Add an Inch to Your Arms (ONE SINGLE PUMP!!)

Add an Inch to Your Arms (ONE SINGLE PUMP!!)

JESSIE: What’s up, guys? Jessie, Today I’m going to show you how to get huge
arms. Add ove ran inch. You want guns like these? You’ve got to pipe them up. You’ve
got to work for it, baby. You’ve got to work. Here’s what we’re going to do. Grab a 5lb
dumbbell. Now I’m going to show you how to make the magic happen. You get down right here, warm up your arms
a little bit. You’re going to do concentration curl form and just bang it out. JEFF: Did you say “April Fools” yet? JESSIE: Oh, thank God. This is starting to
burn. JEFF: So yes, thank God it’s April Fools day
because I cannot put Jessie in charge of ATHLEANX, your videos, or your future, for crying out
loud. What we can do is let Jessie be in the video because he wanted to be in it so bad.
But we’re going to have him be in the video my way. Which means we’re going to put you through
a workout here today. We’re going to see if Jessie, our hard gainer who’s not having such
a hard time gaining anymore, we’re going to have him run the rack, and we’re going to
have him roll. The rack and roll challenge here to see if he can actually add an inch
to his arms in minutes. Let’s see if it’s possible. What we’ve got
to do, Jessie, in order to figure that out is we’ve got to measure at the start. So let’s
give the flex. Let’s get closer to the camera here so everybody will get a chance to see
this in high def. look at that wonderful bicep. So we come here, and we’ll wrap around, go
up on top here, and basically I’m at 12-1/4 right there. You see that? Almost. Right there. 12-1/4.
So that’s our starting point. So now what are we doing? We’re going to start at your
six rep max on a curl. You’re going to do five reps. You’re going to continue to do
five reps, grab 5lbs and do five reps. When you get to your half the weight you started
with then you’re going to add an additional rep until you run out of dumbbells. Then you’re going to work yourself back. There’s
no rest here. You’re going to work yourself all the way back. In between every time you
do a set of biceps you’re going to drop down to the floor and do the roll portion. The
roll is a cobra pushup where you roll your body forward and back. You’re going to do
the same number of reps that you’re doing for the bicep curl. So now, anybody at home, you round up to get
an even number here. We’re not going to start dividing 35s, or 45s, or 35s. It should be
a round number. So either 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60lbs; wherever you’re starting for your
five rep max on your curls. Jessie, where are you starting? JESSIE: I’m going to start at 40s. JEFF: 40s. so Jessie is going to go 40s. He’s
going to go five reps with the 40s, he’s going to drop down immediately five reps of cobra
pushups. He’s going to come down here, five reps of 35s, and five reps of cobra pushups.
Then five reps of 30s, five here. Five 25s, five here. When he gets to half – 20s – he’s
going to add a rep. six reps there, six on the bottom. Seven there, seven on the bottom. Eight, eight
on the bottom. Nine, even with the five pounders. They’re going to feel heavy. Then remember,
no rest. Then from there you’re going to work your way right back up again and see if you
can get all the way back up here. Minutes, within minutes. Then we’re going to pull out
the tape measure again and see if Jessie actually proved this challenge possible. JESSIE: Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. JEFF: Let’s go. All right, I’m going to get
behind the camera here to get the beauty of this from the viewer’s perspective. JESSIE: Do I face you, or do I face the mirror?
Do I look at myself, or you? JEFF: You can face the mirror if you want. JESSIE: All right. JEFF: Whenever you’re ready, big boy. JESSIE: I’m nervous. JEFF: All the way down. No cheating. There
you go. Watch that wiggle. All right. Just that portion. Down. There you go. That’s it. JESSIE: I hate you so much. JEFF: All right, stand up. Let’s get you in
the frame here. I don’t want you to lose one vital second of this pump. Okay.
Takin gout the measure again. Did we prove them? 12-1/4 is what we’re beating here, right? JESSIE: Oh, it hurts to flex. JEFF: It doesn’t smell very good over here,
Jessie. JESSIE: I’m sure it doesn’t. JEFF: Almost. Almost 13 right on the nose
there for Jessie. Almost. Nice work. ¾”. Okay, so what’s the point here? Guys, when
you push yourself here, one of the things that we see here is that Jessie is obviously
not used to pushing himself this way. I always think for hard gainers, one of the things
they suffer from is the effort that’s usually needed to cause change. It’s not that you’re a hard gainer. It’s that
you maybe aren’t comfortable being uncomfortable and today we made Jessie uncomfortable. JESSIE: Very uncomfortable. JEFF: April Fools or not, the fact of the
matter is, we gave him a good workout. I want you to try this yourself, but most of all,
look for things that will make you uncomfortable and then seek them out and try to do them.
Because if you always do the things that you think make you feel good, or give you the
pump, but just aren’t challenging you along the way, they’re not going to be helping you
in the long run, or be building bigger, stronger muscles to be adapting and coming back bigger
and stronger than the last time you worked out. That’s the whole name of the game here, guys.
So again, if you’re looking for a program that lays it out step by step head to
I’m not afraid to lay the challenge down to you. We do that literally every, single week
in our program with built-in challenges that you can score yourself against to see where
you rank against your peers. That’s all built into our ATHLEANX program. Again, that’s at If you’ve found this video helpful, if you
like Jessie in here, if you think Jessie’s getting a little bit bigger – pump, or not
– let him know. Give him some props. We’ll be back here again soon. See you!

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  1. Trying to get da Mickey Mouse have extra big ears…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LMFAO.I'm surprised oh boy dint start crackin up..I would've been Rollin my ass off.

  2. hey guys, new to working out and im just curious if i could get a tip on something i am doing.

    I can easily bicep curl 20kg without back swinging however i can push 25kg's and i get the back rocks which i completely avoid, my idea is currently to use less weight to avoid back swings so i can work up to 25kgs with good form, is this optimal or should i do a jessie and swing my back to lift heavier loads?

  3. Wow, Jesse is starting to look so much like Jeff i didnt realize that it was Jess in the intro. 💪

  4. I can't be the only one who thought, those lifts at the beginning were dirty and amazed at how Jeff was allowing them lifts to begin with… I've always been told good, solid form is paramount to minimise injury.

  5. When he said he would start with 40s I almost laughed out loud. Ain't no way noodle arms is getting 5 reps with 40s lol

  6. 12 and a quarter that s really bad he don't look that small I didn't think it was that bad that's horrible he needs them mass shakes for hard gainers the one with the high carbohydrate contents he's not eating enough.

  7. So, is Jesse Schwarzenegger after all this stuff you recorded. Cause thats what i expect when i see your titles.

  8. That’s not consistent. Because any decent workout gives a solid pump. I can do one slow set of isolation curls and grow an inch easily.

  9. Notes to Self:
    Take your 6 reps max dumbell and do 5 reps, then drop 5 pounds and do 5 reps, continue dropping 5lbs and doing 5 reps until you reach the half the weight you started with, then add an additional rep when you get to half the weight you started with and do it until you run out of dumbells (NO REST at all)
    And then you will work your way back up again.
    In between every set of dumbells we will do same number of Cobra Pushups.
    Ez: if you start with 40 lbs – 5 reps
    35 lbs – 5 reps, 30 lbs – 5 reps, 25 lbs – 5 reps,
    20 lbs – 6 reps
    15 lbs – 7 reps
    10 lbs – 8 reps
    5 lbs – 9 reps
    And then go back up again
    10 lbs – 8 reps
    15 lbs – 7 reps
    20 lbs – 6 reps
    25 lbs – 5 reps, 30 lbs – 5 reps, 35 lbs – 5 reps, 40 lbs – 5 reps
    DO Same number of COBRA PUSHUPS as that of Dumbbell curls every set .

  10. Can't see the point, you will loose that pump in an hour, hard gainers have to go heavy with 6 to 8 reps, with mainly compound exercises, and have 2 days rest between workouts, eat 3 big meals a day, it worked for me.

  11. It looks like he cheated at the moment he picked 40. The curl of the body was too much and I think that is not good. If he opted for 30 or may be 25 and had done all the things properly that Jeff was saying he would have reached 13.5 may be.
    Although I am just amature and liked the content very much and really like to see how Jeff would have done it. Pls reply, big fan.

  12. I'm damn sure not a weightlifting expert, but at 3:48, you're not supposed to use momentum to lift weights.

    I'm not a troll who criticizes videos just for the hell of this. With that said, this is an epic fail.

  13. I put on 1/2" after my biceps workout.
    During filming, the guys in Predator would do crazy workouts between takes to get their vascular look and muscles pumped for the on-screen shoots. They even did lots of running and competed against each other every day. Then Arnie would blaze up a cigar, lol.

  14. I did barbell curls for 1 month, (disc weights – 5kg each side + bar around 7kg) 4 reps of 10 curls 3-4 days per week and it worked! 1 inch bigger biceps. Thank you Athlean-X!

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