Animal Protein & Fasting Questions Answered | Protein Fasting

Animal Protein & Fasting Questions Answered | Protein Fasting

16 Replies to “Animal Protein & Fasting Questions Answered | Protein Fasting”

  1. Finished my 5 day water only fast and feel refreshed. I have been eating vegan since January 2018. My weight lifting workouts are very good. I feel my testosterone level has gone up based on the ease of my weight training at the gym.

  2. Great video Uncle B. Question how did you go about eating less meat? Is there something that you can substitute for meat, so you won't eat so much meat?

  3. Uncle B much meat should you cut out of your diet while still maintaining muscle mass? I have no problem with slowing down on it..i still want to make gains.

  4. I disagree with you ,meat is important and no it should not be eaten all the time ,you said a key word too much of it, and that fast food meat is not the best it's the worst ,but meat is a food that help sex drive when eaten in common sense amounts ,these diet fad come and good, you know what I mean. Eat your meat 2 or three times a week and don't eat pork or fast food burgers with all that sodium and preservatives, even the chicken from the fast food spots are not quaity flesh food but ,if you buy it and cook it your self you know what's added. Oh and I know about the conditions the animals are keep in ,so if that is a concern, do the organic thing ,but exercise should help with the general store purchase fresh meats. No slim Jims ,Balonia , Hot Dogs, Pork, Bacon, Can Meats ,Dryed Meats ect. Only fresh and if possible grass feed and organic, lastly don't eat deep fried foods if you can help it like Mc Donald's French fries because fried foods like that clogging up the plumbing, George Foreman ate meat when he was on his boxing come back he just ate lean cut and didn't let it set in it's own grease too long as he cooked it ,at least that's what we are told and I believe Big George Foreman.

  5. HI Brian Ayers!
    I am over fifty years old I never being dead underneath, So Thank you for sharing these informations that you were giving us in case I am dead locked I will know what to do.

  6. Hey uncle B this topic that you choose is a very important one for most of the individuals , so I just eat meet for just one times a week😊…#strictlyvegetable 👍

  7. Hi my name is Dominick….how long does it take to get back to having a morning Erection and how long will it take to be able to have longer erections

  8. What about the 100s of people I have seen that have shown the benefits of keto? I have many friends that testify to the many benefits including sexual health. Our annual hormones are manufactured from fats and cholesterol. Just wondering what your take on that is.

  9. But why do doctors suggest to take meat more in protein like red flesh meat in erectile dysfunction?? And here you suggested not to do so 🤔

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