9 Reasons To Eat More Protein

9 Reasons To Eat More Protein

9 Reasons To Eat More Protein There are so many reasons to eat protein. It’s great for gaining muscle, it’s great
for dieting… but we get ahead of ourselves. Today, we’re going to explore the different
reasons why YOU should eat more protein. Here’s some thing you should definitely do
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as well! 1. Protein Reduces Appetite And Hunger Levels. You might notice that as you try to lose weight,
your body suddenly just craves more food and you just constantly want to eat. Funny how that happens, are we right? Well, we might just have the perfect remedy
for that– protein. Your body has three macronutrients– fats,
carbs, and protein, and they all affect your body in different ways. Since this video isn’t called “why you should
eat more macronutrients” let’s focus on proteins for now. Apparently, a study done by the HARVARD SCHOOL
OF PUBLIC HEALTH found that protein, out of all the macronutrients is the most filling. Here’s the kicker, and hold on to your seats
here folks– it’s the most filling… with less food. That’s right, you can eat less and still feel
full. Sounds like a miracle, right? Sounds like it couldn’t possibly be true,
right? Well, it’s a fact backed by science. A group of scientists who work for TNO QUALITY
OF LIFE found that “protein reduces your level of the hunger hormone ghrelin. It also boosts the levels of peptide YY, a
hormone that makes you feel full.” And this study was confirmed by the UNIVERSITY
OF WASHINGTON SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. They found that “[the] effects on appetite
can be powerful. Increasing protein intake from 15% to 30%
of calories made overweight women eat 441 fewer calories each day without intentionally
restricting anything”. Bottom line– you wanna suppress that ravenous
appetite of yours? Try adding more protein to your diet. 2. Increase Muscle Mass And Strength. We talked briefly about gaining muscle in
the intro, but we’d like to dive a little more into depth about it if we could. This fact isn’t just universally accepted,
it’s universally accepted BECAUSE it’s backed by science. Scientific outlets like USANA HEALTH SCIENCES,
studies linking protein to muscle gain. Similar studies have found that even during
weight loss protein can make sure you don’t lose any of those precious, precious gains. Combine a protein heavy diet with lots of
weight lifting and you’ve got a recipe for a healthy, and toned, body. 3. It’s Good For Your Bones. Mr. T should’ve talked about protein as well
as milk when he said: “it’s good for your bones.” Because, as a matter of fact, protein is great
for your bones. While doing research for this video, our writing
team found that there’s a myth that protein is bad for your bones. Apparently, according to HEALTH LINE, the
rumor is based on the fact that “protein increases acid load in the body, leading to calcium
leaching from your bones in order to neutralize the acid”. This is simply untrue, in fact, the opposite
is true. Several studies, including some done by the
UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, have linked protein to bone related benefits. One such study done by UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY
found that “People who eat more protein tend to maintain bone mass better as they age and
have a much lower risk of osteoporosis and fractures”.If you’re a woman experiencing
menopause, protein is especially important for you. They are often prone to osteoporosis, which
a high protein diet can prevent. All in all– you want strong bones? You want to lower your risk of some bone deficiencies? Then drink your milk, fool! 4. Reduces Cravings. One of the worst parts of trying to lose weight
is the cravings. You feel like the bad guys are constantly
swarming around your head– fast food, easy microwavable dinners, sodas– oh god get
them out of our minds! Ahem… sorry. Moving on. You’re in luck because, as you have probably
already guessed, protein helps you curb those darn cravings. They’re hard to control in the first place,
however, protein usually makes them not occur at all. A study done by the DEPARTMENT OF NUTRITION
AND EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY discovered that “overweight men showed that increasing protein to 25%
of calories reduced cravings by 60% and the desire to snack at night by half”. They also found that “overweight adolescent
girls found that eating a high-protein breakfast reduced cravings and late-night snacking”. But how does protein do all of this? Well, it might be because of the fact that
it helps maintain the function of dopamine. If you know dopamine, then you know that it’s
one of the biggest contributors to addictions and cravings. And if you didn’t know well… now you do. 5. Boost Metabolism, Helps You Burn Fat Faster. As if protein wasn’t already great for weight
loss, now we get this piece of information. This is just a good news day, isn’t it? Let us start by saying that eating in general
usually boosts your metabolism. This is because your body uses the calories
you ingest to burn the food, making use of the nutrients in food that it needs. This process is called the thermic effect
of food. However, not all foods are equal in this regard. The foods that are possibly the best at it
though are ones that are high in protein. That’s because protein has a much higher thermic
effect than fat or carbs. One study, done by the HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC
HEALTH, found that protein has a thermic effect of 20–35%, compared to the 5–15% in carbs
and fats. These facts, as always, are backed by some
pretty serious science. ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY EAST discovered that:
“High protein intake has been shown to significantly boost metabolism and increase the number of
calories you burn. This can amount to 80–100 more calories
burned each day.” And in fact, that might not even be the peak
of your calorie burning. One study, performed by the PENNINGTON BIOMEDICAL
RESEARCH CENTER, found that: “a high-protein group burned 260 more calories per day than
a low-protein group. That’s equivalent to an hour of moderate-intensity
exercise per day”. Once again, protein proves it’s weight loss
benefits. Go protein. 6. Protein Lowers Your Blood Pressure. We’ve explored the dangers of having high
blood pressure many times on this channel. In short, you’ve got a higher risk of contracting
blood diseases, heart diseases and all sorts of nasty stuff. Bottom line is that you don’t want it– in
fact, we’d be hard pressed to find some one that does. Protein can help keep that blood pressure
low. Of course, there are top studies done by top
industry specialists that confirm that fact. One study, done by the TOP INSTITUTE OF FOOD
AND NUTRITION, found this: “In a review of 40 controlled trials, increased protein lowered
systolic blood pressure (the top number of a reading) by 1.76 mm Hg on average and diastolic
blood pressure (the bottom number of a reading) by 1.15 mm Hg”. It also helps you lower (bad) cholesterol
and triglycerides. Which, if you couldn’t gather, aren’t that
great for a healthy, working body. 7. It Helps Maintain Weight Loss. Not only will you be losing weight when you
increase protein in your diet, but it’ll also help you keep the weight off as well. First, let’s talk a little more about protein
and weight loss. One study done by THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS
MEDICAL BRANCH found that “many people who increase their protein intake tend to lose
weight almost instantly”. In their study, “overweight women who ate
30% of their calories from protein lost 11 pounds (5 kg) in 12 weeks — though they
didn’t intentionally restrict their diet”. It also restricts calories, which is great
for weight loss as well. “In a 12-month study where 130 overweight
people on a calorie-restricted diet, the high-protein group lost 53% more body fat than a normal-protein
group eating the same number of calories”, discovered the UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA. Now let’s talk about maintaining the weight
loss, which is arguably the hardest part about losing weight. MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY found that “increasing
protein from 15% to 18% of calories reduced weight regain by 50%”. So if you want to keep off all that weight
protein helped you lose, you should… well, eat more protein! 8. It Helps Your Body Repair Itself. If you’re injury prone, then you’re going
to want to eat more protein. It’ll help you recover after injury, and it’ll
do it in spades. Separate studies done by HERSHEY MEDICAL CENTER
and QUEEN’S HOSPITAL have found this fact to be true. 9. It Helps You Stay Fit As You Age. Finally, we’re going to talk about how protein
even helps you as you grow. One of the worst things you can get as you
age is sarcopenia, a disease that causes frailty, bone fractures, and generally a bad quality
found that “Eating more protein is one of the best ways to reduce age-related muscle
deterioration and prevent sarcopenia”. It heals, it slims and it builds muscle. Ladies and gentlemen… it’s protein! And so, our list of reasons to eat protein
is complete. What did you think of our list? Are you going to incorporate more protein
in your diet because of it? Did we miss any of the best reasons to eat
the stuff? Tell us everything YOU know about protein
in the comments section below!

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  1. What did you think of our list? Are you going to incorporate more protein in your diet because of it? Did we miss any of the best reasons to eat the stuff? Tell us everything YOU know about protein in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. Well my doctor says that i have to much protein and it made me have an extra intibody wish is not good for you so i don't understand it after seening this video so i am confused now. What might it be?

  3. I want to eat more protein anyway because I workout strenuously. I'm a feminine bodybuilder to be, so I need to focus more on my physique to reach that goal.

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