All Of Me | Living with dissociative identity disorder | Sunday Night

All Of Me | Living with dissociative identity disorder | Sunday Night

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  1. Ironic how this is about someones mind and yet so many people are commenting on her outward appearance in the comments…… :/

  2. Her eye sights get blurry when she's the other person well thats just not possible..placebo..I bet there could be a way to get away with these identities but I just dont think most of the people suffering with this want too because they feel so comfortable with there protectors and stuff and they should mabye stop hiding from all the trauma behind there protectors and stuff…idk its not simple for them and there isnt a simple solution I wish there was for them. THis girl seems really sweet :/

  3. I am so sorry you had a traumatic experience. You are a lovely lady and you have a great guy by your side. Jesus loves you.

  4. if she wasnt pretty wonder how her life wld be and is her husband bisexual……wait he just said he was? since she is a boy most of the time….. I have ptsd and I dissociate but have no names for who it is but I become very aggressive and will go at whoever triggers me to that point. my shrink said even if someone pulls a gun I will go at them which is terrifying. I have had a horrific childhood and adult life but after a home invasion in 2014 this happens now. I cld kill someone an not even know. I have been videotaped when somebody pulled a knife out and I got triggered an ran right at the man an grabbed the blade twisting it till he let it go an through him far I get super strength and I have nothing in my eyes looks like noone is home? I do things when like this that I dont know how to do when not in this state? its scary

  5. I wonder what the people in the pictures think of the fact that they personify Jake, Ed, Ollie, and Jamie.

  6. I’m so glad for her and that she has a partner that understands and gives her the love and knows when to stand off when she needs it. Plus the interviewer is wonderful. Did not show any disrespect and really tried to understand.

  7. I was just about to ask what if Ed had an affair with Jess' husband and then they say ..yeah he's having sex with Ed. So does Jamie get upset? What if he likes Ed better? Does it then become an all out internal war?

  8. What a sweet and gorgeous girl. She must’ve experienced a hell of a lot to “get here “… poor dear. Well, I’m glad that she’s found ways to protect herself. I hope that she and her husband always remain together – he seems like a good young man. Bless❣️

  9. How is she a doctor and a hairdresser ?
    If she goes to work 9-5 as Jess then surely she can control it

  10. what would happen if one of her alters went out and hooked up with someone without her consent. would that be considered cheating? At the end of the day no because it wasn't her doing the cheating but id still feel awful

  11. once saw someone suffering from d.i.d that had one alter who selfharmed and was suicidal. imagine coming back to the hosts consciousness and realize that youve inflicted horrible injuries and have no recollection of it.

  12. What a stunning young lady! I feel so sorry for what she must have been through that caused her to have this disorder. She had to have suffered severe abuse as a child, so sad.

  13. I think I have three personalities; however, each one does not have an alternate name.

    Confident, Creative, & Focused
    (Morning and work hours. Logical personality that focuses on work in OCD manner.)

    Anxiety & Depression
    (Caused by sleep deprivation)

    (Need to get home to safety – shows up while driving home from work at 12:00 am. Child personality that surfaces to escape fatigue. Shields me from hitting anxiety and depression.)

  14. I feel like this woman is putting on an act every time she alters into her different person. It may be protective for her to switch her personalities not because she suffers from trauma but also likes the attention of others.

  15. Anyone with this disorder isn't that happy. DID usually comes from severe trauma. How is it she's so happy?

  16. Wow, I'm normal and have high morals about loyalty, kindness and friendship… and I don't have many friends… and I'm very lonely in life. Sigh… lol Such a different life.

  17. "She calls them alters"
    I'm sorry hun, but it ain't just her, EVERYONE who knows ANYTHING about DID calls them Alters

  18. It's interesting how a personality needed to have glasses, I always thought it base on eyesight of the body but I didn't know it can change to eyesight too it's interesting

  19. Imagine if someone made a genuine movie about this .just this video alone . imagine if these personalities find there actual body they belong to and leave Jess for good

  20. This is so fascinating. This girl is stunningly beautiful, and you can see her appearance change with each alter. God Bless she has the support she does. All are good people.

  21. Jess you make me think of penny of Big Bang theory. I love Penny’s character and Jess your personality and face reminds me of her. X sorry off supject I know it just shocked me. X

  22. Watching this im reminded of a wonderful girl I dated who had this condition, the american type accent and mannerisms caused me to pause this video, as memories flood back,……she called this transition as 'spacing out' ….years have passed now but its like time has suddenly stood still…..omggggg….

  23. I'm a male and I had to Indore 20 years of physical and emotional abuse I have depression ptsd anxiety and I do have multiple personalitys that help me cope

  24. I've been diagnosed with D.I.D and I have three personalities while I was driving Molly, a 6 year old girl came out and…I almost died it's so hard to get through this but i try my best❤️

  25. I'm glad they're showing someone like her it helps people understand that disorders don't automatically make you a sociopath which is often attached to disorders. She's beautiful

  26. I think a lot of people have these different people inside their heads too. Maybe to a lesser degree, I think DID is taking the 'people' inside our head to an extreme, the brain is taking those imaginary friends from childhood into a permanent part of our adult lives.

    I don't see this as a bad thing, it's just the brain trying to cope.

  27. even this term had to be changed..used to be Multiple personality disorder…sigh. I'm sad about humanity..and by that I mean what happened to her and other that causes this.

  28. The whole Ed alter part of the story turned out to be quite the interesting plot twist. Everyone seems to like him the best, including her husband who he’s exclusively intimate with. And for her she said that’s the only alter she struggles with, so that has to be hard. What an amazingly strong woman. I’m glad her life turned out good for her💕

  29. I imagine this has already been addressed, but I wonder if Ollie was the one that came up with the idea of doing a YouTube channel about this.

  30. I understand that these different personality's are used as a coping mechanism for something traumatic but the things is….every video I've watched on this condition its like the alters or personality's are real…that they are really there and that they are there own person…so someone tell me, are they actually real? or is it something that the brain just makes up.

  31. I’ve had traumatic events and have always wanted to be a boy afterwards but I’ve never slipped. It’s crazy how the kind works.

  32. Dissociation needs to be on a spectrum. Look into internal family systems. We all have varying personality shifts. Extreme trauma simply makes the shifts extreme.

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