( AMD ) How to Make a Custom Stretched Resolution in Fortnite (FPS Boost) (Higher FOV) AMD ONLY

( AMD ) How to Make a Custom Stretched Resolution in Fortnite (FPS Boost) (Higher FOV) AMD ONLY

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  1. omg disby i really liked the video thanks for uploading it 😀 i couldnt stand playing on 7680×4320 anymore, now i can finally play 800×400 and become the next oevicted hopefully i can become a crew leader now 😀

  2. Everyone if you are getting black bars make sure in display AMD settings that your scaling mode is set to full panel and your HDMI scaling is at 1%

  3. when i created the custom display i went on fortnite and my screen was just black and when i deleted the custom display it went back to normal. any help?

  4. Everytime I try this my resolution changes to 2560×1440. But my 3D resoultion is 1444×1080 which is the stretch I want to play on. It looks stretched but idk if the first resoultion matters. Or it's just a visual bug

  5. Not sure why but my amd only has gaming connect and system at the top and its updated to latest have they removed it?

  6. Everytime i try to change the resolution/ add a new one it just says "The custom resolution is not compatible with this display. Reconfigure your settings and try again." Does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

  7. On the display settings, my custom resolution is not there. My custom resolution is 1440 x 1080.

    It would be really appreaceated if anyone could help me out.

  8. i have a problem when i switch to my second monitor i get a black screen for like 3 seconds then lets me switch when i go back it goes black for 3 secs then normal pls help me

  9. So you havent tried making your game fullscreen before doing those changes right? That's why your not able to run stretched while in fullscreen. You can also download catalyst and it makes it alot easier

  10. (I only have been having this problem now) My mouse can't go all the way to the right of my screen and when I try to click to swap my guns it click up and right a little. how do I fix this?

  11. Someone plz help!
    When I press create custom resolution it pops up stuff about my processor and motherboard that could get damaged and then it says ”Accept” should I accept it and if so will it damage my processor?

  12. With Nvidia i was able to change the resolution ingame without changing my desktop resolution. Can i do this here too?

  13. when i do it there is 2 and it says i am currently using another display and i can’t use the other one. help?

  14. Anyone who’s having trouble with the res not showing up when you made it, try turning your monitor on and off

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