ALIEN SEA SNAIL Japanese Street Food

ALIEN SEA SNAIL Japanese Street Food

here is the greatest food of all time it is the delicacy of the japanese culture heres one way to prep your food easily

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  1. Humans are probably more aliens than that sea snail, I bet they already existed when we lived on trees and threw excrements at each other

  2. You never show us a video of you Japanese people killing and slaughtering whales even if it s forbidden just because you like it. I hope a new Nagasaki will come shame on you

  3. ชื่อคลิปภาษาไทย แต่เข้ามาดูข้างใน มีแต่ต่างชาติมามุง5555

  4. before I click off let me say this. those poor creatures don't deserve this at all ,and not to sound to the great chefs who cook this but what we eat now could soon go extinct because humans were so greedy to try new food. I feel weird writing this because I know i'm going to get hate but who the heck cares if I get hate just for caring about the creatures on land and in the deep unknown ocean…..-_- I wrote to much again dang it my bad sorry – ^ –

  5. -me: it won’t be bad or anythiiing

    sees when they chopping it up


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