Are You Bulking Or Just Fat? (Natural Muscle Gain)

Are You Bulking Or Just Fat? (Natural Muscle Gain)

What’s going on Nation? And welcome to bench break episode eight are you bulking or just fat? Now This video came about because I feel like the term bulking is being used and abused and it’s throwing a lot of people off Now what is bulking actually mean bulking is that period of time that you take to focus on building Muscle you’re not getting ready for a show not getting ready for a special event and summer is a long time away Now what is bulking turn into it’s basically turned into a term that’s thrown around by people So they can justify going out eating as much food as possible gaining tons of fat and then they make themselves believe That gaining all this weight is helping them with their overall goal and it’s gonna help them with their gains now as a natural athlete You couldn’t be more wrong. Now. Let’s talk about how much muscle you can realistically put on as a natural athlete So no drugs. I like to reference this chart right here. It’s from Lyle McDonald’s website a very credible source if you take a look over here We have some numbers from year 1 to year 4 Now on year 1 you’re looking to gain about 20 to 25 pounds of muscle and keep in mind that these numbers are based on The fact that you’re doing everything right So your training spot on and your meal plan spot on so 20 to 25 pounds of muscle year 1 that’s gonna be your best Year on year 2 you look at the gain about 10 to 12 pounds of muscle on year 3 about 5 to 6 pounds of muscle and on year 4 and every year after that you’re given be gaining about 2 to 3 pounds of muscle a year now that might seem discouraging to you But if you look at the overall picture here, you’ve gained 40 to 50 pounds of muscle in those four years Which is a lot and as a natural athlete your frame can only handle so much muscle mass Now if you’re a female watching this video, you can basically just take these numbers and you can cut them in half but now what I want to do is I want to talk about Unnecessary bulking. Alright a term. I like to called Uncontrollable bulking and I’m gonna take an athlete who say who’s on their second year of training. So now your second year of training You’re looking to gain 10 to 12 pounds of muscle. That’s gonna be your max for the year as a natural athlete let’s say you gained 30 pounds this year on that second year and Let’s say you’re on the low end and only ten of that was muscle So now you have this 20 pounds of fat that now you have to get rid of if you want to shred and look your best during your cutting season Now what’s gonna happen first of all when you gain excess body fat like this well for one thing it’s gonna slow down your natural testosterone production now, It’s not gonna slow it down massively You’re not gonna notice like any muscle gain at all, obviously but it is gonna slow it down a bit and what happens when it does slow down is your Metabolism is gonna slow down and it is gonna hold your muscle production a bit if you want to learn more about testosterone How to optimize your T levels I have a video right here that you can check it out that goes over all this now Let’s talk about what also happens. Now You have those 20 pounds of fat Well, obviously your goal right now is to get rid of it So now you’re cutting you’re trying to get rid of the fat as fast as you can but it never really goes away Do you want to know why because once you’ve gained a fat cell, it’s there forever And the only thing that’s gonna happen is it’s gonna shrink so you’re gonna might lose the majority of that fat Don’t get me wrong, but there’s always gonna be a little left over because fat cells do not go away now Let’s say you go on to year 3 on year 3 do the same thing and you gain 30 pounds now Obviously you’ve gained more fat and then when you go into your cutting season You’re gonna try to cut as much as you can again, but now what’s gonna happen? You’re not gonna lose all of that fat either and what’s gonna happen to those fat cells that aren’t going to go away They’re gonna pile on top of the fat cells you gained last year So now what’s happening as a natural athlete you’re gonna have a harder time cutting year after year if you’re always doing these uncontrollable Bulking now if you’re on drugs You don’t really care because the drugs would take care of everything But if you’re a natural athlete and you want to maximize your gains You need to really watch what you’re doing and what you’re doing to your body Now if you’re a natural athlete doing all this stuff, I know it’s a term I’ve used a lot I’m trying to really drill this home with you guys If you want to get rid of those fat cells There’s only one way you really can do it and it’s with a tube and it’s called liposuction So let’s talk about proper bulking or what I like to call lean gains Now don’t get me wrong bulking is something that is desirable when it comes to your workout routine There’s gonna be a specific point of time where you want to make gains and gain muscle and you will put on a little bit Of excess body fat but what is proper bulking well proper blocking is is when you’re eating in a calorie surplus But you’re still staying within the proper ratios of protein carbs and fat now If you don’t know what those ratios should be for you. I have a video right here you can check out it’s called how to build a meal plan and I go through step by step for you to figure out your Exact amount for protein carbs and fat for you to reach your goals Now, let’s talk about pro athletes now I know pro athletes that are natural who aren’t natural but at the end of the day They’re all doing the same thing and they’re eating good wholesome foods Even when they’re bulking because when they’re bulking they’re not trying to gain excess body fat They’re trying to gain muscle and they’re obviously eating more calories to stay within the proper ratios But they’re not showing up with pizza and hot dogs and pop-tarts. No, it’s other kind of junk food that fills their macros They’re showing up with things like chicken or fish or steamed vegetables or sweet potatoes white rice brown rice good Wholesome foods and if you’re not eating good wholesome foods You’re not getting the vitamins and minerals and fiber and all you have a good stuff that comes with them in order for your body To actually function properly and make the most out of gaining muscle. It’s just not going to happen Another frame of reference I like to look at is competitors getting ready for a show even when there’s six to eight weeks out They’re still looking pretty good and not only gonna utilize that six to eight weeks to get as lean as they possibly can to look Show ready and that’s kind of how I live my life I always like to look like I’m pretty close to being at my absolute best because obviously I’m gonna try to bulk I’m gonna try to gain muscle and when I do that, I’m gonna gain a little bit of body fat But I know in my head I’m in that four plus category Okay, I’m only gaining two to three pounds of muscles a year naturally so at 173 pounds There’s absolutely no reason for me to bulk up to 190 just to gain that 2 to 3 pounds of muscle that I know I can achieve this year So if your bulk is causing you to hold excess body fat, I’m sorry to say it But you’re not bulking you’re just fat The last topic I want to talk to you guys about is if it fits your macros or flexible dieting And for those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that I follow this method of eating I just had McDonald’s yesterday on an airplane on my way home You know I don’t want you guys Obsessing over calories and obsessing over proper ratios of protein carbs and fat And if you want to have that cupcake every once in a while you’re craving some sweets just have it but make sure it’s a Minority of the time the majority of the time you guys should be eating Wholesome foods because those are the foods that are going to contain the vital Micronutrients your which is your vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the majority of the processes that are happening in your body One of those major processes being a transportation and absorption of your macronutrients So if you’re spending all day eating that precious protein to maximize your muscle gains, but you’re getting it from junk food You’re not going to maximize your gains because you don’t have the micronutrients and you system that you need in order to do so The overall goal of this video wasn’t to judge anyone or criticise anyone it was to teach So now if you’re in your third year of lifting you’re gonna know that you’re only gonna gain about five to six pounds of muscle That year as a natural athlete So you’re not gonna go out and gain 30 pounds because you know the majority of it’s gonna be fat Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there that say you can eat whatever you want as long as it fills your macros and bulking Is okay gain all kinds of fat you’ll just lose it when you’re in the cutting season, and that’s just not true And I know at the end of the day you guys gonna go out do whatever you want But at least now hopefully with the information in this video, you’ll go out and make educated decisions If you’d like to discuss this topic more you can join the community and I in the forum section over here on or more great tips exercises routines and recipes. Feel free to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys If you’re looking for a quick way to switch things up login to your SHF profile and go to the workout section of the website Once there click on the muscles you want to train then you’ll be brought to a page where you can further filter down your search Now you have a complete list of all the routines that target your chest and utilize only a barbell or dumbbell From here. You can rate the routine add it to your routines in your profile And if you scroll down you can see a write-up of the entire routine as well as photos of all the exercises You can also download a printable PDF just by clicking on it

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  1. Hi Scott I love your tips and vids you're an inspiration… I want you to help me with somethin, I don't want to lose more weight I just want to tone myself, do I have to do cardio everyday or just weights? What would come first in my training day (cardio, abs or weights)? Thank u, Please answer me, Im lost >. <, sorry for my english BTW

  2. Hey scott I'm abt 5-11 and 240 w 25% bmi. I'm trying to figure out should I focus on fat loss first THEN building my muscles back up or what. Just wondering because I know to build those muscle fibers back I need to eat many more calories as opposed to the caloric defficit for fat loss so what's the better one to do first fat loss or muscle building

  3. I normally never comment on any of these videos, but this was really some helpfull information. Thanks!

  4. Thanks very much for making this video, appreciate the advice. It seems there's a lot of conflicting advice on the topic of nutrition online right now and its great to have this put in perspective. 

  5. Scot you said that the body holds on to fat cells now I am overweight with out a doubt I don't want to bulk but does this mean I will never get the low body fat% I want?

  6. I'm pretty sure fat cells don't increase in number every time you put on fat. They start increasing in number once they can no longer increase only in size, which only happens when you get really fat.

  7. Read the article you put up about optimizing testosterone and I really liked it. Something I need major improvement on is sleep, which is where I'm struggling. I work as a lifeguard at the local YMCA and I can work as early as 5am and as late as 9pm. My sleep will suffer cause I'll get to bed late and start dreaming about work. 

  8. Small misunderstanding of the biology here, you don't 'gain' more fat cells just cus you added abit of weight. It is very true that fat cells shrink, but you don't automatically get more fat cells if you bulk for the second time. Your previous fat cells will 'refill' before you start producing a significant amount of new fat cells. 

  9. scott,what if in the first year I only got 6lbs of muscle? and 2nd and 3rd year i only gain 4lbs muscle ?

    now im in the 4th year.. do i only will get 2-3pounds muscle ? or i can achieve more than that,because now im more educated in bodybuilding?

    or it's just stuck like lyle mcdonald ?

  10. Wait. What if i did worked out when i was around 11-12 not seriously, and then after 4-5 years,which is this year, I started working out seriously… Am I still in the my 1st year or my 4+ year??? Please reply and Thanks Scott!

  11. Hey mate. I was just wondering as i found the art of lifting through weightloss as i was rather over weight to begin with. Now i am taking this more seriously. Am i correct to think that because i was once fat and have these fat cells, I'll never beable to lose them and therefor never be SHREDDED?

  12. hi I've been following your videos when i started bulking in January, i would not say i'm very skinny but i am tall. my weight was when i started 189 pounds in January, a month ago at 176. i'm just training hard and have a good meal plan but the strange thing is I'm loosing weight again even with taking in more calories and proteins to compensate for the hard training, in a weeks time i'm at 172 pounds. its just weird. any comments on that would be appreciated.

  13. Damn, wish I'd seen this video about a month ago. I made the mistake, now I'm fat, and it's not like my lifts increased amazingly in that time. I've cut back my calories to maintenance in the hope I can just get some body re-composition done. Great vid as always.

  14. My bulking want the wrong where because I become really fat and big at the same time it took me a long time to loss my fat stomach and be ripped because I tried many where to lose weight I till I come across intermittent fasting and I lost so much weight bat when I was bulking I was much more strong then I am now.

  15. I know I'm late to the comments but I use weight gainer powder and protein and creatine to supplement my diet. I was wondering what scott thought of that? Is it bad? I eat as healthy as I can and I rarely mess up but there is no way I can afford all the food I need to eat as healthy as I want so the supplements help so I think.

  16. Very informative video. 👍
    I'm 5' 9'' and I eat around 5 healthy meals a week, but I have a little bit of fat that I can't get rid of while building muscle. I weigh 156.

  17. on the warrior diet.  so I have nuts and water until workout.  The I eat a salad, a ton of chicken and pasta and whole milk, then later if i'm hungry I eat whatever I want.  usually a sub with meatball and pepperoni

  18. Scott, i'm lifting 7 years now but i dont have a lot muscle gain because of bad diet (i ate a few)..
    A month now, i make a specific diet and i achieve 2.5kilos muscle.
    In which year i am on your table plan?

  19. @Scott Herman thanks great informative video. I agree that the twrm is being misunderstood wrong, especially by new gym addicts.

  20. So imagine you're at that 4+ year projection for muscle gain and you're running a lot and doing fasted cardio to lose weight desperately. You'll break down some muscle if you're cutting like crazy to get those BCAA's (unless you're taking a preworkout) and be undoing literally months of work of anabolism! Scary! Leangains all the way!

  21. @ScottHermanFitness I had a fun, but yes pizza filled bulk over a 6 or so month period. I started around 240, have ate in a caloric deficit and now am 225. I feel that to be lean and have everything ive worked for be nice and visible i need to get to 200-205. Do you believe there's a pace that is too fast or too slow for losing body fat? And do you have a recommended rate at which one should be aiming to lose bf? Thanks from Melbourne mate ;D

  22. so ill start my bulk at 8-10% boddy fat, how much weight should i gain for me to stop the bulk and start cutting again in my second year working out?

  23. One amazing fact is that fat cells generally do not generate after puberty — as your body stores more fat, the number of fat cells remains the same. Each fat cell simply gets bigger! (There are two exceptions: the body might produce more fat cells if an adult gains a significant amount of weight 50+ lbs or has liposuction performed.)

  24. Hey everyone, I'm a 19 year old USAPL competitor with a 1430 total on my way to the American records, just getting started on YouTube! Check me out, I'll post frequently all feedback wanted!

  25. Hey Scott, been watching your vids for a while now and picked up a lot of helpful tips and techniques, just have a couple questions. So i'm trying to get to 15stone (yes i'm English lol) and currently stuck at 14.5 even though when i use macro calculators etc they all say i'm in a surplus like i'm supposed too, shall i just add another 100kcals of protein to my diet? Also i have trouble noticing my own results, if i look in a mirror or take pictures i don't think i have changed much despite people saying i look bigger or more muscly than i used to. Any advice? also despite pushing my chest hard i see no definition, hardly any center line unless i flex and nothing at the bottom of my chest. It sometimes gets me discouraged….sorry for the long comment!! Cheers J

  26. Been trying to get bigger the past 3 months. gained went from 125 to 160. This video makes me think my belly fat is now irreversible.  ;-/

  27. Quick question , I'm 17 years old and I've been "bulking"and trying to cut down belly fat and get shredded so should I eat 3,200 calories , with healthy carbs and fats and cardio 3x a week ? Or is 3,200 not enough ? I've been currently eating 3,450 calories a day

  28. Whats your opinion on weight gainer shakes? I currently take one to amke up calories at the end of the day

  29. Hey i have a question about the muscle gain per year table. If i gain for example half of the pounds for the first year, does it mean that in the next year i will still be able to build the muscles from the previous year and the current, or will i only be able to make the gains that are shown in year 2?
    Example: 1 year 15pounds.
    2 nd year i can achieve 10-12 like shown on the table or 10-12 + 5-10 from the previous year?

  30. "If you're a female watching this, you can just take these numbers and cut them in half"… thats sexist!!!!!!!!

  31. So say we bulked a cut a few times in a dirty manner as a natural athlete… Hypothetically we've gained a significant amount of fat cells. Is there a method, other than surgery, to remove these created cells and reset your body to a lower fat cell count?

  32. Would this apply as well for woman? Im confused if i should lean out first and then bulk or bulk and then lean? If i bulk the way you have taught in your videos would i gain a lot of fat? I am 23 y/o weigh 133, body fat is 21.35%, lean mass is 104.6 and 28.4lbs of fat. My goal is to gain muscle in the most leanest possible way that i can if its even possible. Im not trying to do a show or anything just for my own self. Do you have an email where i could ask u a few couple of questions if thats okay?

  33. Fat cells swell to their maximum before they begin to multiply. So if you gain the same amount of fat each time you bulk, you will never get more fat cells.

  34. I gained 35lbs in my first year but I did gain a decent amount of fat but still had abs (had fat face and lost definition everywhere but still had decent abs) second year I did a mini cut and did it a lot leaner- would not recommend doing a fat bulk for new guys lol

  35. Scott why are you so quick to believe that ogus and chris aren't natty? And if youre so mature about it why do you have to make a post saying they arent natty?

    Honestly, Scott i dont know if jones is natty or not. And I will never know, but from the looks of his work ethic and strict diet i can tell that he has the ability to put on a decent amount of muscle. I actually went to Jamaica last summer and saw jaw dropping genetics of many of the native individuals that lived there. It was shocking to see how much of a role genetics can play because most of these men never "worked out" before yet i went for a research project and 30% of 150 people i tested were under 8% bodyfat and weighted 185+ while being under 5'10" tall. This was an eye opening experience that made me think twice before judging whether people were natty or not. It also definitely raised my standards of how much muscle the human body can naturally put on.

  36. Honestly, i don't know if chris jones is natty or not. But i feel like you shouldn't be so concerned in judging other people. As long as you know you are natty or not should be enough. By commenting things like that, it just shows immaturity and some may say "jealousness". I think they are both respectable men for their work ethic. However, i am going to have to back up Matt Ogus. I can easily say that Matt is one of the most knowledgeable youtubers out there. If you watch his videos you could see how much emphasis he puts into dieting and eating nutrient dense foods while hitting macros. Also, his programming is exceptional.

  37. I think if you categorize matt ogus as not natty its almost like saying chris lavado, omar isuaf, lex griffin, christian Guzman, matty fusaro or any big fitness youtuber are also not natty. Because They've all been lifting for the 4+ years which you "researched" people only gain 2-3 pounds of muscle, yet many of them are gaining what you consider too much muscle to "make sense". If you havent noticed yet, there are plenty of people who have measurable physiques to matt ogus when hes 6% body fat weighing around 165lbs. I think this whole argument is unnecessary but at the same time i wanted to comment to maybe show you a different perspective. Anyways, tell me what you think…. I would love to hear your response. Thanks. And i still watch your vids haha

  38. What the hell? So are you saying IIFYM doesn't work? We're in 2015 bro. IIFYM has been proven. There are some guys who even leaned down using cereals. Get your head outta your ass

  39. This is very educational. Watching this helping realize that I've been progressing pretty good. I mean, my diet sucks since I eat what my college cafeteria serves. I do take vitamins, fish oil, whey protein, etc. As a beginner, I think I've gained about the right amount of muscle. I'm 4 months in and I gained about 13 pounds. If I had to estimate, i'd say I put about 6-8 pounds of muscle and 5 pounds of fat. I've gone up 1 waist size in the overall time that passed (30-31 in.). My chest has increased about 2 inches, and my arms gone up about 1 inch. which isn't really that noticeable. I'm what you call an ecto-mesomorph (thin, but have a wide back, narrow waist, broad shoulders) and I tend to not put on weigh. Should I keep up my current diet or go more clean? I'm 153 so should which is better than the 139 I was at. How do I keep the fat gain at a mininum for as I continue the bulk?

  40. Hi! Have you ever tried – Kezneks Amazing Testosterone Levels (do a google search)? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother got fantastic results with it.

  41. im currently still on a bulk until may 1st and i was just wondering, ive always been a clean eater since i stared working out but since this bulk started ive just been doing 5 hours of completley trashing my chosen muscle group throughout the day to replace cardio, is 4+ hours to long to be hitting one muscle group? also ive been eating clean with the occasional peice of gum or a tate of smoothie(i know but im bulking😂) and ive gained probably about 1 and a half pounds eating 2500-3000 cals a day. i woke up and my abs were way more defined then when i was on a cut and im definatly no ectomorph not sure what happened but i still put on a few working out and eating clean and heavy food tye past 3-4 days. i really doubt its muscle but im 13 a male and have only been bodybuilding (I just occasionally lifted and ate crap before) But its been about 3 months since i got a gym pass and have done meal prepe so just let me know what you thing (could be scot could be you reading this anything helps) -Thankyou

  42. …did you just call fish "good, wholesome food"?



    …in before…


  43. Scott. not sure how often you reply to old videos. need your expert advice.

    I've worked out previously but stopped due to new job. I'm finally getting back into it but I'm sitting pretty heavy on body fat % about 20%.

    here's my confusion. in your opinion, what is the best method for me to look like lean with minimal fat.

    A) just keep "clean bulking" without putting on more fat then cut when I'm happy with my strength (issue: won't look good until I start cutting)

    B) cut first lower the carbs and calories and "stop" putting on muscle until I lose most of the fat then put on lean muscle after?

    I want to get stronger and put on muscle but I also want to lose the fat, can these be done simultaneously and if not, which method is the best as mentioned above.

    cheers mate

  44. Scott please help!

    i tried to do bulking but i think i did it wrong even if i thought i was doing it right with counting my calorie intake and using apps and all that. i started from 55 kg and now im 64kg in 4-5 months time. i did see muscle gains but i also gained belly fat which is getting really concerning! what can i do to make things right..this is sad. is there any way i cn get in touch with u for professional coaching

  45. Your site has an insecure message and firefox won't allow a connection, says owner has not configured site properly, fyi (Awesome vids so far by the way!)

  46. I highly appreciate your videos and have been following your work for a long time. When I was 18 years old your videos inspired myself to gain lean muscle mass. 7 years later I am 5'10 180 lean and a gym manager. Thank you for the enlightening facts versus the craziness many fake naturals feed the fit population.

  47. That photo shop gains in that thumbnail though…. ok joking aside how did that beltless deadlift turn out?  I thought how you handled my criticism of it to be pretty cool and hope you reached your goals.

  48. Scott, if I have been lifting – but not consistently/consecutively – for a period of three years with most of the time spent not lifting do I still fall into the category of 2-3 years lifting?

    I probably never stayed consistent for longer than 3-4 months at the start and then would start over every 6 months for a few weeks to a month…

    I just started going back in on my fourth week and am determined to stay in forever.

    To give you an idea of the little progress I've made over time: I'm male, 5'11", 180 pounds, with 17% bodyfat and 13" biceps (not sure what my other measurements are off the top of my head but my body is very proportional in distributed mass) 185 x 3 Bench, 225 x 1 squat, and 295 x 1 deadlift

    I'd like to put on the most amount of muscle I can over the next 5-20+ years but I really want to have an incredible transformation in the first year…

    Am I screwed by not maximizing by potential from the start??

  49. Scott, I was around 220 pounds in high school with absolutely 0 training (obese), does this mean that creation of new fat cells isn't going to be a problem for me so I have just a tiny bit more leeway since I have all of those shrunken ones that aren't filled? or should I be even more cautious because I already have a ton and I can't afford anymore?

  50. those numbers are kind of true but it depends on each person my dad put on 40lbs of muscle when he was in his 20s in one year and he is 100% natural obviously he used creatine and protein powders but no drugs

  51. If a person only gains 15/25lbs of muscle in their first year, is that 10lbs just totally lost or can it be added/gained in the second year (on top of the estimated 10-12lbs)?

  52. waw such nice ideas such help … i got fat every fucking bulk at the winter and at summer i can still come to 14% bodyfat and look better than you so please shut the fuck up ..please

  53. let's say on my first year I didn't get any muscle whatsoever, can I gain next year about 2 pounds of muscle if my diet and training are spot on?

  54. when bulking so far everyone is saying that cardio is still needed…. how much cardio? 15 minutes of intervals or 30 minutes of paced cardio? thanks sir.

  55. Fat is a simple compound when the fat is introduced to oxygen the fat turns into co2 and water which you breath out so the more oxygen while running you inhale the more fat you burn

  56. So that last bit of fat the pooch is due to fat that stays there forever. If you get rid of it, and if your bulk again will it come back. Does stubborn belly fat come back.

  57. But in a lean bulk, even you don't gain fat much you will gain far more than muscle since, your lean bulking and your a natural. It takes time people so lean bulk is a long process and that's why people just bulk cause they think lean bulking is a waste of time.

  58. So only 2 to 3 pounds of muscle a year damn. Wait so when you lose that fat like cut down, will you lose that muscle. I thought you gained 1 or 2 pounds of muscle in a month so it takes a year just to gain 2 to 3 pounds of muscle a year that's it as a natural.

  59. So if you gain 5 pounds in a year then how long are the bulls and the cuts in that one year, we got 12 months of a year, let's say someone bulks for 3 to 6 months on a lean bulk then cut for 3 to 4 weeks, that's a month, then bulk again lets say 6 months again now thats already a year. Well plus an extra month of cut but yeah.

  60. so fat cells stay on forever? or do they shrink so much when you get in shape that you cant tell? Im losing weight got 20-30lbs to go to get 6pack hopefully. But will i still be able to see those fat cells what does it look like D:

  61. I feel stronger and it feels easier to do everyday activities but I don’t feel thinner and I’ve gained 5 kls

    Edit: I’m not bulking tho I’m intermittent fasting and working out that’s all

  62. Thank you!. You inspire me to keep losing weight. I will combine your recommendations with what I am doing

  63. Lol I just want to be At 240 lbs And i struggle to Get to 210. I dont care about the abs or the looks. I just want to be big Strong And a skilled heavyweight 😂💪

  64. 2019 and I just came across this video and it is one of my favorite videos I have watched. Very well done!

  65. What if you’ve been weight lifting for 3+ years but u havnt bulked yet? Can u add muscle now? Basically are you saying u can only add so much in total or u can’t add much do to body adaptations also because of training in general

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