Aesthetics on Omegle 6: Nerd Surprises Girls | Connor Murphy

Aesthetics on Omegle 6: Nerd Surprises Girls | Connor Murphy

What’s up guys? So today I’m trying something a little different. Ok this has actually been a pretty highly requested video. But I’ve kind of held off on it because I pull it off a little too well. ok remember guys, it’s just acting. So I’m gonna pretend to be a nerd and then show off the aesthetics. Get some good reactions. Alright let’s have some fun. Hello How are you? I’m not waldo silly. Was that a pleasant surprise? Oh wait hold on! Holy shi% ballz! Is he even real? You aren’t even looking! Guys look! Oh my god you guys look! Hello. Hi Are you guys having fun on Omegle? Yeah. Are you? Oh yeah. The heck. Oh my god. You have a really sexy body. Hello! Wow a girl I hardly ever see girls on here oh my gosh. I bet you hardly ever see this on here either. Why hello there! Wait please don’t skip me the girls always skip me. I have something to show you. Yes! Good job how old are you? I’m 21. How old are you guys? 19 You should like hit me up. Oh my god. Hello. Me and your boyfriend look just alike. Wow we’re like twins That’s no my boyfriend. It’s my roommate. Oh I see. Mmmhmmm. That’s what they all say. No no no! For real! So he won’t mind if I do this? OH! Uh! No don’t! Don’t! Don’t ever do that. I… I… Um…(mirin too hard to speak properly) Uh… See… I’m figuring out this equation right here… Ohhhh! See what it says is… That I am aesthetic. Oh looky there hello! It’s so good to finally see a normal person! There are just so many weird people on Omegle. Oh man let me tell you. Man. Good thing we’re not one of those. You get freaky! Get freaky! [email protected]! Daaammnnn! Daaaaamn You have a very nice body just letting you know that is very nice. Hello! Ok so would you like to watch me dance? Ok ok so this is called the muzz. (Not quite Zyzz level but I’m working on it) OOHHH! Did you like that? Was that a good dance?

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  1. If I was you, I would be careful which girls you're trying to show off because um, hello, never know these girls are taken.

  2. Mann o Mann.Der Junge sollte mehr Essen.Er besteht ja nur aus Haut und Knochen.Da pfeifft ja der Wind durch die Rippen.So was kenn ich eingentlich nur von den hungernden aus Afrika.

  3. Does he put the videos up where the girls say what a fucking dickhead. No wonder the world is fucked up. Great body but boring as fuck .

  4. Man… your a bad nerd XDDDD
    “Hello! So im figuring out this equation…”
    What I say
    (Joke; I don’t always do that) o. o or do I

  5. Why is this narcissist on a webcam site showing off? Has he not got a GF or a BF? If i had a GF no matter what i looked like i certainly wouldnt be on webcam sites. Id be with her having a meal or watching a movie or enjoying a stroll somewhere. Imagine if he has got one and she asks hey babe what did you do last night? well hun i went on cam stripped to the waist to show off to girls. Im guessing hes single as no right minded person would want to be with someone like him.

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