Are You an Alpha or Beta Male?

Are You an Alpha or Beta Male?

– [Instructor] Every man
wants to be an Alpha male. There are so many people who
use this word completely wrong and their associations with what being Alpha
means is totally wrong. Any man who goes around
saying this person is Alpha and this person is Beta,
really does not understand what being Alpha is and the very activity of calling other men Alpha or
Beta is actually very Beta. If we want to understand
how to be an Alpha male, it’s crucial for us to
understand something that I like to call frequencies. If you type in on Google, Frequency, you will see something
that looks like this. (soft piano music) There are three frequencies
that we need to understand, Beta frequency, Theta
frequency, and Alpha frequency. A Beta frequency has a
lot of activity going on. There are a ton of lines going up and down as you can see from this picture. Beta men generally have a very sporadic, ungrounded frequency where
they are overly loud. They are moving too much. They are doing everything too quickly, and there’s way too much
going on in their brains. It’s an over aggression of
their energy and consciousness. We will call this state
the aggressive state. Theta frequency, however,
is calm, relaxed. There isn’t much going on. You are chilled out. Just imagine someone who is meditating. I like to call this
state the tender state, opposed to the Beta state
which is overly aggressive. The Alpha frequency is
in-between these two states. It’s something that I like
to call tender aggression. I originally got this concept from someone named Elliott Hulse. Truly Alpha men are not
overly aggressive contrary to what some people think being Alpha is, but it’s also not overly laid
back where you’re half-asleep, yawning, and not stimulated
by the environment around you. There is a sense of
tenderness that goes along with being an Alpha male, which means being calm,
relaxed, focused, grounded, and having confidence in
yourself are all attributes of being an Alpha man. But, they also have a highly
stimulated nervous system which allows them to speak aggressively if the environment calls for it. Believe it or not, there’s
actually a significant amount of femininity in the Alpha men. An Alpha man flows with the conversation. He is smooth, gentle. Women and children are not
scared to be around him, but they also feel protected
when they are around him. It’s a yin and yang energy. An Alpha man does not have to
pretend to be overly masculine to compensate for an insecurity and he does not have to pretend
to be overly chilled out. By this point, you might
be asking yourself, am I an Alpha man? Am I too masculine?
Am I too feminine? Am I too much yin and not enough yang? If you think you’re too feminine, then you should put
yourself in an environment where you are forced to scream and be very aggressive,
like a football game, or you can simply just hit
a punching bag a few times. Express yourself and unleash
the beast within you. You won’t reach this state
by thinking your way there. You will only reach this state
by feeling your way there. If you’re overly masculine,
then I’d suggest learning about meditation, deep breathing,
having a calm presence, be gentle and tender. Again, feel your way
into this gentle state. Inward confidence is absolutely everything when it comes to emitting
Alpha or Beta frequencies. You have to be confident
enough and to trust everything that is going on in your body. You have to trust your heart. Take action for self improvement and you will become an
Alpha male over time. Subscribe to become a masculine man. (soft piano music)

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  1. Omg, I got male friends who overly compensate for their maleness. it's driving me crazy. always tell your male friends what they are naturally good at. don't just go for the shallow end. consider every one.

  2. It’s very easy to spot a Beta male 🙂
    Mr. Nice guy
    Bad with women
    Not a risk taker
    Afraid of conflict
    Passive aggressive
    Can’t make decisions
    Told what to do
    Etc etc 😅

  3. Being an alpha (in different situations) is essentially a huge responsibility. It's the head of the house; the manager of a store; the boss of a company or the next ranking authority in that setting. The only Alpha-role that people tend to focus on is when it comes to relationships and courting (aka one of the most instinctive forms of the alpha characteristics, that comes with experience and confidence)

  4. Hahaha this is actually science bullshit. Meaning its not actual science. Be whoever the fuck you want to be just make sure people take advantage of you and don't be a prick

  5. I'm an alpha male, not a beta male. However, because I'm stuck in a very beta male looking body I necessarily haven't the luxury of operating as the very alpha male that I am. But don't misunderstand me: the fact that I'm not operating as an alpha male doesn't mean that I'm necessarily operating as a beta male. I'm just operating as a male that necessarily would be operating as an alpha male if he had the luxury of doing so.

    Is the body of the average alpha male larger than the body of the average male? I don't know. But, I think it's a safe bet that the body of the average alpha male isn't smaller than the body of the average male. Unfortunately (for me) my body is smaller than the body of the average male. It isn't nearly of average height. It isn't nearly of average muscle mass. It isn't nearly of average physical strength. Suffice it to say, it's because I'm stuck with this body that I haven't the luxury of operating as the very alpha male that I am. And so I don't try to. If I were to ever try to I wouldn't get very far in being taken seriously by either another male or a female.

    This is how existentially absurd reality can get for someone like me.


  6. This vid is crap, made by a beta. This video is much better here the link.

  7. when I looked at the thumbnail I believe you are dumb as fk. is it that easy to categorize men as betas or alphas? So when you are with your friends you are considered as alpha and the other way round is beta? Fk me in the ass please. I Grew up without a dad. My dad wasn't meant to be, he was a big asshole who emotionally abused me and my mom. He was never with us. My mom has done everything by herself she had to play the father Figure too and that for years. When I turned 15 I realized that I never needed friends and all that. I also stopped listening to my mom and to people. Which means I always listen to myself to learn from the mistakes and experiences so one day when I become a father I can teach my children and never leave my lovely future wife. I am my own man and master in life. Surely, my mom was worried and I told her to not talk so much and keep calm. I started to transform my body now I am ripped. Every single people that knew me was so shocked and said: "yo dennis what the hell is going on!? Ur getting a monster hahahaha". All I said was: "thank you =)" thats it. I still never made any friendships or followed people. Like I said please read god damn it. I am my own master in life. Furthermore, I knew that it was time to look for a decent job and earn lots of money. Right now today I am looking for a high quality job which is not so easy to get accepted. You'll need to fight for it. Life is a battle and only the strong will survive. I am turning 23 this summer and I have already decided what I want… please do not stop reading! I want to become a strong, beastly, alpha daddy. Imagine an alpha male as a big building. It consists of thousands of bricks in reality. And so is the Alpha male. It consists of thousands of small achievements you become so overwhelming for others. So here is my plan step by step:

    1. Fight for a good high quality job
    2. Then save the money for a good audi or BMW car
    3.As I have trained for years I want to get the coaching licence so I can help and transform youngsters for free
    4. Find a strong, very good woman
    5. Move together in.

    Well, then I wanna have sex like thousands of times before we make kids hahahaha. So yea bro the thumbnail is actually an insult to all men and it has got nothing to do with being beta or alpha.

    I consider a beta male who lacks making progress in life

  8. "Calling someone alpha or beta is a beta thing to do" so doesn't that mean your beta oh shit I called you beta so that means I'm beta..

  9. Definitely Alpha, why Im attacked by betas who want to costume my stance. Im a better man. I turn men into bitches. And Im a FTM, so yall had a headstart in manhood and Ive passed yall already. Yall so bitch, yall gotta go get those who transition into beta men to attack myself. Then yall start being mean girls attempting to make myself unappealing to women.
    masculinity isnt toxic, insecure men make masculinity toxic.

  10. There are actually about 4 different types of people in general. Alpha, beta, omega, and gamma. Each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.

  11. This whole alpha/beta shit is so cringy. We aren't wild animals, we're humans with the ability to construct complex problem solving and thinking in our heads. There is no alpha or beta, there is just you, your ideas, your opinions, and your thoughts. You all have something useful about you. Find out what that is, and apply it to life. Quit caring so much about what some other dude thinks of you. Because even if you were some alpha male 6 pack wearing, 500 pound bench pressing meat head, no one would give a shit as everyone is to busy thinking about themselves anyways. Lets come together as one cohesive force, and combine our ideologies and talents to benefit mankind. The real alpha here, is you lone wolves that think for yourselves and act for yourselves. Cut away toxic people and move on to find real friends.

  12. Why are you guys buying into this "alpha beta"bs? Your probably the same bitches that believe in horoscopes.I won't be a leader can't be a follower.

  13. A place where you are forced to yell and be very aggressive the first place that came to mind was Marines and military

  14. according to mother nature an alpha is the leader, the member of the pack that the rest of the members want to be around, because he provides security, resources, and orders that lead to success, he has to be brave, confident, physically and mentally strong to be able to lead, if one of the requirements is missing, he will either be left out to lone, or be overtaken were another member that meets the requirements takes the lead…

  15. What qualifications do you need to be an alpha male? Can you be a beta male in some ways and alpha males in other ways?

    Sure, there are alpha and beta males, but if men focus too much on these labels, are we really alpha males? Can't we just work on improving ourselves without focusing on these labels?

  16. Wow. the black community got alpha and beta way off according to this break down…  They see alpha as strong, aggressive, confrontational, mean, tough and warrior like. Go figure!

  17. Beta males are the worst, they are the women in the relationship Facts! You notice it in alot of relationships women know exactly what they are doing they know the difference between alpha and a beta!

  18. Boi. What a beta attempt at defining a feminist's wet dream. Clearly Mitch is trying to redefine Alpha into something it's not. aggressively betas off into the distance

  19. The whole alpha beta hierarchy is complete bs, but rather has been proven that there is social dominance. Wake up people! We aren't goddamn wolves or other pack animals!

  20. This society just LOVES labels. And the new thing now is to try and change the meanings of words to something that has nothing to do with what the word originally meant. Historically languages change most drastically when one culture dominated another, but this new language change is about something else. It's based on consumerism, in that someone is trying to sell you on something by using buzz words to get you interested. Almost always there is an us vs them dynamic set up, and you're supposed to choose a side in this framework THEY set up. Politics is famous for this, but business, psychology, religion, and use it constantly also. It's a form of gaslighting where right is wrong, up is down, etc. Don't fall for these distractions

  21. I look at it like this, your either an adult or your not! No one is going to live your life but you. So take some initiative, develop some discipline, and treat your mind, body, and soul as a temple deserving of worship and reverence. Not a playground where others get to play but you don't. That's my take on it MM, hope this helps all the other doubters out there.

  22. OH MY SINCE WHEN IS EVERYONE SO STUPID? Are males really trying to be “alpha” (as if there was such a thing)? From a woman’s perspective let me tell you most women I know and myself think that’s Extraordinarily Cringey. Like, your odds at getting in a relationship shrink 10x because you cannot be this retarded.

  23. This shit is all wrong. This guy sounds like a beta male SJW trying to trick people. Simply put a beta male is a punk ass bitch.

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