7 things Influencing your Vibration (and you don’t even know it)

7 things Influencing your Vibration (and you don’t even know it)

this video I’m going to show you the
seven things influencing your vibration and you might not even be aware of it
I’m gonna show you how to take your power back so that these things don’t
keep you in low vibration welcome back to another video my name’s Erin and I
hope people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna show you
those seven things some of them are a little bit weird things you probably
haven’t heard of before things that you didn’t think we’re actually influencing
your vibration to understand that in life you experience a reflection of your
vibration your vibration is a combination of how you think how you
feel and how you act and if you want to change your life you must first off
become aware of where your vibration currently is now the thing is is most of
our life is on autopilot we are doing the same things every day
we are thinking the same thoughts every day we’re going to the same places every
day all of these similar repetitive thought patterns repetitive ways of
being of repetitive energy fields that we’re in are causing us to resonate at
the same frequency which therefore means we are getting the same results over and
over and over and over again until I’m out of the frame but then I come back in
the frame to explain those seven things and what they are and how they’re
influencing you now what I thought I would do that would make this video a
little bit more fun is I’m going to walk around my house I’m going to show you
how some of these things are influencing you I’m gonna show you some of the
things in my house and how they influence my vibration how you could
become more aware of it so if you want me to do more videos like that could you
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want me to walk around you don’t me just to be in front of the stationary camera
the whole time so with that let’s first off understand that as well before I
show you around the house and I show you these different things your vibration
and that level of consciousness I sharing of your video I’m gonna put it
right here just for a second okay you’ll notice that I’ll not scale of
consciousness you got the bottom emotions you got shame you got beer you
got guilt you got anger you got that of willingness you got neutrality you got
reasoning love these are all different vibrational states of consciousness now
in the book power versus force is where I got this scale what dr. David
Hawkins shows is that using a process called muscle testing muscle testing is
it involves us connecting to our subconscious mind to measure the
validity of certain statements now the scale shows and what we can do is
calibrate different levels of consciousness to see what things
resonate at so for example we can measure and see what does this genre of
music resonate at and it might resonate at a lower vibration we can ask
questions like what is the the the resonance of this person you can look at
someone like Einstein who resonated at 499 at reasoning he took the intellect
as far as you could possibly take it and if you would have let that reasoning go
he would have got to the vibrational state of consciousness of love which is
a much higher vibration much higher vibration so everything resonates at
different frequencies and when you learn how to move up the vibrational scale
you’ll raise your own frequency and what you can begin to do is realize that the
more you raise your vibration the more you experience a reality is equal to
that so the things I’m sharing with you today are going to resonate at different
vibrational states of consciousness favorite frequencies and they’re gonna
influence in certain weights so with that being said without further ado let
me show you some of those things and how they influence our vibration without us
actually even being aware of it so let’s go the first thing that’s influencing
your vibration you might not even know it it’s actually the clothes that you
wear so these are some of my clothes I got too many clothes but I wear a lot of
the solid color shirts that’s just a side note has really nothing to do with
the video but however when it comes to different colors first off colors carry
with it a different vibration but also the clothes you wear it carried the
vibration of the emotions you emit while you wear them and then if you wear them
for a certain period of time it begins to absorb in that energy now for example
there are certain clothes that I had that I remember I was going through and
I went through a big transformation back in Joe November of last year
and I went through a lot of personal work it was bringing up a lot of stuff
within me and I was doing a lot of inner work
and I remember that during that time I was wearing the sweater right here now
what happened was is after I went through that about a month later because
it was still cold in Vegas here is like the middle of January February I worked
through all that stuff and then I wore that same exact the same sweater right
here again and I noticed that I began to feel similar emotions and I began to
remind myself over and over again of that and it was something I became aware
that objects carry energy and this is a lot of times why as well I remember that
a one time Lior for example she was feeling a lot of negative emotion and
she couldn’t figure out where it came from but then she realized and she
realized that where it was coming from was she was wearing something she never
really wears it was actually the sweater that she was wearing and it was a
sweater from one of her ex-boyfriends where there was a whole bunch of
negative stuff that happened and negative experiences that she had and
what she realized is that subconsciously that sweater was causing that to come up
even though she conscious it was like oh I’m gonna wear that because this person
got me that but nonetheless it was in a way she felt like it was influencing her
vibration at the same time and I see this happen a lot people that wear
similar clothes when they were constantly thinking about someone in
their life and what happens is is they find it hard to let that person go well
it could be because there’s a certain momentum to wearing that kind of clothes
Plus subconsciously the neuro association of wearing that may be
bringing you back to that over and over again so when it comes to vibration
understand something that is powerful to do not to promote like consumerism or
anything but clear your clothes which means you can get sage you can clear
doesn’t you have to throw everything out it means that you can clear it though
and by clearing it what happens is you then lessen it and you clear the
vibration of what’s on it this is one of the main reasons I don’t buy
hand-me-down clothes and I’ve always been like that like I’ve always had my
dad who I love very much but he just dies he’s like oh you gonna have this
you know and I know it’s it’s some of his clothes first off it’s not my style
no offense dad but it’s a it I’ve just always been really aware that I want to
wear things that I’m the only one that’s worn it or I cleanse it
that’s just kind of the mindset that I’ve always had because I felt like
there’s an energy that is carried from someone else’s clothes so they could
also be a very positive thing this doesn’t have to be a negative thing it
could be something where you felt very ecstatic by this time you know you went
on this trip to Costa Rica or something like that and while you’re wearing the
clothes there it puts it into a certain perspective and you you’re able to feel
that I also have certain clothes that I wear during what’s called a plant
medicine ceremony in Costa Rica which is where it’s very positive and powerful
experience and I always wore these white joggers with certain with a certain
shirt and I knew I wore it every single night when I was at those ceremonies and
I felt like it absorbed the information and absorbed the energy the emotion
every night because emotion emits frequency that then what I would do is
even after that weeks later I would wear those same clothes and I was making
certain videos and I feel this divine energy I felt like it was just amplified
from wearing it back in the day so understand your clothes are affecting
you whether you’re aware of it or not and when you get down to it as well you
can understand that different colors have a different vibration and this has
to do with different frequencies has to do with the way that it makes it appear
I remember was at the gym and there was this guy that watches my videos he’s
like an older business guy and he said he said something about like he knew
that there’s psychology with clothes he told me not to wear black anymore
because black is like a very serious color he said for videos people get a
better first impression of you if you’re wearing like softer colors like blues or
and colors like that so it does affect us in ways that we’re not even aware of
and your clothes are affecting you if you find yourself feeling negative
emotion if you find yourself it’s hard to forget of certain things there may be
an association there that’s keeping you in a way kind of locked into feeling
that way because of the energy-momentum that’s been put inside the clothes so
either cleanse the clothes using sage maybe use some type of some type of
water or do some little ceremony that resonates with you also these are all
have to do a little bit with the belief system as well as what you think will
help you to cleanse the energy of it but regardless clothes do carry with it a
certain frequency of the person that wears it
it’s certain emotion that is emitted out and if you want to cleanse your clothes
you can do so a sage and there’s different ways to do that so this is the
first thing that’s influenced your vibe and you may not even know it are now the
second thing that’s influencing your vibration and you might not even know it
is the location that you live in so the city that you live in where you live has
a certain vibration and I live in Las Vegas there’s a certain vibration here
of people wanting to really indulge especially if you get closer to the
strip there’s an energy field on the stripper you might walk around and then
feel the inclination to go gamble even though you never really gamble there is
an inclination to bet on sports games there’s an inclination all these
thoughts like thoughts are literally things when people think thoughts in
certain locations that goes out and what happens is those thought forms are
floating around and other people may pick them up thinking they’re their own
thoughts when actually they’re the thoughts of their environment now every
city every place has a certain vibration and depending on where you live there’s
a certain vibration there now the city live in maybe if is affecting your
vibration whether you’re aware of it or not but the reason I’m showing this is
this right here is Machu Picchu I’ve never actually been there but I feel a
very strong connection to it I will eventually go there in the next year or
two and Machu Picchu is considered a sacred site there are many other people
that go there that are in awe that feel a certain way when they go there so that
adds to the energy but also there’s an ancient history here where there’s a
certain vibration that is carried that has been there for thousands of years
now there are many different sacred sacred sites on the earth and if you
were to look it up there’s also different chakra points on the earth as
well with different energy different types of energy but nonetheless when you
go to these sacred sites you will feel a different vibration when I go to Sedona
Arizona which I’m going to in two weeks when I go there there’s a certain
vibration and I feel like it amplifies and I feel really good while I’m there
and there’s different vibrations depending on where you go when I go to
LA here in a couple days I’m gonna go to LA and it’s very there’s a lot of energy
because there’s a lot of people and sometimes it’s a little bit a lot for me
that’s why I only go there for like four or five days out of time but nonetheless
the vibration of where you live is affecting you and there’s different
cities you can also use this to travel it’s very cool
and very interesting to understand because then you see wherever you go you
will feel and become a part of that vibration itself so be aware of where
you live be aware of even your house when I’m in a certain like this was my
bed right over here the bed has a certain energy to work when I’m in my
bed I am only going to sleep there’s only one or two things I do in my bed
other than that I don’t read in my bed I read over here in the corner and in that
corner I’d read because I want my bed to me to be associated with sleep there’s a
certain vibration I feel when I’m on my bed so it’s a it’s an understanding
these different dynamics and how they affect you I remember one time I was in
a certain part of my house and then I was thinking of something in the room
that I’m normally not in and then I was my thought forms I was thinking of
something and then I left that room two or three days later I go into that room
and I started thinking of that same thing again could have been the neuro
Association maybe could it have been those thought forms are just lingering
there because no one else is going to that room and then I go in there and I
pick up those thought forms again and those ideas pop into my head
maybe thoughts are literally things cleanse your space cleanse your energy
cleanse your own energy field and understand that the city you live in is
affecting a vibration whether you are aware of it or not are now the third
thing that is influencing your vibration and you might not even know it is
whatever media you are consuming for example you might watch Netflix and you
might watch some murder mystery on Netflix and when you do that you are
tuning to that vibration and it is affecting you whether you’re aware of it
or not you may be developing beliefs
subconsciously that there’s something to be afraid about in the world and you may
actually be attracting negative things happen to you because you are feeling in
that fearful state you may be watching something on American greed where you
see all these these people that are doing very naughty things in order
because they’re greedy and you may start to also associate certain things with
that mentality with being greedy or starting to assume that that’s how a lot
of people are out in the world that are wealthy who knows everything that you
pay attention to is subconsciously influencing you so be aware of what you
are consuming when it comes to Netflix when it comes to even the news
the news is another big one as well whatever you tune to you are tuning to
vibrationally as well literally so if you’re tuning to the news which is
talking about all this negative stuff happening in the world we’re guess what
that negative stuff that’s happened the world you’re going into believing that
the world is a horrible place there’s all this bad stuff happening and that’s
developing and influencing your vibration a lot of the media keeps you
in lower vibrational states of consciousness so when you’re aware of
that you could then choose not to listen to it not to watch it and when you do
that that’s when you start to take your power back and if you do do it you do it
with awareness and you just don’t watch things that you know are bringing down
your vibration so become aware of that now go right into the fourth thing the
fourth thing is the music you listen to the music you listen to a lot of people
don’t know this but there’s I actually ask Bashar a question about this cousin
who Bashar is I’ve been listening to him for a while he’s been around for like
over 30 years but I went to a conference and I asked him and I said yo Bashar I
always realize that when I’m listening to a very pop music song like a music
that millions and millions and millions of other people listening to what
happens to you when you’re listening into that music if you’re singing along
to it if you’re thinking in that frequency you pick up on all the other
people that are also in that frequency singing that song you start to resonate
with them so the key to this is being aware of it because you may be thinking
of a song that which carries a certain vibration by the way if you’re listening
to some like hardcore rap song and it’s talking about getting to the money and
doing this doing this and doing this then what happened is that will tune you
to that frequency of the ego to that lower frequency and then you’ll be
resonating at it and while you’re singing that song you’re also picking up
on the thought streams of all these other people that are also thinking and
feeling the same way and like you know God gave you to the money so you’ll
you’ll start to feel that energetic pull so these things that I’m sharing with
you it’s settled but it’s still there it’s still influencing you whether
you’re aware of it or not the idea is to do it with awareness and to be aware of
it so this is one of the other reasons when it comes to these frequencies when
you start to curse a lot when you start this why I try not to curse too much not
because I’m a goody-goody or anything like that I do curse something
actually but when you do it you start to also connect to these thoughts dreams of
a lot of other people that are cursing and many people that are cursing are
doing it out of a sense of anger or out of lower vibrational states so you may
also find yourself resonating with thought forms that you don’t prefer to
experience because the idea is you can go through a thought form like for
example when you’re driving you may get angry that somebody cuts you off and it
might not just be your energy that you absorbed you may also be on a street
where many other people have been cut off before and you feel the energy
almost amplified well the key to this is if you remain in a positive state that
doesn’t influence you it’s about observing it observing it and moving
through it so that’s something else that influences yours as well so you got the
media you get to see the beautiful city I was talking about the place earlier
the city that you go that you travel to that info I didn’t realize there was
cars moving and stuff wow that’s pretty cool anyways these things all have
influenced us whether we’re over it or not so would that being said let’s move
on to the next one right yeah all right now the fifth thing that is influencing
your vibration you might not even know it is if you read books when you are
reading a book you are tuning yourself to the motions the feelings and the
thoughts of the author him or herself so for example when you tune to let’s say
this book read over here I got all these law of one books right here there’s a
ruksar really good books by the way law of one books when you read it it opens
you up to a new understanding of the way the world works and stuff like that so
there’s a certain vibration with that but you also kind of get teleported and
you feel what those emotions were when those people were there and you’ll
notice that as well with a lot of books if you were to read a book by one of
your favorite I say self-help people maybe you read the book of Mel Robbins
the five-second rule or Tony Robbins all these Robbins Tony Robbins awaken the
giant within in a way what you do is you pick up on the vibration the feelings
the emotions of that person whose book you’re reading so one of the main
reasons I like to read the book that is called the power of now is because by
just reading the book you’ll see what I mean you start to become very present to
the moment you start to get and feel the thoughts or the lack of thoughts of
Eckart Tolle who wrote the book so books influence your vibration more than you
know and the key to this you know that’s one of the reasons I’d like to read this
book right here autobiography of a yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda or he’s got
many different books but this is a Yogananda right here and he wrote the
book autobiography of a yogi’ which is the book that Steve Jobs read every year
the last 40 years of his life it’s also the only book that he had on his iPad
and it’s a book by an enlightened guy that talks about his experience of going
through enlightenment is a very high vibration he’s known for bringing yoga
to the West and when you read his books you kind of you pick up on his thought
frequency on his emotion on how he how he feels just you just feel certain
vibrations the books carry and all these things I’m sharing with you by the way
as well can be calibrated and they many times are calibrated and it’s talked
about in the book power versus force but certain books like the book power of now
I believe resonates that over 500 level of consciousness which is of over love
which is very powerful and that’s why I think it raises a lot of people’s
frequency just by reading it autobiography of a yogi’ also resonated
at a high frequency all the different authors resonated a certain frequency my
teachings resonated a certain frequency and when you’ve tuned to it it Tunes you
to that frequency so understand this is all energy this is how all of it works
and the key to this is just simply becoming aware of it now the other thing
that I want to talk about as well is that there’s nothing really in my house
that I could show you for this one but the sixth thing has to do with events
events so different events for example the Super Bowl let’s say the Super Bowl
this is why a lot of people that aren’t really interested in the Super Bowl may
want to watch the Super Bowl because they feel the energetic pool to do it
they feel like the there’s so much attention on it almost makes it more
interesting events also carry a certain frequency fighting events do like the
UFC which when it’s here in Vegas sports events carry a certain frequency
different sports have a different vibration when you tune to it I know
basketball resonates at I know out of all the sports bats well actually
resonates much higher light like 300 something which isn’t the most you know
Olympics a lot of Olympic sports will actually raise
even higher like ballet and ice-skating resonate I believe I like four or five
hundred which is really high for a sport to be resonated at that level but
nonetheless it’s about being aware of these things when you’re tuned to
different events you are tuned to what it’s called the pendulum of that there’s
a process called reality Tran surf and I’ve talked about pendulums before but
there’s these thought structures that start to grain gravity and you start to
feel the pool to watch it so when it comes to something like the Super Bowl
when it comes to something like the Oscars award ceremonies when it comes to
something where there’s a lot of attention on it it carries with it a
certain vibration and the accumulation of all the people that are also focused
on it so it’s very interesting to think about but the next time you’re watching
oh there’s my ring light yeah the next time you’re watching something realize
that there’s a lot of other people focused on it too everyone’s adding
collective energy to it now the last seventh thing influencing your vibration
even know it is you you are the one that controls your vibration or that allows
your vibration to raise the way that you raise your vibration is not by attaining
a new perspective it’s by letting go of everything does it doesn’t serve letting
go of things that are holding your vibration down and then your nap your
vibration naturally begins to rise back up think of it like a bob on the ocean
just naturally Bob at bobbing along bobbing along Bob along you push it down
it’s under the water but well how do you bring it back up you just let it go
it sinks right back up you are a high vibrational beam that is maybe banged
into some things that kind of got you know kind of got caught up on you and
then that’s what’s keeping you in low vibes so the key to this is being aware
of all these things I’m sharing now what is the solution to all of this it’s
awareness observe how you feel observe these different vibrations and how they
may affect you and is it the end-all be-all if you’re wearing clothes you
don’t have the money to buy new clothes no cleanse your clothes put intention
through it do it whatever resonates with you go with that but the key to this is
awareness if you’re watching the news and it’s making me feel a little
vibration does it mean stop watching the news maybe you got to find out for
yourself but maybe also what it means is you just do it with more awareness or
you limit your time doing it and the more you bring your awareness into this
the more that you can really model and mold your vibration of
what you want realize that your outer reality is a reflection of your inner
reality and if you change how you think how you feel and how you act your whole
entire life will begin to change how can you use this as well read books from
people you want to be more like you know if I want to be more like Tony Robbins I
might read his book if I want to become more present to the moment I write read
the power of now or reread the power of now you read and understand this
frequency all around and if you tune yourself to the frequency you want you
will experience that reality it’s like a radio dial but be aware of those static
that maybe call it things may be causing you to feel that static and it all it is
is it’s a Mis tune mint of energy it’s not the awareness wasn’t there but now
it is there as you’re aware of these things
you start to put your vibration in a powerful way and you start to go in that
direction so like I said if you like this style of video where I show you
things can you smash that like button and let me know say hey you know I like
this kind of video comment below if you could think of any other things that
influence your vibration or well your favorite one today of learning was one
that maybe you didn’t know other than that if you want a meditation I help you
to raise your vibrational set point I have that in the top of the description
box below it’s absolutely free listen to it and read the comments on that video
to see what’s possible with it let’s do for 21 days and it’ll change your life
and that as always helps you on the next video peace much love and namaste

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  21. Other thing you missed that influences your vibration : the people you're around. This is I think the most important factor. I recently had to pull myself away from a low vibration environment where people were complaining about their life and money it was draining me. Thank god for your videos though they raise my vibration every single time. Cheers

  22. Universal Mysteries by Ahmed Hulusi is book from a another dimension. I recommend it to everbody who knows that there is infinite numbers of dimensions.

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    I turned on your video and within seconds… I was feeling love instead. I noticed my shoulders were relaxed, my breathing had normalized, and I had a bounce in my step instead of being cranky, snippy, and short. It happened so fast!
    I just wanted to let you know that happened. Thanks man. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

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  26. Yes I agree about that where u live and what u say is very powerful your words are actually spells u cast in to the either of time and yes it will manifest itself ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I dont know if this helps but I can share how I cleanse my clothes. When I throw them in the dryer I set an intention that the heat of dryer is destroying all the negative energy while leaving the positive memories intact.

  28. No one told me this I figured out that thoughts linger myself because I'd find myself only being able to think of some things only at the work and forgetting what I was thinking not being there and other coworkers would talk about what I thought without even talking to to me about it first, even new coworkers would talk about things I would think even before getting to know them they'd bring it up to me. It's wild how thoughts are. I'm what u call a over thinker as well lol I wonder if that plays a role in lingering thoughts as well? Who would truly know, right?

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    Can you list all the books you mentioned and other high vibrational ones, please.

  32. I have an honest question, not being a smart ass. If our vibration and how we think, feel, respond, if what happens to us is a reflection of that…how come people get raped or murdered? Or even yet, how come children get raped or murdered? Iโ€™m pretty sure their subconscious child mind isnโ€™t wishing to get murdered or raped. How come people get robbed? How come terrorist attacks happen? The people in the World Trade Center werenโ€™t collectively subconsciously wanting planes to come kill them. This is an honest question not a smart remark. Why do these things happen if life is a reflection of us? How come complete jerks get the hot girls or all the money? How come loving kind happy caring people have horrible things happen to them?

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  35. How do we test what resonates a certain vibration like Sports, people etc. Is it like a machine? Ive heard Dr.Steven Greer when he says about his encounters with an extraterrestial that it was vibrating at 700+ something around there so thats what confused me a bit is this like an actual thing measured?

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  40. I have litterally been cleqring objects from clothes to furniture for the past 3 years. I have become very adept in energy clearing. I had to buy a new bed recdntly which was one of my final tasks of the intence energy clearing. I am very selective with clothing. Thrift shops are great…however!!!! I feel its better to find one good quality piece of clothing at a time. Now i do wear alot of black but im willing to start trying out new colors. Just got done burning some sage. Excellent video! Its awsome.. One blanket i have left a woman gave me is one item i have left from my past and i saw her yesterday. Also my black cat will pee on things with negitive energy.

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  44. Does that mean that I shouldn't wear clothes that I wore while I was in a lot of emotional pain?
    Because a lot of those clothes I actually love how they look…

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