7 Minutes of Muscle-ups Because …

7 Minutes of Muscle-ups Because …

(music) (laughing) Dave Castro: What the fuck is going on?
Brooke Ence: I don’t know. Ence: Someone’s texting. (indecipherable) (music) Ence: Let’s go. (indecipherable) Castro: What’d you get? Ence: 42?
Castro: 28.
Dan Bailey: 60–63. Bailey: I got 10 on the minute for four minutes.

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  1. I was not a fan of CrossFit as I felt how many others do regarding the way they do some of the exercises, but after learning a little more about the training and seeing that in some events they are forced to do different variations, I learned that they are creating different types of exercises to challenge themselves. I can respect that.

    Regarding all the steroid comments about Brook Ence, I personally do not believe that is true. If you really know sports and steroid use, you would know that if she was juicing, she should be "veiny" (yes, I made up this word), have lots of acne, noticeably on her back, arms and shoulders, and she would sound like a man. BTW, CrossFitters are tested for steroid use, so CrossFit knows it exists in the sport and like all other sports, doesn't approve.

    NOW, I'm ready for all the insults! Bring it on, because I don't care enough to respond. Unlike many people, I'm just commenting and not bashing you all. I do respect your opinions, too. If you feel I'm talking trash to you, sorry it's unintended.

  2. Y’all r pip, I’m learning this shit on college, your body can handle this as long as you’re physically strong. People who can do like 30 pull ups in a row with proper form, than you can do kip-muscle Ups. Which they can.

  3. To all the haters – no matter how good you probably are – you might be as able to do as much as 1/2 of the things that girl can. Those are top athletes and they have alot of other skills. All props to you that you can do strict muscle ups , but how good are your weightlifting, running , handstand walk or jump roping skills ? Swiming ? Those two to the left are not specialists.
    And if anyone says crossfitters don't do stricts : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJEPgYKwyHI , they do sometimes. But there is alot of other things they do as well.

  4. Lol, how can this discipline not rename these exercises? The movement pattern here isn't even close to a true muscle up.

  5. Brook does 3 in the beginning of each minute then stands around looking like a dope until the last 10 seconds and does a shitty 2 more

  6. To those who find it easy in the comments, try to do. If you do not like kipping, do strict muscle ups. Try to get close to 30 reps. Try to be fast and strong as the athletes who tantam speak badly. The crossfit joins strength and endurance. Find out which sport most elite military are practicing.

  7. Also crazy how i thought it was going to be seven minutes of muscles ups not thirty seconds followed by a minute followed by ten seconds the clock is running and they are standing there……

  8. Придя в такой зал, под влиянием внешней атмосферы тренировался бы, а так банально – лень. Да и еще и зима на носу. Как тюлень блин.

  9. If you deny that the two on the left aren't juicing, you're either a liar, a CrossFit con artist, or a cult member. Do they really think we're stupid? We've read about and studied steroid use for years. There is literally no way the two on the left get that kind of bulk and definition without steroids. Their bodies could be in the fucking encyclopedia next to "steroid use." Saying so does not denigrate their hard work and impressive training regimens. Yes they are very hard workers. Just like Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds were hard-ass workers. Steroids won't help you hit a baseball. But they will sure as hell help you hit it farther. Stop with the b.s. already. We all know that CrossFit testing is a joke. It's not random at all. The CrossFit honchos choose who and when. You think they're going to "surprise" test their cash cows? Why can't you CrossFit people just fucking admit to using PEDs and HGH ? No one gives a shit. It's the lying and bullshit that drives people crazy. Grow up.

  10. No strict muscle ups were done that day, but the swing and movement still a muscle up, so if it bothers you just don't watch 🙂💁

  11. El CrossFit es buen entrenamiento pero solo si lo haces de una manera correcta y sana dónde no lastimes las articulaciones y ligamentos.

  12. Да уж могла бы и лифчик снять заодно, всё равно не поймёшь, женская там грудь, или мужская..

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