Are you Training Hard Enough (TAKE THIS TEST!)

Are you Training Hard Enough (TAKE THIS TEST!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Today I’m going to try to help you answer
the most important question that you can ask yourself when it comes to seeing results from
your workouts. Only you can answer it. That is, are you training hard enough? Before I
even go into this, there’s two things I want you to do. Number one, you’ve got to get the ear muffs
and put them on the kids because this is a Jeff rant video. You may not like everything
you hear, or how it comes out of my mouth, but I promise you this: it will be the truth.
Secondly, you have to start by watching a couple clips so we can set this whole thing
up. You see, I’m doing some barbell curls here
and I want you to see if you could tell me in which one of these am I training hard enough.
They’re all barbell curls. Some seem to be harder than others, for me at least. But can
you spot it? Now don’t tell me what I’m doing, or which one you think it is at this
point. We’re going to save that for a little later.
The idea is this: I could tell you it has nothing to do with whether I’m screaming in
one, or not in the other. It has nothing to do with whether I was listening to some really
bad ass tunes to fire me up in one, but I wasn’t in the other. It has nothing to do with whether or not I
was sweating and leaving a pool behind me to nauseate the next person that tries to
curl in the same spot as me. It has nothing to do with any of that. The only thing that
matters is only one thing. That is effort. Which one was my best effort? Which one was I pushing harder than ever before
to do one thing? To accomplish one goal. That is to get more from my body than it was willing
to give me. Think about that. Your body is comfortable giving you a certain level. Beyond
it, it doesn’t like it, but your challenge is to take it. It’s to find out how you can get more from
what your body is willing to give you. That is what training hard is. That is intensity.
That is what produces results. This is where a lot of us trip up. Guess what? I’m included.
Where do you think the idea for this video came from? I caught myself halfway through, half-assing
a workout one night. Just this week, actually. I’m experienced enough to be able to recognize
that when it’s there, but the fact of the matter is it trips all of us up. Are you somebody
that writes down all your workouts in the journal? And your journal said for you to do 10 reps
of something, but when you got to 10 you probably could have done 12. What did you do? You stopped
because your journal told you to. That’s not training hard enough. Maybe you’re the type
who picks their favorite exercises more often than not. I can tell you this, if they’re your favorite,
they’re likely not the ones you should be doing. You only go to the ones that you find
comfortable. That ain’t going to give you the results that you want. That’s not going
to get you training as hard as you should be to get results. Maybe, for some, the accomplishment is getting
to the gym. That is bullshit! That can’t be the standard for excellence. We are there
at the gym. That is where it all starts. That is where you need to start doing something
and not just something when you’re there, but something you ain’t ever done before. That is when you know you’re training hard
enough. You see, you can go back to those exercises I did in the beginning there and
you could try to guess all you want at which one I’m doing my best effort on. But I will
tell you this: you’ll never know. The only person that knows what the best effort was,
was me. Only I know whether I was actually giving
it my all in any of those sets. Only you will know when you’re giving your all in the things
that you do. But I will tell you this – this is a great equalizer when it comes to effort
and intensity. While we may not be able to tell what it looks
like, I can guaran-damn-tee you what it’s supposed to feel like and it’s going to be
really fucking uncomfortable. If you’re doing this right, it’s going to be uncomfortable.
It ain’t going to be easy. As I say, nothing in life worth having is going to come easy. If it was easy do you know how many of us
would be walking around looking like descendants of Frank Zane? We all have the perfect body.
It’s not easy. It’s difficult. It requires effort. It separates the men from the boys.
It’s not the easiest thing for us to just all of a sudden adopt as a lifestyle, but
you need to if you want to see the results that you’re looking for. The bottom line is – I’ve said it before
– if you want to get results then you’d better start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
The bottom line. However, there is another side of this equation that people tend to
leave out. And I won’t because it’s probably equally important to this entire aspect of
your training. That is, you’d better start doing it intelligently.
When you’re going to be manipulating high effort and high intensity effort, consistently
in your training, through all different types of goals – whether you’re training for power,
speed, or endurance, or size, or strength – then you’d better know that you have a
plan in place to allow you to realize the best aspects of those goals without breaking
your body down to the point that you are either getting injured, or you just simply can’t
recover. So it’s not just about training hard. It’s
about how smart you can train hard. That is where shit gets done. That is talking about
blending purpose with intensity. That’s the Holy Grail. They’re not independent of each
other. They have to be trained and thought about together because you could train like
an animal – and maybe a lot of us do this when we’re younger – you train like an animal,
you push shit around the gym like you’ve never done before. Ultimately, if you have no plan you’re going
to break down. I’ve seen it happen so many times. Your body will betray you. On the other
side of the coin, I don’t care how smart you are. I don’t care if you know about
the Golgi tendon organ, or if you know about sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and everything in
between. If you can’t put effort behind your knowledge
and put it in practice it ain’t worth a damn and you’re not going to get the results just
by knowing those fancy terms. It’s about blending them together. Look, here’s the only thing
I want you to do: the next time you train, whether it be with ATHLEANX, or some other
inferior program; the fact of the matter is this, guys, do me one favor, please. Don’t just exist in your workout. Train.
Push. Improve. Push for something that you – like I said earlier – do something you’ve
never done before. Do something you have never been able to accomplish before today and then
tomorrow, do something again that you never did up until today. Always push to improve. For those 30, 45, 60 minutes that you’re in
the gym, don’t think about the fight you had with your girlfriend, or where you guys
are going for dinner, trying to make up, or what movie you’re going to go see, or fixing
your broken down car, or picking up the batteries and the milk from CVS. Whatever the hell it is that you’ve got to
do, think about none of that. Take all that shit and get it out of your mind and think
about just one thing. That is taking – actively taking – what your body is not willing to
give you. You win that fight and I promise your training hard enough. All right, guys. Rant over, ear muffs off.
I hope you’ve found this video helpful. Yes, it’s got me fired up, but it is such an important
part in training and the results that you’re going to see because if you get this part
wrong – like I said before – it doesn’t matter what you know. It doesn’t matter anything. It all comes
down to your effort. Effort is everything and it matters. If you’re looking for a training
program to help you with the part – the smart part – and try to teach you what you
have to do and when you have to do it; I’m happy to do that for you. It’s over at Our ATHLEANX training
system will spell everything out for you, step by step. But you’ve got to give me the
effort. I will do my best to grab it out of you every single day. I try to coach you through
every workout and I’ll do my best, but you’ve got to give it to me. Give me everything you’ve got. All right,
guys. I hope you’ve found this video helpful. I’ll be back here in just a couple days with
some more content here. You tell me what you want to see and I’ll do my best to bring that
to you. All right, guys. I’ll see you again soon.
See you.

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  1. When I think of my favorite exercise, I think of the ones that provide the most activation, I hate wasting time, that s why, it s my fav exercise not because it s easy, but because it does it s job right.

  2. Can you just do therapy instead? lol… Thinking only about the gym would help me forget my girlfriend seeing her ex the whole time I was with her lol.

  3. No words to describe how amazing this is. He turned the camera on, breathed for a min, then went ham. Love the vid and I’m showing to others ASAP.

  4. Thanks again for your help and support and encouragement and your right about advice and points but I think the general most important thing is just making it to the gym I mean my Approach through the years were all different I've been working on since 1976 my name is Bob like one day I would work every other day on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays so Monday I might work triceps and chest why because it's a pushing exercise and one will compound to the other so the next day or next went the following Wednesday I work biceps and back but why because it's a pulley exercise and then I would do a lot of forced reps that's where I got all my size from I don't see anybody talkin about the men's are brothers Mike mentzer Ray mentzer Arnold of forced reps where you go to exhaustion you can't do no good you mention that in there yes you have to do that the way that you're pushing it you sound like a drone structor but that's good because that's you want to get the point across and you are but you need to break it down like alphabet soup remember to include everything you see in the seventies and eighties with Arnold Mike and Ray mentzer forced reps Tom Platz I once met him in Howard's World Gym in California in 1979 and I'm telling you he had the biggest eyes I've ever seen in my entire life and I seen Lou Ferrigno and went to Venice Beach few times I've never met or known always wanted to but I did read this book you're all your exercises I've been using a lot of them especially the cable we stepped aside take like your right arm across your right pectoral muscle where you want to focus a lot of your Vice is fantastic and very very good on love your tapes I support you see if you can dip and some of the old traditional exercises I know you've taken a lot of mail but there's still a lot of good in there just a lot of good in here and look at those twins by big twins they should do those back and neck presses with 3 400 lb. Sometimes old-fashioned stuff got a lot of bulk inside and I think that's what a lot of guys are going through now I'm older now I'm at a guy in the in the gym today he's 72 years old and he looked like he was really big and thick can you spend some pretty good but I think I'm 60. I'll be 62 in October I think he's on the juice if you get my drift so I believe that he may be taking sports medicine or something if you know what I mean and that's why he looks okay plus his auntie was pretty bad he didn't know who or what was you don't like to talk about them kind of things how can you be in a gym working out and not let her Arnold is he didn't even know the movie Pumping Iron he was basically saying oh yeah I think I watched that about 18 years ago and I'm like how many times a normal win mr. Olympia which was basically 8 * 7 * but they took one away when he won against Lee Hailey okay but you know nothing about that so you might want to bring it up to because people gyms to workout should know people like Lou Ferrigno she know people like Arnold Schwarzenegger she know who you are and the oldies are goodies to the best that's where it all came from Gold's Gym a normal Joe and Ben Weider God bless both of them okay fantastic people had a fantastic publication and if anybody puts Arnold down like this guy that today the gym I must say that anybody gets five or six or seven mr. Olympia's how can you possibly say anything bad about him and it's got New Jersey some people I think they're just jealous I think the general bus important thing is just making it the gym I mean my approach to the years were all different I been working out since 1976 my name is Bob I like one day I would work every other day like Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays sound Monday I might work triceps and chest want because it's the pushing exercise and one more compound to do so the next day or next went to falling Wednesday I work biceps and back but why because it so pulley exercise and then I would do a lot of for struts that's why got all my size from mine I see anybody talking about the men's or brothers Mike mens or rain bouncer Arnold for straps were you go to exhaustion you can't do know good you mention that in there yes you have to do the 8th at your pushing it you sound like a draw instructor with that's good because that's who want to get the point across and you are but you need to break it down like a puppet super remember to include everything you see the seventies and 80's with all my king rain been sore for strep stomp lights I once been him and Howard swirl Gym in California 1979 and I'm telling you it yet the biggest size I've ever seen my car life and I seen Lutheran know I want to Venice Beach 3 times I've never met or no always want to but the greatest booked your your actual size I have been using a lot of a special ed cable we accept the sign take like you're right arm across your wife pictorial my so were you want to focus a lot of your voice is fantastic and very very good I love her tapes I support you seat you can depend some of the old tradition oxide I know you taking a lot of Mount but there's still a lot and good and there are still out of good dinner and look at those twins my new pic twins they should you do is back on deck prices with three 400 pounds before struts sometime this all fashioned stuff. A lot of bowl and size and I think that's what a lotta guys are going through now I'm older now I'm at to kinda and it jumped today he's is 72 years old and he look like he was really big and thick any was pension pretty good what I think I'm $60 be 60 to and October I think he's on the juice if you give my drift so I believe that he may be taking sports medicine or something if you know what I mean and that's why you tip so cute plus his that too was pretty bad he didn't know who are not was you don't like to talk with them, things how can you be in the gym working out and not know who or no Listerine even know the movie pumping iron he was basically saying oh yeah I think I watched at about 18 years ago I'm like how many times in or not when the store Olympia which was basically 8 times 7 times but they took one away when he went against Lee Haley okay but he need no nothing about that so you might want to bring in up to because people I can gym to work out should know people like Lutheran should know people like Arnold Schwarzenegger she know who you are and the oldies are good still the best that's where it all came from Gold's Gym and Arnold show and then we're God bless both of them okay fantasy people how to

  5. Jeff, you probably will never see this but I watch this video before every workout. This is literally helping me get gains and get the fat off. Just a year ago I was a little chubby man but with your help and motivation you have helped me get to where I am today and I just wanna day thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. I saw this video last month and really started pushing myself. Now I don’t just stop at 8 or 10 or something. I found out for a lot of my exercises I could push those to 15 reps or more. So I increased the weight or slowed the tempo on them. Those beginner gains really started coming. I nearly doubled the weight on a lot of them (I was pretty weak to begin with). So you really saved me from handicapping my own growth.

  7. All of you criticizing this video have no clue what he means. It's something you have to experience to understand. and I BET MY LIFE ON IT that none of you are ripped or even mildly muscular. That's my proof that you're just talking bullshit out of ignorance. he just gave you the best advice in order to see results and you just want to stay in your comfort zone and talk shit while looking at your big belly hanging in front of you. chew on that!

  8. This video is the most motivational, inspiring & passionate workout video EVER!! I'll be saving & watching it every single morning before my workouts. Thank you!!

  9. I feel like when I am in the gym I don’t train hard enough. I believe this is why I don’t see any results because I am not training hard enough. Thank you Atlean X

  10. If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid. – Epictetus

    So far I'm good at that! Just started at the gym 3 months ago, and I love it. As a disabled woman I look like an idiot but I manage…and I'm improving! Now if I could just afford a trainer. I am however watching your videos and putting tips into practice, so thank you!

  11. Started hitting the gym since 3 days, and I'm increasing the difficulty each day. Now I've pain in every part of my body .

  12. the guy is so hillarious. Others watch game of thrones, I watch every Jeff video that I can find on Youtube. Don't just exist (in the gym), guys…what a phrase, man. Love it.

  13. Philippians 4:13 KJVS
    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me AUGUST 20 2019. I have the AthleanX program and I SKIPPED DAY three Exercises. It's very smokey here in Alaska because of all the FIRES. Being out in it all day took a toll on me, and being 50 I took a rest day. Im not Quitting!!!!!!!

  14. Keep doing what you are doing and add some extra weight after you can lift it with comfort. It''s called progress 😀🇳🇱

  15. This hit me hard. And I know it. I can sometimes half-ass myself through a workout. Only do the amount of reps my plan tells me even though I know I could do more. Time to change.

  16. Great video but I disagree I pick the workouts I like because they’re the hardest ones and force me to use the most effort and strength but I get what you were saying love the channel

  17. I love this speech. I listen to it every day before I go to the gym and it gets me pumped up and gets me ready to dig deep

  18. Incredible Jeff. I can watch this over and over again. “Start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. Love it. And smart intense training with solid measurable goals beautiful bro!

    I want to know what sort of person could give this video a thumbs-down?!?!? What rotten Marxist Socialist mongrel philosophy could produce someone that could give this a thumbs-down. All I know is I want to be as far away as possible from those 1000 people

  19. B you know why? Because you minimize all the nonesense movements and really able to curl I guess a little heavier or you'll be able to do so…

  20. You don't need it to be easy, you just need to be better be more determined, more focused, more intense, more smart with what you do…

  21. Motivational, but studies suggest going to failure (pushing your hardest) is not the right way and anywhere between RPE 7.5-8.5 is the sweet spot (RIR 2-3/going at about 80%). That isn't going your hardest, that's what confuses me. Especially for natural athletes going to failure is not an option most of the time. But RPE 7.5-8.5 feels like I'm holding myself back. Any advice on this?

  22. Thanks for the great, informative and inspiring videos, I've only been training for around 2 months and find your advice a must

  23. I have no trouble pushing myself further with chest, shoulders, legs, deadlifts but the back is difficult for me. Of course I want to progress but those extra 2,5 kilograms are not beneficial for my form at all. It's like I'm still too weak for those extra kilos, but the only way to get stronger is to rack on those extra weights. Any tips?

  24. Next…
    I'll tell what I wanna see next…

    I wanna see fucking porn but my cousin says if you cum alot u wont have a bigger mucsels at all !!

  25. I'm not doing so well I'm working out twice a day and I feel fatigue all the time and my metabolism is sensitive right now so in the morning my weight is 87 and by night it is 85 and the moment I eat little amount of food it goes back to 87 i feel like giving up

  26. Lol Deezam! I have to say when i read the name of the video immediately i started sayin [email protected]%k YOU JEFF lol cus i know i didnt train hard enough today.. Excuse, alot on my mind but i didnt go hard like i should and i knew it the whole time.. Got damn u Jeff homie lol u got me on this one! 👍👍💪🙏

  27. I'm new to lifting so please excuse me. If your aiming for say 12 reps and you find you can go past 12, haven't you just selected the wrong weight?

  28. I know this webisode is old from 2016 you need to change the "inferior" to " those that you personally have bought with no results/didn't work for you" & or "buy my workouts if not ready for my ATHLEAN programs, here are the one's I feel will help (after doing the workouts & tested myself) you with your journey into a healthier lifestyle & hope you continue throughout your entire lifespan & whenever you're truly ready I Jeff Cavalier with my ATHLEAN workouts, nutrition & support will be here for you". I say callout those inferior workouts/trainers that you've seen & compared & have done the workouts with an open mind. Then give your pro's & con's.
    You may think Tony Horton P90X,P90X2,P90X3 workouts are inferior. They're not. I don't even have great set of weights or fancy machines & gym or even walk into a gym. My very basic little weights are from pawnshops & what I can afford cause my family & paying bills comes 1st.
    I started out with a burned copy with a a few DVDs scratched & not all complete. Being 175lb 40in waist & fat. 5pk a day Marlboro reds & menthols in a box, always drinking beers & liquor. Eating 24/7/365 fast foods, half a qt or ice cream with froot loops/fruity pebbles, shakes cookies ca dies, those damn sodas & sports drinks "S.A.D. C.R.A.P" & eating from the trough with genetic high kill me cholesterol that will never afford to pay for any type of medicine.
    P90X,P90X2,P90X3 has saved & helped me tremendously. I still after 6yrs continue to workout to Tony Horton P90X,P90X2,P90X3 DVDs. No need to get ready, get into the car, deal with traffic find parking finally walking into the gym then wait in line then sign in & wait for the other person to finish then have their hepatitis on me. I see the DVDs I have no excuses to not workout. An hr to an hr & 30min a day isn't gonna kill me.
    When I saw Tony Horton P90X on TV I instantly called it garbage trash & stupid, looks useless. It was about a 2yrs until I got a burned scratched & missing DVDs P90X workouts. I stopped talking sh*t about Tony Horton. Humbled me very quickly when I couldn't even do 5 push ups & 2 pull ups. I couldn't even move weights without gasping for air & feeling tired waisted & quit 10min of chest & back.
    Even after 6 yrs of 7 days a week with minimal forced day off because of severe pain or had to be busy with life & can't or the damn hurricane mandatory leave /flooded damaged the house. I still put in the workouts.

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