11 Replies to “A Better Way to ‘Stretch’ Your Adductors | Ep 86 | Movement Fix Monday | Dr. Ryan DeBell”

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  3. I don't actually find stretching much use. Or foam rolling for that matter. Strengthening weakened areas has always given me great results. I have had tight adductors for most of my life. Stretching them never seemed to improve my range through those muscles. But direct strength work has resulted in enormous improvement. They were tight because they were weak. My CNS was keeping the tone in those muscles ramped up as it knew it didn't have the strength at their extreme ranges to avoid damage to the muscle itself or perhaps the joint. Strengthening seems to be the way to go. Stretching and foam rolling seems to me to be a waste of time. MOVE into your end ranges and do work there. Once you build up strength at those muscle lengths and joint angles your CNS will relax. Look at Ido for God's sake. He doesn't spend 15 minutes on a foam roller every session.

  4. I learned something very good from this video. If trying to make part of your body more flexible, then study why you are wanting to be more flexible, and factor that into the stretches/exercises you are doing.
    I can now eliminate several of the stretches I was doing before, and replace them with WAY more relevant stretches to what I want to achieve!
    Thanks bro.

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