Abs and Oblique Stretch (TIGHT ABS FIX!)

Abs and Oblique Stretch (TIGHT ABS FIX!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, AthleanX.com. Having tight abs is probably high up on your
list of priorities if you’re here watching Washboard Wednesdays. But having tight abdominal
muscles? That is an entirely different story. As a matter of fact, that can create a lot
of dysfunction in your other lifts and workouts. You see, the muscles in your core, particularly
the internal and external obliques, and your rectus abdominus – the six pack muscle – is
actually causing a problem for a lot of your other lifts if they’re allowed to become short
and tight. They become short and tight pretty easily
because of two things. Number one: we hardly ever stretch our abs. I’m going to try to
correct that for you here today, by showing you three ways you can. Secondly: we sit a lot. Either we’re driving
in a car on our commute to work, or while we’re at work we’re sitting. Even at night,
we’re sitting a lot. That allows these muscles to become a little bit tight. We have to realize when we look at these muscles
they’re doing the same thing. They all have attachments, origins and attachments in our
rib cage and then down here in our pelvis. They take those two points when they’re allowed
to get tight, and they bring them closer together. What happens when you bring your ribcage closer
to your pelvis? You look like that. A lot of postural issues can come out of that.
Actually, that can lead to other things that we think might be problems that aren’t. We
see people and we say “Oh, they have low lack of thoracic extension. They can’t extend their
thoracic spine.” No, maybe they can’t extend their thoracic
spine because they can’t extend the ribcage away from their pelvis because they have tight
abs. Here’s what we have to do to start addressing this: I take out a physio ball, like I’m showing
you here, and I lay over the top of it. A lot of you might do this instinctively because
you figure it feels good, or it stretches you out a little bit. The big thing you have
to make sure you’re doing here is separating the ribcage from the pelvis. I do that by
getting into a position where I first lay over the back of the ball, I get that ribcage
expanded, I get my arms up over my head, and then the key is dropping the hips. Dropping the pelvis father away from the ribcage
so we can get that maximum stretch on the rectus abdominus. I can intensify that by
just adding a nice deep breath in. I’m not sure if you can see it or not while I’m doing
it, but a nice deep breath in to expand the ribcage even more, and increase that stretch
being felt on the rectus. Now what I do is, again, you’ve got to deal
with the internal and external obliques, too. Those are big muscle groups that are impacting
our posture in different ways. These are a little bit slanted compared to the up and
down orientation of the rectus abdominus. We can get at them, too. We can get at them
by just turning ourselves over and getting on the side of the ball. Now we get on the
side of the ball and the same thing happens here. Ribcage and pelvis: separate them. Drop
them as far away from each other as you possibly can. Now when you’re leaving up over the ball,
if you twist a little bit and lean back you can get the external obliques to be a little
bit favorably stretched because you’re taking them further away from the angle that hey
run into the ribcage. You’re pulling that ribcage further away from
the pelvis where the external obliques attach. The same thing can happen here when we go
to the internal obliques. You just want to roll yourself down a little bit, still maintain
that side bend, because the real attachment here is the iliac crest, right on the side
of our hips. Get that a little further away and, again,
rotate downward and get away from, or elongate, the internal oblique a little bit more. You
don’t have to do this all that often because I bet you’re not doing it all at the moment. Do a little bit more and I promise, you’re
going to see the benefits as it overlaps into the rest of your training. I mentioned in
the beginning there’s some dysfunction that you could see. Some of your lifts – by allowing yourself
to get tight abs – the squat is probably the best example of this. If you try to squat
out of the posterior tilt you’re immediately putting your low back in jeopardy of injury
because you’re in a very compromised position. That’s not a very stable position at all.
You want an anterior tilt out of here so as you lean forward to create the right angle
of the bar through the middle of your feet, you’re going to need to have a low back that’s
slightly arched to support your spine and keep it in a strong position. You’re only going to get that if you have
an anterior tilt, or the ability to anterior tilt and drop that pelvis down and away from
your ribcage. That’s something – like we just covered – is not possible if you allow
your abs to get that tight. You want to make sure that you’re not ignoring
your abs when it comes to stretching because stretching is important for all your muscles.
Your abs are no less important, especially as we realize the implications it has for
not doing them. I hope you’ve found this as an eye opener
and you’ll start to do some of the quick stretches that I’ve shown you. I know sometimes we get
a little bit on the nerdy side – the PT side – to explain these things, but I think,
based on the feedback I get from you, these are the things that help you to understand
why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. I think if you understand what you’re doing
you’re getting a much better result from doing them. That’s the whole basis of our Athlean-X
training programs. It’s to allow you guys to understand what it is you’re doing so you
get so much better results from them. From all your workouts, all your training,
everything you do in and outside the gym. If you’re looking for those training programs,
guys, they’re over at AthleanX.com. In the meantime, if you’ve found this helpful
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Washboard Wednesdays, once a week
we deal with the core here and I want to make sure I’m bringing the videos that you guys
want to see. All right. I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Hey Jeff, my right ankle pops and cracks a lot (without any pain). Do you have any drills to decrease friction between the bones involved in the joint like you showed us for the shoulders? Any tips are greatly appreciated.

  2. hey jeff I am 16 an I am only 50kg I hate being skiny so I am thinking of geting your program at athlean x for 90 days I dont know if that is for skinny guys so I want to ask you if its ok if I train with it or its not because of my fyzik

  3. Jeff, i am having issues lately with my back. It seems when i do wide hand pushup for my back, i feel my scapula is grinding on my bones or smth and it hurts. i cant even do 1 rep cause when i lower myself it grinds and the pain is like smth gripping ur back. if u could make a video explaining what is the cause (that would be great ) or reply me bck here cause i dont want to compromise my workout and my months of training that i worked hard for. Thx jeff!!! Always a fan of your videos!!

  4. Going to start a 30 day workout challenge on my channel will be posting daily if any one could please watch my videos I would greatly appreciate it

  5. Jeff, I'm 12 and I want a nice body but I am afraid that my growth would be affected. I also am really skinny and I do a lot of sport so that's a problem as well. Any sugestions?

  6. Jeff, what are we supposed to do now?


  7. yo athlean-x!!, i have a question for you, maybe you can make a video of it..?

    I have been watching your video`s for a few time. i think im going to the gym now for a year, and learned very much. my gains went going good, until the end of the summer. im in my final year on school, and i work 40h a week, im stil going to the gym but after a day of work till late im very tired and my workouts are less good, i just dont have the energy. people on video`s always say get your ass up and work but that didnt work for me , do you know what i have to do?

  8. I saw you did a video on ankle sprains but you only covered how to mobilize the ankle but not how to strengthen the muscle and ligament it would be much appreciated if you could do a video on that.

  9. Thank u jeff for this video and don't stop telling us the facts behind all these workouts they increase our knowledge and we can better understand what we are doing and why we are doing….

  10. Hello, I have been looking through all the videos but I have not seen anything about the subject of losing weight while gaining muscle. Is it even possible to lose weight and gain muscle at the "same" time. I am very interested in joining Athleanx and would like to know if you cover this area. Thanks.

  11. after fews hours skating ( basically shallow squat with core contracted) these 3 stretches are v gd:) gonna show fellow roller girls, cheers:)

  12. I recently tuned in to your channel and I love it. You sound like you know what you are talking about (maybe its the use of the sophisticated terminology). Keep up the good work. On stretching the abs and obliques – I don't have a ball, can you do a video that shows the stretching without a ball.

  13. Should I combine different streching exercises and turn it into a sort of workout? Or before or after an ab workout, where I do exercises such as leg lift, reverse crunches, crunches and planks?

  14. The videos are great. but the beginning 2 minutes that you talk are just a waste of time. hope u end up with shorter videos.

  15. I would modify this stretch by holding something stationary so the arms aren't in the air. The stretch would be more effective if your abdominal muscles are not engaged in keeping you from falling. It looks more like an eccentric/static core exercise than a stretch.
    Please shed some light if you agree or disagree.

  16. How many times a day should you do this stretch? I just started this today. Is this ideal after you work out?I never thought the abdominal muscles can get tight as well but Jeff continues to surprise me.

  17. I'm dealing with some type of pinch and right side oblique is effected! At first when I first bent over to put pants on i would feel pain like something was dragging up in side my rib cage! Now it's gotten better but still get some type of tingly numb sensation! When I sit in the car to long my right lower back feels strained I think u call that a rhomboid! But when I get out it feels better when I'm straighten up! Something is out of balance please help me! This has been affecting my work n life for a month and a half n I find your videos very helpful! And only maybe this is part of the problem I know some times if I did a hard ab workout my right side of my abs would go into spasms and hard for me to straighten my stomach n stuck in a crunch gotta slowly stretch it out !

  18. Hi! I have two questions;
    Should I exercises my abdomin everyday or give gaps in between?
    How many reps should I do to avoid any pain or injuries? I have an athletic body with a belly to give you an idea

  19. "Hey guys heres my tutorial…go grab this specific equipment thats not mentioned in the title and follow these steps"……..i dont FUCKIN have it!!

  20. Hi, i hv APT n am currently doin exercises to fix it. I realized i needed to stretch the lower abs n obliques to help me hv a proper posture wen i stand n walk. Am concerned abt one point: it feels as if stretchin lower abs n obliques increase APT n counter APT exercises? Is this true or is it just me? Is it safe to stretch lower abs n obliques while at the same time do APT exercises?
    Pls advise. Many thanks.

  21. jeff can a pooch be caused by a weak core, tight hip flexors weak glutes. weak transverse weak external obliques, weak serratus anterior.

  22. yes i was getting muscle cramps/spasms a long time ago. Which screwed up my ab training for a while but when i started regularly stretch them i went back to the most intense ab training again with never feeling a cramp or spasm now i know a huge deal is stretching my abs just like any other muscle just as important

  23. do you have any video on oblique muscle strain ? and how to avoid it. i play tennis alot and i have injured it and trying to prevent it from coming back

  24. Definitely going to do these. I've got spinal stenosis amongst other spinal problems but I'm sure a lot of my pain comes from tight abs. These stretches look exactly like what I've been looking for. When I massage my stomach to ease the pain, there's so many sore, tight and lumpy bits! It basically hurts from my sternum all the way into my sides and down to my pubic bone and pelvis. Thanks so much for the stretches here's hoping they help!

  25. I regret not stretching my abs. For a couple months, I've been having unusual pains, cramps, and heavy discomfort in my abdominal region, and it led to me not being able to eat well, despite my abs not feeling all that tight. I had to go through the trouble of camera inserted through both ends to check my digestive system, but they were perfectly fine.
    Eventually, my doctor suggested stretching out my abs & it just went away.

    God damn.

  26. By looking at the number of views of this video, I can tell that people don't give a sh.t about the abs stretching! They prefer having 6-pack and keep having that damn back pain!

  27. pelvic floor dysfunction. 10 years of never stretching anything. and it culminated in so much tension i wake up up to 4, 5 times a night to pee. im working on it. thanks for this!

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