Anatomy & physiology of the circulatory system (heart)

Anatomy & physiology of the circulatory system (heart)

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  1. I’m a busy working mom trying to go to school. I put YouTube videos on so I can cook and clean while studying. This is great.

  2. To be honest I don't know how long you guys took to make this video, but it's awesome and TOTALLY worth it! Thank you so much for the awesome anatomy video!

  3. thank you so much, you make everything easy to understand and this was a good review and refresher before my test!

  4. Wow! Absolutely amazing video, my son and I watched this from beginning to end and bookmarked it so we can watch it again later. 😍👍🙏

  5. could you guys do an anesthesiology video and just a couple videos on anesthesiologist/anesthesiology in general? I was going to tell my friend about it since your videos are so helpful and she wants to be an anesthesiologist. so it would be nice for her to find a few videos about anesthesiology <3

  6. Great video. Love u guys at osmosis. Great speaking voice!!! And I love all the illustrations, amazing , u guys are great. Keep it up!!

  7. KEEP IT UP guys
    Absolutely appreciated JOB
    U people r doing GREAT
    Thanks on behalf of MY all students
    Thanks osmosis TEAM
    LOVE U all

  8. Who’s here because they watch greys anatomy and they want to know what Christina’s saying?😂🤣

  9. That was amazing you guys. Basics are really necessary for medicos. Thanks for explaining so well

  10. You explained it very very well… And it is more easy to understand aside from all of the other videos on youtube … Thanks a lot.

  11. Thanks to the team for sharing this video. Help me a lot for my exam, easy to understand and well explained.
    Awesome team!

  12. I am considering a career in cardio perfusion and this was so helpful in understanding the physiology and anatomy of the heart. Thank you!

  13. Is this video unavailable for anyone else?? I could play it fine yesterday now it says “This video is unavailable on this device”

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