7 Tight Hip Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

7 Tight Hip Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s DoctorJo and cool Kali,
and today I’m, gonna show you my top 7 treatments for hip tightness. So let’s get started. So these stretches and exercises are for general
tightness not after a specific surgery, so make sure you are cleared to do these. So the first one that I like to do just to
get that tightness out of the hips is lying down on the floor, and if you can’t get down
on the floor, you can do these in your bed or on the couch. And you’re just gonna start off with the knee
to chest stretch. And it’s just like it sounds. I like to leave one side bent up, but some
people keep it down, it’s up to you. I think this just takes a little pressure
off your back if you’ve got some hip tightness, you might have some back tightness as well. So you’re just gonna bring one knee up towards
your chest. If you have some knee issues, sometimes when
people grab up here it’s a little painful on their knees to kind of push in to it, so
you can grab under here if you have some knee tightness. But just kind of pulling up towards you. And you’re gonna hold this for 30 seconds. So getting that nice stretch in there. It shouldn’t be too painful, if you’ve got
a little groin pain in there, just don’t pull quite as hard. But again if you want a little bit more of
a stretch, some people like to grab up on top like that. So a 30 second hold. I would do both sides even if you only have
hip tightness on one side cause they’re so closely connected. You probably want to do both sides. So 3 on each side for 30 seconds. So then the next one is going to be going
into a butterfly stretch. So this is gonna stretch out those inner thigh
muscles kind of the groin area. So with the butterfly stretch, you can do
it sitting up, or you can do it lying down modified. So just depending on how much tightness you
have. You’re just gonna kind of put your feet together
out in front of you with your knees kind of opened out to each side. And then just bring your heels in towards
you to get that stretch. You want to keep your back pretty straight,
if you’re coming down like this you’re not gonna get quite as much of a stretch and you’re
gonna have to work a little harder for the stretch. But if you keep your back pretty straight
up, you can get a better stretch. And just bring your heels in until you feel
a little bit of tightness in your groin area. Once you feel that tightness, you can either
hold it there for the 30 seconds, or if you want just a little bit more of a stretch,
if you kind of put your elbows on the inner thighs by your knee there, you can lean forward
and push down a little bit. And that’s gonna give you even more of a stretch. Remember you don’t want it to be painful. Stretching should be, you know you should
feel tension, you should feel pressure, but it should never be painful. So again holding that 30 seconds, coming back
up, doing that 3 times each. So then the next one is gonna be a piriformis
stretch. So the piriformis again has a lot to do with
the tightness in the hips, those rotational type muscles, so those are really good to
work out as well. You can stretch the piriformis a whole bunch
of different ways, you can also do it seated in a chair, you don’t have to get down to
do it. But the easiest one that I like to do is just
take the side that you want to stretch and put your foot across your knee just above
like this. So it’s kind of making a figure 4 position
right there. So keep your back straight, and you can do
either way to stretch. You can take the other foot and slide it up
towards you and you should feel that stretch in that piriformis area right there. Or you can just bring your whole body up,
but at your hips. Try not to curl your back cause then you’re
not getting much of a stretch. So keep that back straight and then just lean
forward at your hips, and I’m getting a really good stretch right through my piriformis right
there. So again just holding it for about 30 seconds
and then doing that 3 times. Again I would do both sides just to kind of
get everything nice and loosened up. So then the next one is gonna be a hip flexor
stretch cause again, we’re just kind of working all those muscles around the hip to get that
tightness out of there. Again there’s a bunch of different ways you
can stretch the hip flexors. The best way I like to do it is getting kind
of into a lunge position, so make sure you’re protecting your knees while you’re doing that. So when you get into the lunge position, I
like putting a pillow underneath the knee that goes down. The knee that goes down is the side that you
want to stretch, so if I’m stretching this side, these hip flexors here, that knee is
going down. Put your other foot a little further out in
front of you so can get a good lunge forward. The key with the hip flexor stretch is you
want to keep your upper body upright. If I lean forward like this and stretch, I’m
not stretching my hip flexor at all. I have to keep my upper body upright, and
then shift my whole body forward. And then I’m getting that stretch right through
there. So again, it’s a full stretch, it’s that 30
second stretch, doing that 3 times, and again I’d really do both sides if you have time,
make sure you get that stretch on both sides because you want to equal it out. You don’t want those imbalances in your hip. So when they’re really tight get everything
nice and loosened up. The last ones are gonna be standing up. So with these last exercises, make sure if
you need to hold on to something, hold on to something. It can be a chair, a countertop, but if you
have a little bit of balance issues make sure you’re holding on. So now you’re just gonna go into doing some
hip circles while you’re standing. So keep that leg nice and straight, and you’re
just gonna, it doesn’t have to be big circles, you’re just gonna move it around in a circle
like this. So again, if you need to hold on to something,
if you feel like your balance is a little off, that’s fine. Make sure you’re staying safe. So I’d do like 10 one way, and then reverse
it and do 10 the other way. See, a little roll in there. So try and keep everything nice and tight. This one you definitely want to switch sides
cause as you can see, I’m standing on this side, I’m stabilizing, using those stabilizer
muscles, and then I’m moving this one. So then you would want to switch side cause
it’s doing different exercises. So now I’m stabilizing this side and I’m actively
moving this side. So this one you really do want to switch sides
because you’re getting a different type of movement with each one. So then the next one is you’re just gonna
do a little swing in front of you from side to side. So try and keep your leg straight. Try and keep your toes pointed. A lot of times people want to turn their toes
in and out. But you really want to keep it pointed forward,
so you’re getting those outer muscles working and those inner muscles working. And you’re just gonna kind of swing it side
to side in front of you. So again, if you need to hold on to something,
that’s fine. Eventually you want to try it without holding
on because then you’re gonna work those balancer muscles as well, but to start off, if you
need to, make sure you’re holding on to something. So again just maybe starting off with 10,
2 sets of 10. Make sure you’re switching sides so you’re
getting the different exercises on each side. Really kind of pull up your toes to lock out
all those muscles. That’s gonna help work everything as well. And then the last one is just gonna be then
changing the motion where you’re gonna go front to back. So I’m just gonna turn sideways so you can
see it a little bit. But again, make sure that you’re just moving
at your hip keeping that body nice and upright. It’s a little more difficult to keep when
you’re going front to back, keeping your upper body upright. People want to kind of swing with it. So make sure you’re keeping this upright. Pull your toes up to kind of lock it out. And you’re just swinging from front to back. So again, maybe just 10, switch sides, do
10 on that side, maybe 2 sets a couple times a day. So it really just depends on what’s causing
that hip tightness. So make sure you’re getting checked out and
find out exactly what’s going on. So there you have it. Those were my top 7 treatments for hip tightness. If you’d like to help support my channel,
make sure and click on the link up there. And don’t forget to subscribe, where? Yeah, down there. And remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon.

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  3. Hi Dr Jo this is great but what about the outer part of the hip? I have terrible pain/tightness there especially at night. I even had surgery for tendon lengthening a long time ago which seemed to help for awhile. I’m a lot more sedentary now tho due to some health issues.
    If you can recommend anything to stretch the out hip I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. Many thanks Jo. Recovering from a hernia op 4 weeks ago so my whole midriff / core is extremely weak from recent inactivity.
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    Many thanks again 👍

  5. This is amazingly helpful. I search for stretching videos to help my back and tight hips all the time, and even the videos titled “for beginners” require the flexibility of an amateur contortionist, and as a tight guy, I can’t even begin the routine. So thank you for an effectively simple routine that I can do that most importantly, alleviated some back pain by releasing my hips.

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  7. Love your videos. If people started doing a simple routine like this from a young age, we'd have a lot less pains and more mobility in old age.

  8. Why do some people say stretching causes problems that strength training other muscles will solve? Is there anything wrong with trying both? I don't see how stretching could do harm.

  9. Thank you for this. Not enough of these types of videos feel accessible like this. I'm not interested in doing hip stretches led by some greased up dude who could bend rebar with his butt cuz there's no way I'd be able to keep up.

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  11. These are so clear and concise….would you consider speaking just a tad slower so I can follow along

  12. Dr. Joe, I had a Labral Tear injury corrected by surgery with FAI about 8 months ago.  To my disappointment I still cant run more that a few miles a week without getting very sore.   Is this normal?  Most people I read about having this done are back to normal by now.

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  15. This video is great, my hips have been bothering me for a while and once I finished the stretches I felt an improvement

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  22. Thanks so much! You're awesome. And I really appreciate you telling everyone you hope they get better soon! 😊

  23. Ok so I don't know how long my femurs have been out of place but I am pretty sure I slept funny (with a pillow between my knees) and I think my quads seized up and my left hip had need bothering me for almost 24 hours. The lunge stretch helped best, the pain is at the ITB and ASIS and AIIS at my hip. I feel my femoral head at the pelvic joint rubbing against the bone of my pelvis. My aB and ADductors are tight as well, my right knee I had adjusted about a month ago. I notice the difference in my knees. Now it's left leg adjustment time. Hope this pain goes away. As a 1st year LMT this is not ok. But THANK YOU DR JO for this. I needed this video.

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