70+ Quick Tips to Lose Weight No One Told You About

70+ Quick Tips to Lose Weight No One Told You About

Have whole eggs for breakfast. Yeah. Now, leave out the shells, but eat the rest
of it, okay? They contain protein that makes you feel fuller
longer. Download a calorie-counting app. It will help you figure out what’s wrong with
your current menu and change it for the better. Work out on an empty stomach. Studies show that this can help you get rid
of excess fat cells in your body. Plan your meals. This will help you stick to a healthy calorie
allowance, instead of eating whatever whenever. Like I do. Eat smaller portions. This trick will significantly decrease your
daily calorie intake. About 50-70 percent of your plate should be
filled with vegetables. They’re low in calories and fat but high in
fiber – a perfect weight loss combo. Sleep in a cool bedroom. I think this is about temperature, and not
a bunch of neat decorations. This way your body will start burning calories
to keep you warm during the night. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. Specialists are sure that they increase your
appetite and make you overeat. Never skip meals. Going hungry for long periods of time can
lead to fatigue from the lack of nutrients which will only make you crave more sugary
foods. Bad idea. Drink a glass of water half an hour before
your meal. This will help you eat less. Read food labels. This will help you pick the healthiest option
and count your daily calorie intake correctly. Have a cup of green tea. It has powerful antioxidants that boost the
process of fat burning in your body. Have beans every day. HA HA. No really. Research states that beans, lentils, peas,
and chickpeas can help you lose about half a pound per week without changing your diet. Cut up your meal before consuming it. No, you don’t want to stuff the whole steak
in your mouth at once. Try using a knife instead. A study from Arizona State University found
that this trick (cutting up your food) can help you eat less. Buy organic foods. Regular foods contain pesticides that can
really mess up your metabolism and disrupt the weight loss process. Do the top-of-the-hour workout. At the top of every work hour take a break
and do a couple of crunches, go up and down the stairs, or take a small walk around the
office. Drink unsweetened cranberry juice 2 or 3 times
a day. It has numerous antioxidants that remove toxins
from your body and improve your metabolism. Every time you get hungry, ask yourself if
you could eat a whole apple. If not, you’re not really hungry – you’re
just bored or stressed. Meditate. If your food cravings come from stress, they’ll
quickly go away after a couple of breathing techniques. Don’t chew gum. It may keep you from overeating but, it’s
still full of sugar and unhealthy artificial sweeteners. Add cardio exercises to your regular workout. It burns way more calories than any other
activity. Have a bite of seafood. According to studies, it improves your fat
cells’ ability to control metabolic processes. Try intermittent fasting. Studies continue to prove that it’s highly
effective for weight loss. Add more spices to your diet. Yeah spice things up! They are really good at enhancing your metabolism. Clean out your cupboards. There shouldn’t be any unhealthy or junk food
there, in case your will power fails. And it will fail. Eat a low-calorie soup before your meal. Specialists from Penn State University say
that it can cut your caloric intake by 20 percent. Choose regular black coffee. All the lattes and mochaccinos you enjoy contain
way too many calories for a healthy diet. Spend less time in front of the TV. Studies confirm that the more TV you watch,
the more often you eat. Take a walk before your meal. This will reduce your original appetite and
slightly boost the feeling of “fullness.” Don’t eat fruit. They’re very nutritious, true, but pretty
high in sugar, and you definitely don’t need that. If you can’t go cold turkey, then just have
a piece of fruit now and then. Have dessert for breakfast. What an idea! A study from Tel Aviv University found that
people who ate sweets in the morning lost 40 pounds more than those who strictly avoided
them. Eat more fat-releasing foods. These include honey, quinoa, dairy products,
and many other goodies. Never shop on an empty stomach. You’ll probably buy way more food than you
actually need or stop to have a fast-food lunch. Find yourself a weight-loss buddy. You can help each other out whenever you feel
like giving up your diet and going back to unhealthy burgers and donuts. Replace olive oil with avocado oil. Researchers from Penn State University found
that 3 tablespoons of avocado oil a day reduce about 2 percent of belly fat a month. Listen to motivational music during your workout. High tempo and inspiring lyrics will get you
going, making your training more productive. Put your fork down after every bite. Right now. This will help you savor your meal and make
you feel full faster. Take vitamin D. It helps you burn body fat
more effectively. Just don’t forget to consult with your doctor
beforehand. Change up your caloric intake during the week. This hack doesn’t let your body get used to
your menu and keeps your metabolism as fast as ever. Cut your consumption of refined carbs. They are often linked to obesity and known
for making you crave even more food. Dim the lights. A study from Psychological Reports journal
discovered that soft lighting makes you consume way less calories. Eat pumpkin seeds as a snack. They’re very high in fiber which is known
for being an excellent addition to any weight loss diet. Stay active. Ride your bike, run every morning, go hiking,
or take regular walks in the park nearby. Include pickles in your meals. Their vinegar contains acetic acid which can
lower your blood sugar levels and slow down fat formation in your body. Add some coconut oil. A study published in the Pharmacology journal
showed that 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day can effortlessly reduce waist circumference. That means your belly goes down! Try the “commercials workout”. Next time you’re in front of the TV and the
commercial break comes up, get up and do jumping jacks or push-ups ’till the commercials stop. Look in the mirror as you eat. This trick will remind you why you’re on a
diet in the first place and make you eat way less than you originally would. Put a little bit of vanilla on the back of
your hands. Its smell has proved to reduce sweet cravings,
especially chocolate. Try eating your carbs later in the day. Dietitians are sure that this trick helps
your body use fat as a fuel during the day and lose weight. Add a teaspoon of black pepper powder to your
meals. It contains a compound called piperine which
encourages the process of fat burning. Keep an eating journal. This will help you figure out your worst eating
habits and get rid of them. Consider high-intensity interval training. This type of exercising works on shrinking
your belly and building your muscles all at the same time. Stick to an 80/20 rule. This means that 80 percent of your ration
should be completely healthy, while the other 20 percent can be your favorite junk food
and sweets. Buy yourself a set of 5-pound weights. You can use them for strength training which
is well-known for burning loads of calories. Try the 70 percent rule. Eat 70 percent of your meal, drink some water,
and take a small break. When you return to your plate, you’ll realize
that you’re not that hungry anymore. Sniff a banana, an apple, or a peppermint
if you feel hungry. Sniffing food often tricks your digestive
system into thinking you actually ate it, so the hunger quickly goes away. If you can’t live without sugar, replace it
with honey. It contains all-natural glucose and fructose
that give you a sweet taste without any extra calories. Drink a cup of aloe vera juice 2 times a day. It has powerful metabolic agents that help
your digestion and aid weight loss. Plus you can smear it on your face and get
smooth skin! Well maybe. Choose brown rice over white one. It’s low in fat and contains multiple important
nutrients that white rice lacks. Eat alone. Studies show that we tend to eat way more
when we’re accompanied by other people, simply because we spend more time at the table. Hey, get away from me, I’m eating. Well maybe not like that. Follow the 3-day rule. Don’t eat for 3 days. No no no…It’s simple – you can eat unhealthy
food for no more than 3 consecutive days. Don’t be afraid of dark chocolate. It contains flavonoids that have impressive
antioxidant properties to slim down your waist. Consume more red fruits. Ya see? It’s okay! Watermelons, apples, and plums also have flavonoids
and, therefore, decrease your fat-storage genes. Brush your teeth after every meal. Toothpaste makes everything taste sour, so
you definitely won’t snack on something unhealthy afterwards. Tie a ribbon around your tummy before you
eat. When the ribbon starts to feel too tight,
it’s time to finish up your meal. Don’t peel apples. Researchers found that apple peel contains
ursolic acid, which enhances two of the biggest calorie-burners – muscle and brown fat. Forget about alcohol. This bad habit only makes you put on more
weight. Chew every bite about 35 times. This can improve the work of your digestive
system and reduce the amount of food you consume on a daily basis. Plus you’re going to have great jaw muscles. If you go to a huge dinner party, try to sit
at the end of the table. All the unhealthy foods are usually at the
center of the table, so you won’t consume that many “bad” calories. But this of course, breaks the “Eat alone”
rule. Ah what to do! Get some sleep. Studies confirm that a bad sleeping pattern
increases your chances of developing obesity. Snap a picture of your meal before eating
it. This will make you see it from a different
perspective and figure out whether it’s actually worth it or not. Choose a blue plate. This color suppresses your appetite, as opposed
to red, yellow, and orange, which encourage your digestive system to have one more meal. Get yourself a pet. American Heart Association confirms that cute
furry friends, especially dogs, decrease the risk of developing obesity. So what — you let the dog eat off your plate? Arrange your plate correctly. Nutritionists suggest to put vegetables at
the front and center of the plate and add protein and whole grains by the sides. This is the obsessive-compulsive weigh loss
technique, I guess. Spend more time with people you love. This boosts the level of oxytocin in your
body which is known to lower the appetite. (Just don’t eat
with them. See Rule 61.)

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  2. I would like to loose 30 lbs and keep it off my weight yo yo up and down I have clothes in my closet from size 10 to size ,16 a size 12 would be nice if I could keep it symbolizes my favorite foods are bread gravy ice-cream fried chicken pasta chop BBQ and ribs mixed vegetables cake and candy all the good stuff

  3. These are not bad for what they know but if you want to know how to loose weight very quickly I suggest the keto diet. I was able to loose 2 pounds every single day. You can look up videos explaining how the diet works

  4. Even if it has sugar in it, fruits are still good for you; it's natural sugar.

    Diets dont work. Its not about what you eat, but more like how much you eat.

    And fruits should be the ones that replace sugary foods.

    Also, who the heck chews 35 times on a piece of food.

    And yes im typing as im watching

  5. Never skip meals? Fasting and intermittent fasting is one of the healthiest things you can do. It's easier to fast after eating a ketogenic diet for a while because starches and carbs tend to increase hunger pains after they're digested. Ha, now I just heard you recommend intermittent fasting.

  6. Honey may be tood at times, but its not that good for you. The funny thing is that I just researhed on a science project that things like honey and frucose along with sugar are all bad for you. Well that is if you consume way to much

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  8. If you think you're hungry, ask yourself if you can eat a whole apple, if not then you're just bored or stressed. 2:40

  9. The best way to live in the body that is YOU is to get educated! Know your body. Learn about nutrition from registered dieticians. Stop watching any thing about fitness and nutrition and WEIGHT LOSS on this internet, I kid you NOT! Dang, this information wouldn't have been uttered 30 years ago, we have really dumbed down. This is so horrible!!

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  13. Weight Loss Tips: (From The School of Hard Knocks )
    1. Eat When Hungry – Digestion Is Most Effective During This Time
    2. Chew Food Properly – Surface Area of Food Particles Increase, So Metabolism Increases
    3. Keep Your Body Moving – So You feel Hungry when Physically Tired, and Oxygen Intake Increases and Blood Flows Well
    4. Avoid Processed Food – Eat Natural Foods Free From Artificial Chemicals
    5. Sleep Well – Deep Sleep Actually Burns More Calories Than Exercise

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  15. Great job guys. I am in the process of losing 150 pounds. I have lost 68 so far. I am doing almost all of your suggestions. I have become the obsessive compulsive dieter. I haven’t tried the whole sweets for breakfast because I am doing AF. Thank you for the inspirational video.

  16. Hello guys , i had a experience with lose weight with tea, i lose 15 of my weight between 3 month , i buy this tea from this site ;
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  19. All this information is here because "Modern" humans don't have to hunt for their food, build their own homes and prepare their land for crops and harvesting like the pioneer way of life had to do. It sure sounds romantic to me living on a homestead way of life. I sure wish I could find a man that wants the same and hunt, fish, etc. living off the land along with me. I'm in my late 40's, but strong and very capable to those out there interested!!!!!

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