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  1. Is intermittent fasting something worth it to do if I’m just starting out? Also I don’t think cutting out carbs is something I can do…

  2. Hi Chris, what type of carbs do you recommend to eat? You have mentioned in one of your videos that you eta "Good Carbs" , so I'm a little bit confused about the classification of this type of food. 🙂 thank you for your videos.


  3. I have lost over 7 stones(around 35 kgs) in 6 months and ive been working out in the last two years non stop, i have been watching your videos and your workout routines, they are really helpful and affective, but there is noway i would be able to do all that workout without any food/energy in my body and not feel dizzy or anything like that during the workout. You need energy before you workout, yes you might be using the energy store from the night before, but it is dangerous to not put any fuel in your body for such a long period of time, you will feel dizzy and tired. Thank you for the video and your routine but there’s noway my body can handle this meal plan and the workout at the same time.

  4. Pretty good video, I like the cycling, great idea. I tried intermittent fasting for about 5 months though, and for me, it didn't really work. it always felt weird because as soon as I have lunch, it feels like my body just holds onto the food rather than metabolizing it, and I get way more hungry throughout the day because my body is like "oh you finally got food in your system? Give me more". I stopped I'm fasting recently, and I feel more controlled with my food intake for some reason.

  5. Can you please talk about fasting in the mornings correctly without gaining weight after? Is it just about drinking water? And how long should it last in the mornings?

  6. I'm confused. I want to built muscle (preferably clean but I know that's already difficult), but I heard you should eat like 4 times a day. You eat twice.

  7. You talk about not eating carbs on fat burning days to burn fat but hellooooo, you have no fat on you. You're in incredible shape.

  8. Hey Chris….please make a video on the effects of alcohol consumption on fitness…and how much is safe to be fit and party at the same time

  9. You know its not the training/working out that really matters..its your diet and meals that are most important and crucial for building muscles.
    You see all these youtubers who post videos how to eat and train properly,but lets not forget they have lot of MONEEY!!
    Which is why they can afford going to the gym and buying those heavy big meals,most people can’t afford that and i am one of those people because i only eat 2 meals a day and these bodybuilders that do youtube basically have up to 3 to 4 meals a day which is crazy so its not all about workout…if you train hard at the gym and don’t eat enough like they do then your training is flushed downed to toilet so whats the point of all of it ??i mean seriously….

  10. Sweet potato это же всьо равно картошка?ее вообще лучше не есть. Еш гречку и спагетти 🍝🍝🍝🍝.

  11. Chris was the reason I started working out two years ago.
    I was 15 years old 5’8 150 pounds
    Now I’m 17 6’1 and 76kg.
    I still play videogames but not too much since it harms your eyes.

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  13. Wtf….. When I clicked on this video that there's an add that says "STOP !!! DONT EXERCISE… when you are exercising you are wasting your valuable time"


  14. Damn dude. I came here to look for what to eat before or after a workout, and I was in disbelief the whole time.
    This guy did most of his workout without his feet touching the ground.
    If i ever get this kind of physique, or even 1/3 of the way there, low self esteem and body hating can kiss my fkn ass.

  15. You do not look healthy. Fasting is self starvation and you are more alert due to stress.
    You need raw meat and animal products 95% of your diet and some carbs.

  16. from now on it will write on my mind: use my sheet fat cells for breakfast. you become a role model to me from now on. I will build my body as strong as yours.

  17. yo man you make some sick videos, just wanted to say I think its a good idea to stay lean and eat healthy year round but I think it would be cool to see what you look like when bulking!

  18. Can you do an army training for a day trial? The real one. I saw some of the youtuber done it for navy SEAL training

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