Adductor Magnus Static Manual Release (Soft Tissue Mobilization)

Adductor Magnus Static Manual Release (Soft Tissue Mobilization)

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  1. For myself it helps for client comfort to add a barrier between my ASIS and the foot, like a pillow or something like that. Where I can still palpate but the client doesn't have to worry about where their foot is. Really like the videos Brent, great stuff to add to my massage practice.

  2. Great video, but I'd rather see her bare skin, as it's easier to see. Also, it would be great if you made a video of how to identify the muscles of the inner thigh; how to activate them, so that you can feel and identify them individually. Maybe also draw with a pen on the thigh as you find them;) I have bothering issues in all kinds of muscles in my inner thigh and I find it confusing to figure out what muscle it is. Thanks for great videos, though.

  3. Great technique, just wondering why the camera angle of the first half of the video doesn't show the position of your fingers as you do in the last half of the video… It would increase the quality of the instruction video. 😉

  4. Really, REALLY like the use of your hip to move the leg around. I typically do the same thing you showed with very slight differences, but the foot and hip thing is seriously a great idea. Thanks for showing me something new 👍🏼

  5. Hey Brent, great video as always. Are there any particular signs and symptoms you look for that would have you suspecting adductor magnus issues?

  6. Brent, is it recommended to perform this technique on yourself? I tried myself and it's not that hard. Am I 80% sure about the issue/muscle? All I know is that what the Osteo did has not worked. My issue is that I have been doing some medium level sprint training, and now feel that my left leg is really heavy, it really hurt the other week just to walk; had to almost drag my leg along with me. That extreme pain has gone away, but just when I think it's gone, it switches on to pain (short lived), then switches off minutes later. I suspected adductor, but now not sure if glute/groin, ITB and/or hip? Oddly enough, 2 weeks ago I came to training with a mildly sore groin, took it slow on warm up, but was able to do medium level sprinting, 1/2/3/4/5/400m – a 5 minute break between 4-5, and 5/400m. However, the next day, my legs felt fantastic, but the following weekly training, the next day after went down hill quickly. Sorry for the long post. Any thoughts?

  7. Can this type of stretch cause more injury if their adductors were torn or had undiagnosed sports hernia type injuy?

  8. I have torn 7 millimeters in myocardial muscle and now it's been around two and a half months and today I've done a local injection and I feel better about what you recommend and thank you

  9. First time I've watched one of your videos; loved it. Great clear presentation, great technique. Especially as a male LMT I appreciate your emphasis on clear communication and boundaries. Also loved your intro that says these techniques are for trained and licensed professionals.

  10. Excellent content. I work with a ton of clients with major mobility inhibitors where soft tissue mobilization is a consistent part of maintaining optimal body performance. Thank you!

  11. Look, I have to say I really appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to explaining ethical practice when working around sensitive areas. 👏🏻 need more practitioners like you.

  12. I have internal snapping hip since 21 I’m 40 now disabled from it. Pain so severe in greater trochanter it is swollen size of orange also severe pain in inner thigh and ischial tuberosity. Do you think I need surgery for a tear no tear is showing on diagnostics can’t take the pain anymore.

  13. Although I didn’t understand much, thoroughly enjoyed your oratory skills. Good job! I came here while searching how to lengthen my hamstrings. I have hyperextended knee and tight hamstrings. I am ultra runner and regular yoga practitioner but somehow unable to improve forward bending asanas. Any tips?

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