7 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Baking Soda

7 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Baking Soda

7 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Baking Soda Baking soda, otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate,
is a white, powdery substance used primarily as an ingredient in baking. Alternatively, if you happen to be a middle
school student, you might recognize baking soda as the stuff you mix with vinegar in
order to create an erupting science fair volcano. But what if we were to tell you that, outside
of these two more widely known used, baking soda can be used to fulfill a variety of other
needs as well? As it turns out, baking soda has a number
of potential benefits beyond creating baked goods and semi-realistic volcanic eruptions. Here are just a few of the ways in which you
can use baking soda in your everyday life to greatly improve your health. Before we continue, you should subscribe to
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content. Use Baking Soda To Treat Heartburn
Also known by the name of acid reflux, heartburn is a painful condition in which a burning
sensation rises up from your stomach and potentially as far as your throat. As the name “acid reflux” would imply,
this condition is caused by acid refluxing out of your stomach and into your esophagus,
and can be triggered as a result of a variety of factors including stress, overeating, and
eating certain foods that your body might not agree with. While this often leads to a painful and uncomfortable
sensation for people who commonly have to suffer through acid reflux, the good news
is that you may be able to stop the symptoms of heartburn with something as simple as household
baking soda. The next time you feel that burning sensation
in your chest and throat, try dissolving a spoonful of baking powder into a glass of
cold water and drinking it slowly. The baking soda will serve as a neutralizing
agent against your stomach acid, taking away the burning sensation and relieving you from
the symptoms of heartburn. 2. Use Baking Soda For Oral Hygiene
Hate that stinging sensation that mouthwash can sometimes cause? Why not try rinsing your mouth with baking
soda instead? Simply mix a spoonful of baking soda with
warm water and swish around as usual. Because of its granular nature, baking soda
does an excellent job reaching the nooks and crannies in and between your teeth that you
might have missed while brushing or flossing. Baking soda also contains antibacterial and
antimicrobial properties that can help eliminate bacteria in your mouth associated with bad
breath, and it’s mildly abrasive properties may also help remove plaque buildup and whiten
your teeth. Additionally, rinsing your mouth with baking
soda may also help to relieve pain from canker sores, as evidenced by a handful of studies. 3. Use Baking Soda To Soothe Your Skin
Nothing is more relaxing than taking a serene hike through nature in the summertime; that
is, until you get home and realize you’re covered in itchy mosquito bites. To relieve itching from bug bites, bee stings,
and other sources, try soaking the affected area in water mixed with a few cups of baking
soda in order to lessen the irritation. Baking soda may also help in order to relieve
itching and discomfort associated with sunburns as well, especially when combined with other
ingredients such as corn starch and oatmeal. Additionally, a mixture of water and baking
soda may also help to relieve pain and discomfort caused by callouses as well. According to some studies, soaking a callous
in water mixed with baking soda will cause the hard, scaly area of the callous to soften,
thus making it less uncomfortable and allowing it to heal faster. 4. Use Baking Soda To Exercise Better
When it comes to staying healthy, physical activity is one of the most important ways
to keep your body’s various systems running as efficiently as possible. People who are dedicated to workout results
often end up taking an extra step by purchasing supplements, protein powders, and other tools
to help them reach their goals faster; but what if we were to tell you that a useful
workout supplement might already be in your kitchen? As you might not have guessed, baking soda
may also help you perform better when exercising, to the point where many athletes and gym fanatics
tend to use baking soda as a natural supplement. Studies have indicated that sodium bicarbonate
is highly effective at extending your peak performance during exercise, especially when
it comes to high-intensity anaerobic activities. This is because baking soda contains a high
pH level which cancels out your body’s lactic acid, which is produced by your muscles during
exercise and causes you to feel tired and sore. By keeping your body’s pH in check, you
can exercise longer without getting fatigued, thus enabling you to make the most of your
valuable gym time. The benefits don’t stop there, either; once
your workout is done, you can always pat down your armpits with some extra baking soda to
serve as a natural deodorant. 5. Use Baking Soda To Help Your Kidneys
According to some research, baking soda may be able to improve your health by slowing
the progression of chronic kidney disease, a debilitating illness that, as the name implies,
targets your kidneys and causes them to slowly lose function over time. Because your kidneys play an important role
in filtering your blood and keeping it free of excess waste, it is essential to maintain
healthy kidneys in order to keep the rest of your body up and running. According to one particular study, adults
suffering from chronic kidney disease were found to have their risk of kidney failure
lowered by 36 percent while taking a baking soda-based supplement on a regular basis. 6. Use Baking Soda To Relieve Arthritis Pain
Based on recent studies, it would appear that baking soda may be effective when it comes
to treating rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis, or RA, is an autoimmune
disease which targets your body’s joints, resulting in joint pain, swelling, stiffness,
and potentially the loss of a joint’s ability to function altogether. According to a study published by the Journal
of Immunology in April 2018, drinking water mixed with baking soda may help treat rheumatoid
arthritis by reducing joint inflammation by promoting your body’s anti-inflammatory
response while reducing the effects of its autoimmune response. 7. Use Baking Soda To Fight Back Against Cancer
In addition to all of the other health benefits listed above, baking soda may also be able
to help people currently undergoing treatment for certain types of cancer. According to data collected from researchers,
baking soda might be able to benefit a cancer patient’s chemotherapy treatment by making
the environment for tumours less acidic, which in turn, allows the chemotherapy medicines
to slow the growth of cancer cells more effectively. However, this research is still in its preliminary
stages and testing was mainly performed from animal and cell studies; as a result, more
human-based research will be required before the true effectiveness of this hypothesis
can be confirmed. So there you have it. While you might only recognize baking soda
as the stuff that’s in the box at the back of your cupboard, it turns out that this innocuous
white powder has a variety of different uses, and may even be able to make a positive impact
on your health in various ways. From painful arthritis to body odour, it truly
seems as though the humble sodium bicarbonate can do no wrong. Did you find this video interesting or informative? Do you have any other uses for baking soda
that you’d like to share with the world? We always appreciate feedback from our viewers,
so let your voice be heard by scrolling down and leaving a comment below in order to help
us keep the conversation going.

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  1. I believe in this, my grandma always believed in natural solutions and she way outlived her typical cancer diagnosis after trying chemo once and saying it wasn't for her. Now I take care of my dad and he decided he doesn't want chemo for his pancreatic cancer. I'm gonna heal my dad. So what to do? My mind keeps going to one thought. There is a way and it's always right in front of me, I just have to be receptive. Thank you for your time and effort making this video. The answers are in front of us friends, we just need to trust that with good intentions we will just know when the time is right. Ty for reading my comment and keep your head up, eyes and ears open, always looking for a solution

  2. baking soda also helps kill roaches. Make a peanut butter ball with baking soda n sugar inside to kill roaches. Make alot of them n put them n places where roaches are. Margie

  3. I use detergent and baking soda for my towels rags and smelly socks it helps deodorize. To clean your dish washer you can use vinegar and baking soda also use baking soda and vinegar to wash you washing machine

  4. How to use take this baking soda? Do I use this as oral solution everyday like drinking water? Very interesting I want to try this baking soda

  5. Great video and presentation
    I use baking Soda with a lot of things from cooking , cleaning and health
    To add ,it works to control weight , and helps losing excess weight
    Very good as face and body scrub and whitening
    Relieve headaches if mixed with lemon
    Treats urine infection
    Thank you so much for sharing

  6. Works in under 5 minutes for acid reflux! Been using it for years! During Depression it’s what lots of folks brushed teeth with. Still great in fridge to kill odors.

  7. In the display of video u showed something about hips fat reduce with baking soda but in the video u didn't tell about this

  8. You say dissolve a spoon of baking powder, not soda in the first part for acid reflux. Baking powder is not baking soda

  9. Unexpected. It's bloody baking soda, . a levenimg agent for bread and pastries. ..and you can
    take stains off of your teeth by brushing with it instead of tooth paste
    ….as in DUH I'll tell you that the Educational system in AMERICA just Sucks. … including the teachers and administration half of the fools in this country are half way to beginning bloody CHIMPS if not there already. ….no offence to the actual chimps. ..as thats what they are…and they are still more intelligent. ….you tell me!

  10. Regularly treating acid reflux with sodium bicarbonate is not adequate treatment for heart burn. You need a prescription proton pump inhibitor, otherwise you could wind up with esophageal cancer from the repetitive burns from stomach acid.

  11. Baking Soda was also used not only as a mouth wash, it was used years ago as tooth paste. Whitening teeth as well.

  12. I must say, that the two ( 🔑 key ) words in this video that were repeated most frequently were ( may/ might ) baking soda 🥤 is in fact very harmful if used frequently simply because it changes the balance of your PH scale indeed

  13. Soda is a great Whitener for your whites when you wash them put a cup of baking soda in there with your detergent in white to look better especially babies clothes

  14. Add baking soda to shampoo in Palm of your hand. Acts as a clarifier. Then rinse with vinegar eater. Leaves hair soft. Helps growth of hair. Thank you

  15. your film is about backing soda and yet you tell people to drink baking powder you should use caution on telling people to drink that as it has baking soda but other things that cause other effects – not right -plus the dose you show is way too much baking soda to counter act excess acid in the stomach a dose 1/4 that size would be sufficient – using alkaline to counter act stomach acid will work temporarily but will have a rebound effect and the stomach will produce more acid causing more heartburn at a greater level. People should rather use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink that it works every time to over come heartburn and the issue does not return as it does with baking soda, tums , rolaids etc

  16. Wow!
    I had no idea that baking soda could help with all that, shall buy
    me a big box today thank you.
    Make sure its organic though!

  17. It's the worst for acid reflux. As the stomach is acidic and needs acid put a base element in it kills it and make the pb bigger. One has to drink acidic water against acid reflux. Check your things before putting stupid advises. I have had this pb for years before Dr Berg here on you tube explained it clearly. He is correct.

  18. I love the information I got from this video but, I have this bordering question in mind; can the application or use of baking soda stop or correct premature ejaculation?

  19. Baking soda with 3 limon in a bucket of water takes smells away fron any shoes u get a bucket of water pore 1/2 cup of baking soda an 3 limons put peels to and u leave them one hole day and wash and dry rhem in sun

  20. In series you're speaking about baking soda ,in your speech it was mentioned 1 spoon of baking powder. Is it baking powder or soda, there is a difference

  21. mix the baking soda with castor oil and apply paste to body warts and moles each day and apply a plaster…DONT put on dark moles as they maybe cancerous..however watch all your other body moles dissappear within 2 weeks

  22. Nothing New but just to add that BSoda is very useful bonding Agent to fill up in the cracks in plastic with super Glue and in Timber with its appropriate adhesive…

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  24. Yes I can confirm all of this information is true I do commercial roofing very physical job I wanted to be a mythbuster I did baking soda for a whole year with lemon juice or natural lemons it will change your life but this is just my personal experience 😉😎

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