’t want to try that one first. you want to do the butterfly stretches and
make sure that you’re comfortable doing that, but then you can do
that one if you feel a little bit better. and then the last one is just kind of a
side lunge. but this is going to be for exercising and for stretching because if
you go one way you’re going to kind of stretch out the groin, and if you go the
other way you’re going to strengthen it. so basically it’s just like it sounds
kind of a side lunge or side squat kind of going out, and as I step out, I’m just
going to kind of lean and bend down and come up. so you want to do both sides. you
can either do maybe five on this side, try and get that leg a little straighter
I know that first time I didn’t get it completely straight, but so I’m getting a
stretch here and I’m working this side. and then you switch sides. so now I’m
stretching the other side, but I’m working this side and coming up this way.
so since this one is a little bit more a little bit more standing up, maybe you
just want to start off with five on each side. if you want to alternate back and
forth, you can, or if you just wanna do five on one side and then five on the
other you can. so there you have it, those were seven treatments for a groin
strain. if you like to help support my channel, make sure and click on the
link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe, where Mr. Bear? down there.
and remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

63 Replies to “7 Groin Strain Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Dr. Jo, I am at work so I have to be brief. You must be reading my mind! I strained my groin yesterday playing golf. I plan to watch the video as soon as I get home. Thanks๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป

  2. Help! I strained my left groin a few weeks ago, and havenโ€™t been able to bend my leg since. Canโ€™t walk with my walker (u have MS). I canโ€™t even do the first exercise at all. There was a lot of pain the first few hours when it happened, but nothing since. I figured it should have improved at least a little by now, but nothing. I mentioned it to my doc when I saw her last week. She suggested physical theory, but she was more concerned with my blood pressure. Help!

  3. Love your videos, dealing with a knee injury, and your video on elevating my leg helped reduce my swelling.

  4. Quick question, I cycle or spin exercise regularly but have recently been feeling pain in my groin or hip joint area and these stretches have been helping me out, do you recommend I stop cycling until the discomfort ceases or am I good to continue cycling at a mild pace?

  5. Please answer please
    I was at work sitting all day then i went to stretch on a pull up bar + did some pull ups, on the way down (While doing a pull up) i felt pain in my lover ab region + i felt my testis swelling.Every time I lifted something i felt pain (lower ab region and testis swelling) I went to doctor 4 times all they say is like take rest 7 days (i did and it stops hurting but if i lift something heavy there it is again ๐Ÿ™ ) I quit my job because of fear Ill damage myself more.( They did scans on my kidneys and low abdomen,didnt fined anything wrong with them and they examen testis ๐Ÿ™ Im 21yr old never had problems with this b4, my job was manual laber… )
    I dont know what to do
    Please help ๐Ÿ™

  6. Dr, Jo. I pulled my groin playing soccer last Tuesday and a couple days later I feel no pain at all. Am I good to play again or should i rest longer? Thanks in advance

  7. Hello Dr. Jo, idk what i have lol, my groin feels like it needs to crack when i bend it. But when Iโ€™m playing basketball/lifting/running i feel no pain or discomfort only when Iโ€™m stretching my groan out. Also what do u think i should do? Thank you, please respond.

  8. Having some serious pain for the pass OMG I hate to say for over 9 years, this pain has definitely increase as the yrs passed to the point of me falling down while walking, a Sharpe pain all the way to my knee and ankles..I've done everything on you tube . Think something is damage I can't work out, sex is becoming a problem and it's affecting my job because I have to lift unstable client even with the gait belt we are both stumbling…… Please help

  9. what causes groin pain? I just woke up one day and couldn't' cross my legs. my right leg when cross it won't touch the ground the other leg is fine. Im so confused.

  10. Dear Dr. Jo I watch you all the time. You have helped plenty. I have had two hip replacements and stay active or try. My 44 year old very active daughter will have an MRI on Monday. Possible tear of the labrum around the hip. Iโ€™ve lived through two hip replacements but when itโ€™s my kid it feels so different. Can you share anything about it?

  11. Thanks Dr Jo. Just got back from my Drโ€™s and she confirmed what I already thought. Iโ€™ve got a groin strain abs this video will help my rehab ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. My groin pains whenever I sit on scooters and bikes for a long time on back seat, wht is the reason behind this ? Is it only strain or something else?? Plzzz answer…

  13. once three years ago i lift my leg one after the other for washing feet in the sink…from that time i could not sit cross legged normally i don't feel pain but when i go to sit in cross leg position i feel servere pain i have done so many exercises but getting any improvement.. plz help

  14. Great video, I believe as we age an not using those muscles as much they become very resistant and they can be very painful if you try using yourleg muscles too extreme.

  15. My groin pain started after giving birth to my now 3 year old. To this day even after seeing a pt. No pinch nerve. I feel pain my buttock deep, groin through my thigh. Very uncomfortable especially if i have to open my leg during intercourse. Thoughts

  16. Very good, I've had bad groin pain for 2 years and physio for over a year doesn't really help. I'll try these exercises.

  17. When I get out of bed in the morning or getting up from couch…. I find very hard to stand and walk at least for few minutes. Legs, thighs and joints are so stiff. Though I am suffering from severe fatique and generalised weakness for some years, yet under examination and not been diagnosed except to accept as CFS/ Fibromyalgia…probably.
    My question is : groin exercise mentioned above might help a bit ? Or could you advise me which of your clips I should follow to get relief in stiffness and movement, If I am lucky.
    I can't do any exercises except some body assisted or isometric, however my limbs are flexible in movement.
    I have osteo arthritis. I follow your clips on knee pain. It helps ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    I apologize for long description,

  18. I am male and suffer from groin, hip and pelvic pain. Itโ€™s difficult to get treatment because most physiotherapist refuse to massage that area. I found a holistic practitioner who specialises in pelvic floor, she helped me a lot but she left town now again I am in pain no on understands ๐Ÿ™

  19. literally thank you! i did some sprints with my buddies and my groin started to hurt ๐Ÿ˜ญ i started doing this instantly and it feels better ๐Ÿ’– really thank you

  20. All of these are extreamly painful
    … Isk what they are but the two tendons in my groin are excruciating due to over working put amd strain…. Will these make it worse if its THIS PAINFUL?????

  21. Hi! Thanks for the video. I understand that most of the time an strain is the product of a sudden bad movement. That's not my case. I think that my pain is the product of much time sitting at a desk. Do you think this exercises are suitable for me?

  22. Thank you so much for this!!
    I suffered a groom stretch from an ex instructor by a trainer and have suffered . Today is the first day in few years I have felt relief . ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐ŸŒŽโ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ“ฟ

  23. Hi, I am suffering from left knee pain which has been swelling from 1 month so Joint aspiration has been sone sucked the fluid out from the knee. After 10 days knee pain is gradually reducing but right now I am effecting with right groin hip pain and lower back pain and shoulder pain also. Unable to sleep properly also due to pain. please suggest on this

  24. Thank you. Nicely and clearly demonstrated. I had an MRI done recently as I've been having pain in my groin and hip area. Reveals that I have mild arthritis, some kind cyst on the bone and swelling inflammation in the soft tissue area.
    My doc said that PT might be beneficial.
    Right now I'm not able to afford to go to PT as I'm paying for some other medical bills. So I'm trying to find my own thing.
    These stretches you demonstrated felt good to do. I was very careful and took it slow. A couple of them I've been doing already. The butterfly ones.
    I do get pain whenever I move a certain way but these stretches don't cause that pain. It is often when i get up from sitting or when I'm leaning too far forward when sitting like if I'm reaching for something I'll get a sharp pain in that area. There's a stretch I do for my back as I have problems with lower back too. (I'm a mess with arthritis since very young. I got RA and OA and fibro). When laying down on back I'm drawing my knees up to my chest area. I can't bring my left knee up to too far to my chest as that does cause intense pain right in that top area of hip in the crease. Groin. So that's where the pain is. Hard to explain.
    It is hard to avoid any pain because even riding a bike it can aggravate it.
    But your stretches you showed are good and don't trigger an intense pain. I feel i need to get blood flow into that area.
    And so stretching is good.
    I don't stretch my body enough and want to get better with it. Anyway sorry for the long winded post. Just saying thank you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  25. Hello, all of your videos are so helpful! I broke my right Calcaneous 6 weeks ago and was just cleared to start walking on it. A few days after walking on it went to do an ab workout and lifted my legs for boat and felt an intense pain in my left bikini line. Rested and the next day my hip flexor felt tight. Now I have pain to touch along my bikini line and tightness along inside of thigh down to knee. Are these exercises and stretches appropriate while I have this pain? Or should I rest until not painful to touch? How many days do you normally see this pain last before it starts to subside? Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. (My PT friend is out of town for the next week)

  26. Lately Iโ€™ve been hurting from my groin, I had rest my groin for about a month and feel no pain but as soon as I get back into playing I feel pain, any advice ?

  27. Hi Dr. Jo. I just stumbled across this and I can't wait to try them out. Would these exercises apply to me? I play soccer a couple times a week and after my games I have a bit of pain (not too intense) in my groin just below the hip. It seems the pain point of sort of higher than the inner thigh which you are showing, but the day after a game when doing the exercise you showed where you lie down and lift you leg, I feel pain there, so I'm guessing it must be the groin.Anyway, I've had this issue since June and it's not getting worse, but it's not getting better either. How often would you recommend me doing these stretches and exercises based on the above? And can I continue to play as long as it isn't getting worse?Thanks! Adam

  28. Thanks. Got a mild groin strain playing baseball (running around the bases) and I feel a lot better now. I think I will play today but not be as aggressive running

  29. My groin pain is always stimulated after match 1. Gets to a point where I can't shoot with my right foot any more coz I'm right footed. Lucky enough I try with my left foot. Hope this will help me. I don't wanna be out for several months๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  30. does it help to lift your knee as far as into ur chest as u can?.. bc that's what my mom told me to do but i dont see any videos where thats been mentioned…

  31. Dr. Jo, I've got groin pain from the skateboard. I went to the doctor and just gave him a painkiller and gel. Should I do the exercises you showed, when should I do it?

  32. I pulled a groin at football practice and itโ€™s been 4 days Iโ€™m just now watching this so hopefully it fully heals

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