Amino Acids and Levels of Protein Structure

Amino Acids and Levels of Protein Structure

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  1. Your videos are amazing, really helped me out. One thing i keep having trouble with is stoichimetry… Any chance you will make a video explaining this? Thank you regardless

  2. Mam Can I Translate It in Bangla Language?? I want to share this educational videos to my country,, but many of student can't understand English,,,so I want to make it in Bangla,,,I will give created to you,, Thank You mam

  3. Hi! I think your videos are really helpful. I think that you should make a video on Light and Sound. It's fine if you don't…just a suggestion.

  4. Thanks for the amazing understandable and easy chemistry lectures I found my chemistry foundation from there!
    Thank you so much for build up my foundation of chemistry.

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