100 Replies to “8 MINUTE AB WORKOUT | 2018”

  1. Sorry to say but this does not work. Not for me anyway. My upper legs feel more worked than my stomach. You are focusing on to many things except the stomach. Well, like I said, it does not work for me.

  2. Should appreciate if someone did a list of what exercises you guys are doing in your specific videos.
    Just a wish and not a demand of any kind.

    For inspiration only.

  3. Very good workout video. Trying once every week. Able to finish half now. Hope if I keep doing I will improve. Very hot body by the way. Hard to miss that…what's the girls ethnicity? Just wondering…

  4. Хватит базарить,давай по делу) ей бы еще фейс достойный и вообще красотка

  5. You say keep that core tight , I feel my ass hurting , then you say lets go so it slapped that like button and just did it!

  6. Ms. Sky…..with all due respect….. My GOD your physically the Most Sincerely great body evaaaaa but YOU DO the WORK…..you RESPECT YOU….. you Luv YOU and although a guy your wkouts are Very Very good…… Wish I could meet a woman that had the DRIVE TENACITY and SHEER F'ing
    WILL to be YOUR BEST ……Iike I…FIGHTING against MEDIOCRITY is my QUEST in THIS dimension and the next…….
    Luv sweating my ass off to your routine my QUEEN !!?!!

  7. GF: Awesome AB workout…

    Me: What AB workout sweetie?…

    Guess who's eating at KFC tonight?..Might as well. No big loss..My old lady's cooking is soooooo BAD, I pray after I eat.

  8. we used to get smoked doing something similar, it really gets your core, abs and torso muscles strong over time. Great Exercise.

  9. Yeah ! Me too, I'm here only for th ab workout. Cross my fingers and swear to die. Some of the twisting stuff she does is gonna send a lot of ladies to the emergency or the operating room. No doubt about it. My forecast is that this beautiful gal will eventually end up in a wheelchair if she keeps up with her twisting crap. Very dangerous stuff. Consider yourselves warned.

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