Abs Workout 🔥Get that 11 Line Abs in 35 days

Abs Workout 🔥Get that 11 Line Abs in 35 days

Hey everyone, welcome to the 2019 summer shred challenge So if you’re looking for that 11 AB definition look, this 10 minutes ab workout is the perfect workout for you ! So you can do this video on its own or you can join the rest of us with this 35 day free program by following the calendar schedule. I’m also giving away 3 Apple watches So check out the comments below to find out more. So you got everything you need All here, all free, so I’d really appreciate it if you smash that like button !! Subscribe and also turn on notifications Also there’s heaps of other people out there who needs a buddy, needs motivation So do share your progress in the comments and use my hashtag This workout has 12 exercises, 40 seconds on and 10 seconds off All these exercises combined will help you to achieve that 11 line ab definition Lie flat on your fitness mat and we’re going to start with scissor drop You’re basically crossing your legs like a scissors as you lower your legs down Have your palms rest on your side Or you can rest them right below your butt for some back support if you are still feeling a lot of strain on your lower back then you can crunch up a little and that works your abs even more or you can choose to not lower your legs down as much Now stay put and we’ve got bicycle crunch next Remember if you want to get those flat defined abs you need to engage your core and the best way to do is to focus on your breathing. Squeeze your abs each time you breathe out Now flip around and we’re going to do groiners next, this is an advanced mountain climbers Make sure your core is engaged as you bring your legs out to the side and this Really works your whole core and your lower abs Next get back on the mat again and we have corkscrew This is similar to a reverse crunch But you’re doing a twist to the left or right this helps you to work your whole core, especially on those obliques and lower abs Get back up again and we’ve got crossbody mountain climber Push your knees toward the opposite elbows and again engage that core. You have to work it for those abs Now get on your back again and we’ve got three way V-up , you’re basically rotating between a V-up with both legs up then your left leg and Then your right leg and repeat, your abs should be burning right now! Mine was burning but keep pushing guys Now flip around and we’ve got twisting pistons next jump off it to one side while rotating your lower body This really works the external obliques and your abs which gives you that line definition We’re more than halfway through the workout guys. Just five more minutes to go not long at all. You can do this Great work guys now get on a side plank position with one arm bent like so and we’re going to twist and have your elbow touch the ground this will really work your obliques and your whole core. This is a difficult one so I’ve included a less intense version if it helps Now flip around and we’re going to do the other side and this exercise will definitely give you that ab definition Now lie on your back again and keep your legs as straight as possible And try to crunch up as high as you can that you’re trying to touch your toes Remember you’re using your core muscles to lift you, not your neck. Be safe guys. I know it’s tough, but we’re almost there keep pushing Now flip around again into a plank position on your elbows and we’re going to do some hip dips Make sure you go down low when you’re doing the dips, but make sure your form is still good Just one more exercise to go after this Flip around again guys for the last time and our last exercises in and out, focus on that breathing Inhale as you lean back and exhale and squeeze as you go back in And that’s the workout guys great work for getting through this one All you gotta do is to keep pushing and you’re gonna get results Please leave a comment down below on how you’re progressing as that really helps others, too And don’t forget to show me some love by smashing that like button and subscribe If you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next workout Bye~! 🙂

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  1. Um this is intense, I started it 2 days ago, its tough but I think it’s worth it. I am a dancer so i have a lil ab line but i want to make it stronger. I’ll update you guys with my journey.

  2. I started the whole challenge yesterday and I can already see my middle like forming (only a little bit tho)

    Idk why but I’m able to loose weight quickly if I want to and also tone my muscles pretty fast. Could be because of metabolism (if I’m correct) because I never gain weight even tho I eat fast food almost every week and other unhealthy stuff.

  3. i'm in college doing this workout in my apartment hoping the person on the floor below me doesn't submit a noise complaint 🙂 i'm on day 7 of the two week summer shred and i can tell the exercises are getting a bit easier to finish so yayyyy! also not telling my friends or family i'm doing this challenge so let's see if they can see a difference in my appearance.
    **also i think it's important to note that you look at yourself everyday (especially when dieting and working out) so you may not see the changes in your body because they might be small day to day but that adds up after awhile, so i recommend really looking at yourself or weighing yourself maybe like every week. good luck to everyone on their journey!! <3

  4. Awesome songs!! Just finished with my Day 2 of 2 weeks shred program and doing this optional video workout took my breath away! But feeling pumped and amazing. Bless you and love you ❤

  5. Third day, I can do each exercise but I have really bad balance when it comes to the side planks. I'm kind of rusty on some of th exercises but I'm already seeing slight results and I'm not going to stop ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  6. Ok so I’m gonna be doing this for 30 days.. or however many days I want till I’m satisfied with my results. I have a little big stomach it’s not flat but not huge. I’ll be doing this workout at around 9pm because I don’t have time in the middle of the day or morning. I’m currently 105 pounds, 5’5 tall. My current weight goal is 100, may seem like I want to be underweight but my thighs and belly are pretty chunky.

    Day 1: I did it all but only about 60% of each workout, it was really rough for me.

    Day 2: I did it all maybe around 75% of each workout, I felt stronger than the day before but I’m really sore.

  7. so I've been looking all over YouTube for a workout for a flat stomach/abs. I've been doing this other workout for a week and I can't see a difference (I know it takes longer but there's no change at all) so starting from tomorrow I'm going to do this workout hopefully till next summer I'll keep you all updated probably not everyday but as much as I can because I know most of you want to know if it actually works or not

  8. Guys, let me be honest with you. I've never believed the ones who say "I've got results in 2-3 days!" or so but now I know they're right! I'm not thin, I am a little bit over "plump" and I can tell you that I have a big belly fat but I did this 3 days in a row and I saw muscles occuring on my belly..! Of course there is still fat around my belly but I have little muscles too! I highly recommend you to do these exercises. And believe me they are DEATH when you first do them and I was literally shrinking and thinking "HTF people can do this?!" but after 4 days I was used to the moves and it was a loooot easier to do so don't give up! You'll have a hard time doing them but it will get easier I promise😄😄

  9. Hey!!! Did my first workout today and it was super hard…. looking for a workout buddy and motivation to actually get into the habit of working out.

    HMU on my insta @_.toria._
    I’d be happy to be anyone’s workout buddy❤️❤️

  10. Hey!!! Did my first workout today and it was super hard…. looking for a workout buddy and motivation to actually get into the habit of working out.

    HMU on my insta @_.toria._
    I’d be happy to be anyone’s workout buddy❤️❤️

  11. Hey!!! Did my first workout today and it was super hard…. looking for a workout buddy and motivation to actually get into the habit of working out.

    HMU on my insta @_.toria._
    I’d be happy to be anyone’s workout buddy❤️❤️

  12. Am i the only one who does this kind of exercises in the middle of the living room watching cartoons and making family members crazy lol

  13. hey! I’ve started this workout on Tuesday I think and oh my god, my waist has already just got so much smaller. I’m doing this with your abs in 2 weeks and I included more LISS into my workouts! so thankful for the results!

  14. I am going to do this alternately with 100 squats each day. I am going to update every 4 days.
    Goal waist 28 in
    Goal navel 32 in
    Goal thighs 22 in
    Sep 21:
    Waist 33 in
    Navel 37 in
    Thighs 26 in
    Update Sep 25:

  15. just finished day 6!! ive never sweat where drops are very visible and rolling down but chloe’s 2 week plan KILLS in the best way

  16. Today is my 70th day right now. I’ve done this workout and the 6 packs video everyday. I definitely see a big change although my belly is still big. However, it’s toned a lot because I see some abs lines. I think diet is also so important. Some days when I eat too much, my stomach gets as big as it used to be; I hate myself at those points. But I still keep up with it (I had big waist circumference when I started 😭). If I cant get small waist in 35 days, I can do it 365 days straight to achieve my goal.

  17. OMG😭😭😭Im on my third day and my abs already look so much tighter and better! Thanks so much Chloe love you💕💕💕😭😭

  18. Lots of people talk about how badly their arms/abs are burning after workouts like these and the arms ones. While I can feel a lot of stress and some burn during the workouts, afterward I don't feel anything (and the burn isn't THAT bad during, either). I feel like I've been really engaging my arms and abs, though. But, I also have been working out for a year now, though I only really started building muscle over the summer. Still, I already have visible abs and arm muscles. Does this mean that I'm still not engaging them enough, or are the workouts just a little easier for me? Does anyone have any tips?

  19. Hi! I've been trying some of your workouts, and I started wondering, do I need to already have a flat belly for these workouts to actually do something? Or do they help burning fat as well?

  20. Guys. If you want a workout that genuinely works, try this one. It works on your belly, legs and even upper body. Thank you so much Chloe 💕💕

  21. Okay, so I have done this workout for a total of 45 days (missed five days in between so I just didn’t count them), and here’s my results:

    My stomach slimmed down, and at some days, my stomach was rock hard flat. I don’t have a specific diet that I follow, but I’ve been trying the ‘eat like a king in the morning, a middle-class man for lunch, then a poor man for dinner’ method. I was a total of 118-20 lbs, or 53/54 kilos (I’m around 160-165 cms, or 5’2-5’4— I’m pretty sure my school measured be wrong because I’m taller than my mom who’s 5’3) after the trip, and at my lowest, I weighed 113 lbs/ 51 kilos. Keep in mind that I did have a bit of a stomach before, but it wasn’t extreme. The workout definitely gets easier, and by the 20th or so day, I was able to follow along perfectly. I didn’t get an 11 line ab in the end, but I certainly did strengthen my core. I’m going to switch to another 10 minute ab workout of hers because I feel as if this workout isn’t the right one for me now. I feel as if my body is too used to this workout, so changing will probably be for the best.

    This workout was honestly perfect for my school schedule (4th week, woo!) since it takes only 10 minutes to do. I share my room with my sister, and you do not know how nice it is to workout when she’s gone, and still have enough time to cool yourself off. Doing this workout really boosted my mood once the second week passed, and I felt much happier afterwards. I also gained a bit more self-confidence in myself, and I’m more comfortable with my weight.

    Final thoughts: You should definitely do this workout if you’re willing to put in the time. Personally, I didn’t see results until the middle of the second week, but after that, you could see some obvious changes.

    Thank you so much, Chloe!

  22. Loved this workout!!! Self- reminder: starts at 0:52 (also for those who have used this workout sm they can say the intro just like Chloe lol) 💕

  23. Thank you Chloe soo much for helping me start my fitness journey ! So far with a healthy diet and exercise I have managed to loose 8.3kg in about 5 months ,after fail after fail when it came to my health journey . I’m a young girl , who found it very inspiring how you have chosen to help others better improve themselves. I really want to thank you for beginning my journey with me . Your videos have helped me immensely and have helped me kickstart something that was seemed destined for failure ! I’m very happy with the progress I have made all thanks to you !!
    Lots of love 💜

  24. has anyone done this already and seen improvments? Would be helpfull if a youtuber would upload this kind of workout with before and after pictures, but i guess that would mean someone putting in the work who doesn't start out with a great body, and it might be too much to ask for

  25. You have some of the best workout videos I’ve ever seen. I feel like I had instant strength boost, and I love the format. Thank you for what you do!

  26. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, but was doultful because I have back pain so I cant lie on the floor. So I decided to try these workouts on my bed. And it also work you guys! My tummy hurtsssss, Ima do this for a month and see if I Will acheive something.🤭

  27. After months of not working out, I finally got back at it! Doing the Hourglass: Abs & Butt Program. I'm actually really thin and I got the motivation to go back here to gain muscles and such because I am underweight. Argh, here I'm gonna record my journey on finishing this 26 Days Challenge!

    Day 01 – ✔️
    Day 02 – ✔️ Thanks to the motivation and positive mindset I got. I missed these muscles sores! Got me more motivated!
    Day 03 – ✔️

  28. (i started it two days ago) i’m trying this out for 1 month and i’ll keep you updated!
    day 1: it was difficult and had to pause about 3 times. by the end of it i was feeling quite nauseous. after, i wore those waist things (i can’t remember the name of it, english is not my first language.

    day 2: still pretty difficult but i was capable of doing it entirely just pausing 1 time and by the end of it i was feeling fine, just drank some water and started my hips workout. the physical results didn’t show up yet obviously

    day 3: i’ve just finished the exercises and fun fact, today the time passed so much faster! i had to pause only 1 time, but very quickly. now i’m gonna take my protein shake mixed with bananas 🙂

    day 4: i forgot to update you but i did the exercises! still very difficult, idk why

    day 5: i’m gonna start now

  29. Hey
    Today, I'm planning to start my workout
    I'm 5.1 and I weigh around 70 kgs
    I've a lot of fat so please let me know if I should start with these exercises or I should opt for some other initially

  30. Day 1:
    I substituted regular crunches and planks a few times but I painful made it to the end lol.
    My daughter laughed as I screamed at the screen "WHY IS THIS SO HARD!"
    On the bright side, I decided that the fact that I struggled through it showed me that I need to work harder and continue.

  31. I started with this workout this week! I will update…if l don't I will do 100 squats per day as punishment. Oh God let's see how this goes.
    Day 1: ✔️
    Day 2: ✔️
    Day 3: ✔️ I don't know why, but day 3 is always the worst for me
    Day 4: ❌ (no squats cause this was yesterday, and l had the idea of punishment today)
    Day 5: ✔️ + 100 squats

  32. im getting back onto this! im going to do this work out for 30 DAYS and try to see what my outcome is, because i've been wanting a flat stomach for a while. like this comment to see my progress? not pushing you to like, but if you want to keep up with me like it! i've gotten inspired by some of you in the comments! <3

    i also want to lose some weight as well. starting weight is 130, and i want to get down to 120 in thirty days, so let's see if i can do it! healthy food, this work out, cardio. it all sounds so hard…

    ✅ day 1: first work out ever since JUNE! it hurts so bad! i feel like my "abs" have totally given out on me! i drank water while i was doing the work out so that helped a little. plus, cute work out attire helps you complete the exercise! i fell motivated but everything hurts! this sucks! day 2 motivation? leave in the comments! <3

    ✅ day 2: i wasnt able to complete the full workout. only FIVE minutes of it! im disappointed in myself because i felt very confident in myself! tomorrow im am TOTALLY going to complete the work out! not seeing improvements yet! maybe tomorrow? excited for the workout! 🙂

  33. One like and I will do a progress report for the next 30 days! 🙌

    Day 1 ☀️ Paused between each exercise for way more than 10 seconds each time, oops 🤷🏻‍♀️. Finished the workout feeling hot, sweaty, sore and great!

    Food: for breakfast I had oatmeal and banana, lunch – sushi and green tea frappe, snack – baked pea crisps and ginger tea, dinner – dumplings and curry.

  34. day 1: really was difficult but I tried my hardest, I took a lot of breaks so I hope throughout the week I’ll get better.

  35. doesnt there exsist something that will make u lose weight and get abs in a minute without diet or exercise or stuppid wheit loss ta

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