Adults Try 10 Things 97% Of People Can’t Do | The 10s

Adults Try 10 Things 97% Of People Can’t Do | The 10s

– I’m gonna snap my elbow. – (FBE) Yeah, yeah. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) It’s time to put
you all to the test. – And what test might this be? – (FBE) We’re gonna be
presenting you with ten things that sources say 97%
of people can’t do. – Oh.
– (FBE) We don’t know if that’s accurate.
This is a trend that a lot of channels are covering
online right now, so we wanted to bring
some of them to our reactors as a sample size, if you will.
– Okay. – (FBE) And see what percentage
of you can actually do these things and we also want our viewers
at home to leave comments on what they can and can’t do
so we can really get to the bottom of this.
– Wow, I’m excited to see what people can and can’t do. – Yes, let’s bust all those myths.
Love that. – (FBE) So, the first thing
we’re gonna have you attempt is something that I think
a lot of us tried when we were kids.
We wanna see if you can touch your nose
with your tongue. – Oh, okay.
You know what? I don’t actually think
I’ve done this before. – What? – Oh my God. – Whoa. – That is not normal. – That’s gross. – So, I’ve actually heard
that if you can do this, that means you don’t have
the little piece of flesh that connects your tongue
to the bottom of your mouth. I’m tilting my head back.
Doesn’t help. – I look like I’m taking
a [bleep], honestly. – Nah, it’s not happening.
I have a pretty normal sized tongue. – For me, when I do it,
I have to be smiling while I’m doing it.
Like… – (FBE) There it is.
– Touched my nose. – I think some people
just have extra long tongues. – (FBE) Yes.
– And they’re the weird ones. – (FBE) Boom.
There it is. Wow.
– I have a really long tongue. – (FBE) So apparently,
only 10% of the world’s population can actually perform this feat,
so if you can do it, congratulations.
– Yo, let’s go. – (FBE) For this next one,
go ahead and put your hand on the table.
Now tuck your middle finger in underneath.
Now wiggle your pinky. Wiggle your thumb.
Wiggle your first finger. Now wiggle your ring finger.
– It’s disabled. – Ah! – Ah, I feel like I’m going
like, use the force! – Ring finger’s stationary.
I try so hard, but I can’t lift it up. – Hold on, guys. Even when I hold them down,
it’s a struggle. – There has to be something
with the connection between these two,
but these two– I have no idea. – (FBE) So, there are a few
people who are able to isolate their ring finger,
but this is said to be hereditary. – Okay, so it’s my parents’ fault. – It’s like a genetic lottery.
You either can do it or you don’t.
You’d be like, “Labib, I’ll give you a million dollars
if you can raise it up.” I’ll probably [bleep] myself
by trying so hard. My brain would fuse out.
– (FBE) Now, folding your tongue in half
is something that a good amount of people are able to do,
but folding your tongue into thirds,
– The little– – (FBE) Like you’re about
to see in this video is something that not
as many people can pull off. – (woman) A lot of the stuff
I can do with my tongue– – She’s so cute. – (woman) Roll your tongue
like that is supposed to be a genetic thing
and then there’s another thing that I can do
which is supposed to be genetic,
but I am yet to find a family member that
can also do it and it is this one.
I think that’s the clover or something. – What the [bleep]?
Y’all got some weird-ass– keep the genetics to yourself. – Yeah, see, that one,
I’ve tried and I’ve gotten close, but I can never get it just right.
It hurts. – I can fold the end of it
like that, but I can’t do the little clover thing. – No, uh-uh.
– (FBE) Yeah, yeah. – Okay, I don’t wanna
do it anymore. It’s hurting my jaw. – No, I’ma start drooling
all over the place. – She goes like…
I’m not even folding my tongue. I’m just sticking my tongue out
against my teeth. – (FBE) That’s very close.
– It’s so weird looking. – (FBE) There’s a good chance
that you’ve never tried this. – Okay.
– (FBE) But we’re gonna ask you to tickle yourself
and see if you can make yourself laugh.
– I’ve actually tried this. – I’m a pretty ticklish person,
but… – Nah, I can’t really–
no. – I’m actually ticklish everywhere.
If you get me at the right moment, but I know I can’t tickle myself,
’cause you know it’s coming and that’s the point
of tickling is that you don’t know when it’s coming. – (FBE) Does that tickle
when you do that? – It really doesn’t.
It doesn’t tickle. But somebody does that
to me, holy– no, oh no. – It just looks like I have
a really bad itch right now. I’m tweaking.
I look like a crack head. – Yeah, that tickles.
Hee hee. – It doesn’t–
nah, it just doesn’t work. This is not something
I can self-induce. I don’t even think you can
really physiologically tickle yourself, ’cause
the laughter from tickling yourself is a panic response. – (FBE) Most people aren’t
able to even successfully tickle themselves because
psychologists say that tickling is all about
the art of surprise, so when your brain’s
able to predict the sensations, it can
control it before it effects you. – True.
That makes sense. – Part of tickling is the fact
that someone else is doing it and it’s like
your body’s nervous response. – When I tickle myself,
it’s different because I’m feeling it, but it’s just
more soothing because I know
it’s gonna happen. – (FBE) Now, we can check out
this image. – Okay.
– (FBE) And see if you’re able to bend your thumb
backwards the same way. – Oh, my sister can actually
do this. – What the heck? – It’s hard. – Is that a double jointed thing? – You need a joint
that will go this way. – It does not look natural.
It looks like it’s gonna pop right off.
I can not do this one. – I’ma have to break
my [bleep] real quick. Just break it real quick.
Real quick for the views. – That is very rare.
I believe that to be a rarity,
’cause that’s as far as it gets and it looks insane. – I can do that much
and hold it there, but I let go and it’s like,
“Bye, guys.” Oh, there we go.
I got it. – That’s as far as I can get,
which is close, but definitely not.
Can you just Photoshop the rest of it?
Just cut this out and push it? – Can I do it?
Does that count? I’m so weird.
– (FBE) Have you ever tried that before?
– No. – (FBE) So you had no idea
you could do that? – No, I didn’t know
it was a weird thing to do. – (FBE) So, people who are able
to do this have double jointed thumbs
and for that reason, apparently, this isn’t
painful for them to do at all. – Yeah.
I have double jointed thumbs? – I can’t do that to my thumb.
I guess I’m pretty standardly jointed. – (FBE) All right, next one.
Can you breathe through your nose
while talking? – Um, no. – I don’t think I can.
Hold on. – What?
Ah, no, I can’t. – Yeah.
He– It just shoots down. – I don’t know.
No, no I can’t. Hold on.
I can not do it. I can’t do it.
You can’t do it. That’s so weird. – Yeah, no.
It doesn’t work, ’cause that makes the sound
go– sound doesn’t mean
to go back inside, it’s supposed to leave. – As soon as I try to breathe,
I stop talking. Is that controlling
your breathing or is that something
to do with your biology? – (FBE) This is one that
apparently 99% of people can’t do and reportedly
musicians are generally in the 1% of those who
are able to do this. – Right, I was gonna say
it feels like you would have to have a very advanced
control of your respiratory scenario. – ‘Cause they’re used
to holding notes and stuff, they’re probably talking
and making noise, like ah.
You know, something like that. I don’t know.
I’m not a musician. – (FBE) All right, here’s
another one that a lot of people try as kids.
Are you able to lick your elbow? – You have to have
a really good shoulder for this. – Ew, why is he licking
it so weird? – That’s so kinky. – That’s flexibility
on another level. – Hm, his tongue didn’t
look especially long. – I’m so close,
but I don’t think I can do it. – Wait a second,
how did that guy do that? – Am I even close? – I’m gonna snap my elbow,
watch. – I could do it
when I was a kid, but as an adult, no.
My arms are too long to do it now. Yeah. – No, I can not do that.
I think it’s flexibility, maybe a little bit
of double jointed, but also something about
this has to go in and this can come up,
so you’d be able to do it. – (FBE) So, according to
sources, only one person in every hundred are able
to do this, so for those who are
able to do it, they’re definitely an exception.
– All right, you know what? If you caught me
ten years ago, I bet you I’d have been
able to do it. – Oh, it’s really that rare?
I didn’t think it was that rare. – (FBE) All right, next up,
something that became popular on the classic show Bewitched.
– Okay, okay. I already know. – Is it twitching your nose? – (FBE) Can you wiggle
your nose like this? ♪ (xylophone) ♪ – What? – Oh, she’s doing her lips
on that one, didn’t she? – She kind of is not
wiggling her nose if you really look carefully.
It’s more like she’s wiggling her lips. – I don’t know, man.
I’ve been punched too many times in my nose
for that to happen anymore. – Dang, that’s actually hard. – I mean, I can flare
my nostrils rather easily. – I feel like a little mouse
or something. – I literally spent hours
trying to do that, ’cause I am a witch. – (FBE) Well apparently,
even Elizabeth Montgomery, the lead on the show Bewitched,
wasn’t actually able to do this and she would just move her
lip to give the illusion. – Yeah, I saw that.
That wasn’t a good illusion, bro. – There’s literally no muscles
in your nose to allow it to individually wiggle.
This is all cartilage. Any muscle is around it,
so you’re just moving your face to wiggle your nose. – (FBE) All right, we have
two left. – Okay.
– (FBE) Second to last one. Can you raise each eyebrow
individually without raising the other
like the Rock? – (Travolta) And I see
a guy like you and I say, he’s got the look
but does he have the talent? Can he act? – I love the Rock. – You know who else
can do that? Mikaela. – Yeah, that’s incredible.
That deserves some applause. – One at a time, right?
One at a time? – (FBE) Yep.
Not quite. – I can do one.
I worked a long time for that. I don’t think I’m ambidextrous
with that. I think I just look insane. – I can do that one.
I can bring one up. Swear to God, when I was
a kid I could do both because I loved Jim Carrey
as a kid. – (FBE) Yeah, you got it.
– That one takes effort. – Okay, can I?
Oh my God. Wait. – So I’ve actually heard
this from being on React without even me noticing.
One of my eyebrows goes up sometimes when I talk
and I don’t know which one it is, so it’s clearly not me
being able to control it. (slowed down) Me being able
to control it. I don’t even know which
one it is. Is it this one? – (FBE) Finally, the last one
on our list is an ability that some find impressive
and some find pretty useless. – Okay.
– (FBE) Can you fit your whole fist into your mouth?
– Oh my God. I’ve never tried this. – (cameraman) Yeah, put
your whole fist in your mouth. – (man) Okay.
– (cameraman) What? – And he has braces? – Huh? – Oh my God.
That kid is amazing. – I don’t think I can,
but we’re gonna go for it, guys. – (grunting)
Okay. – My hands are really big.
I have really long hands. – I haven’t tried in a long time. – It’s math.
This… – No, my mouth isn’t that big.
My tongue ain’t that long. I mean, it’s kinda sad.
I really wish I could change things around
and be like those one-percenters. – (FBE) So that was all
that we have for you guys today, but as mentioned earlier,
there are lots of videos and articles around this
right now. Why do you think that this
has become such a trend? – People are into weird stuff, man.
That’s all I have to say. – It always was a trend.
I used to do this with kids when I was a kid all the time. – People like to compare
their abilities and skills to each other just to see
where they are compared to everyone else
in the world. – (FBE) All right, so finally,
do you have another special skill that you think
97% of people can’t do? – Unscented farts.
Legit. Obviously, there’s no 4D
feature for this video, so I’m serious. – Ready?
Watch right here. One after another. – Probably the butt tongue thing.
Now I got a butt tongue. I’ve yet to meet anybody
that’s not my brother that can do that. – Thanks for watching
this episode of the Tens. – Subscribe and hit the bell
so you never miss an episode. – Which of these things
can you do, guys? Let us know in the comments. – Thanks for watching, bye. ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪

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  2. 1)yes (with a little bit of cheating, i mean help!)
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