Animal Protein, Pregnancy, and Childhood Obesity

Animal Protein, Pregnancy, and Childhood Obesity

11 Replies to “Animal Protein, Pregnancy, and Childhood Obesity”

  1. Love Dr,Greger so much…. hate thie types of vegans like gary and all of his mindless drones bite size vegan etc…

  2. ok but.. during the famine they were eating less of animal protein? and they got disease associated with it for generations. what am I missing

  3. Thank the Creator for Dr. Gregor for actually finding the time to divulge these heavy topics straight to the public… Heard smoke from BBQs effect pregnant women as well as cigs (no-brainer) but people don't want to dwell or speculate on those things UNLESS, there is a scientific name for that shit: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons assholes, get it out of my face lol

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