Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Beginner Exercises | How To Build Muscle | Magpie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Beginner Exercises | How To Build Muscle | Magpie

yes you too can have a body like mine if
you’re not careful pathetic isn’t it but here to show us what the human body can
look like is rather a remarkable man we’ve just been watching him in action
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold is probably the most successful body builder of all
time he’s won the Mr Universe competition five times and the mr.
Olympia competition which is the American version a staggering six times
um let me start by asking you this can anybody build muscles like this I mean
could I or is it something you’re born with
no I think anybody could build muscles like that but it’s not to the interest
of anybody I mean a lot of people go into weight training and just want to do
it for fitness or for health and further reasons like that only 5% of the people
who are training with weights are doing it for the reasons I did it for which is
you know to go into competition to try to win mr. America mr. universe and mr.
Olympia and it was just the goal that I had when I was 15 what why did you start
to do it I mean well you were you bullied when you were little sand kicked
in your face no we don’t have that much Saint in Austria but I tell you I just
got into it because it really felt great doing weight training I did it for
soccer you know and like a lot of soccer players to weight training to strengthen
their legs and I really I think I fell in love with that with the weight
training or with the feeling of being strong and being big and all that and I
wanted to win mr. universe and it was a dream that I had when I was 15 years old
and there’s a dream that a lot of kids have and that’s what the film pumping
iron is about about a dream that kids have then they make it come true in the
film you know you can see that and that’s what I did well although it’s a
dream that would never come true in my case
supposing I wanted to put a bit of put a bit of muscle and we’ve got a set of
weights here in the studio yeah perhaps you could show us some basic exercises
that were just getting start you off from the right track yes first we have
to compliment you for your physical development because you really look very
athletic and good so don’t put yourself down just okay okay the first exercise
I’m gonna show you is what we call the bench press it is a exercise a basic
exercise that every beginner should do no matter what sport you’re in
you let it down the weight to the chest and you press it up which muscles is not
that develops the chest muscles the pectoral muscles the pectoral yeah okay
you do around 10 repetitions with the light weight just to warm up and you do
it in five times you’re not again yeah sure that’s right I’m gonna bench like
this you could almost make do with a couple of chairs you can do it on the
floor or that’s the great thing about this exercise is you can do it at home
okay just let it down slowly and press it up to my hand okay and press out when
you press up yeah that’s very good yeah okay keep doing to my reputation how
many two more two more okay great so have is the spot that this is only 65
pounds only yeah the next exercise you do after that is what we call a squat or
knee bends you put the weight behind your neck and then you go down below
parallel now this is a exercise that every athlete is doing skiers soccer
players football players everybody is doing it why don’t you try one I suppose
you really need someone to help you don’t you if no you really don’t I mean
you get into the habit of helping yourself but it’s better training with a
training partner okay come slowly up yeah and slowly down
up quickly okay what about the dumbbells down here is there is there a simple
exercise we can do with you cuz I should imagine that they’re not too expensive
so perhaps if you’re thinking of starting right you might be able to
invest okay the dumbbells the numbers are very
good for arm development for the lids at the biceps okay you start along your
thigh area and then you move them up slowly to your shoulders in town like
end up in always very slow and concentrate on the muscle you’re
training it’s a very simple exercise that everybody can do right from the
beginning why don’t you try to do one when you go in for a bodybuilding
competition what are the judges looking for what is looking for proportion
symmetry the size of the muscles you know how you can pose and present the
muscles to the judges okay why don’t you do it the way I did you start
turning is that right on the thighs and then you turn it up because the biceps
is two jobs to do one is to lift up the forearm and the other one is to turn the
wrist so there’s movement yeah okay very good yeah okay well we’ve got some you
already pumped up but can’t believe that we do Spanish groans look at me doing it
now let’s we’ve got we’ve got a little piece of film of some of your friends in
action perhaps you’d like to take a look at this yeah and tell us just what
they’re doing and exactly what the exercises that they’re doing is going to
help here it comes okay fine he’s working the arms yeah
he’s working around on a chest actually and this is what what you see right now
it’s just training it is done before competition which is a very strenuous
type of training that we go through it’s two hours in the morning and around two
hours at night and we lift an average of 50 tons of weight a day in order to get
those built and you know you gain around 20 pounds of company of muscle size
before a competition like three months before a competition listen it look to
me as though those guys were in absolute agony doing that is the pain in any way
important well that’s the great thing that this film brings out that you can
see you know what kind of strainers exercises one has to go through to
become a world champion and that I think you know separates the ones who just do
it for a hobby or for health and fitness and the ones who really do it for a
profession and want to be the world champion I mean that’s where the
difference is you have to break through this pain barrier otherwise you will
never get there well thank you very much indeed for coming in and giving us a few
tips I gather that you’ve not only broken through the pain barrier very
successfully you’ve broken into films so on behalf of everyone here come I wish
you all the very best of success

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  1. when the Tv host tried to be cynical about his own body and emphasized his weakness Arnold compliments him and tells him"don't put yourself down" True alpha males lift up people and never belittle them..Genuine strength and arrogance are inversely proportional.

  2. Dude… Arnold is so ahead of his time it’s fucking amazing! When he told that skinny twerp not to put himself down I guarantee you not even 10% of the population would think of saying that! I get inspired just listening to him talk! What an extraordinary individual!

  3. I went from doing bicep curls on a 30 to now 50 lb barbell in about over 2 months. Progress is steady but I’m getting there

  4. Of course anyone could. Just take gear, lift, eat, and sleep. There is a YouTube diary of this lard ass who went on gear for 18 months (which is a crazy long cycle) and went from complete couch potato to besting Ronnie Coleman's lifts and shredded. Once I saw that, I was not impressed by any lifting.

  5. 65 lb bench? And i feel like shit for doing 150, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, gotta have that motivation.

  6. Afro dude: “wow you really need some help with this”

    Arnold: “No you really don’t you get in the habit of helping yourself” mahhh!!!ahahahahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he said it so quick lol

  7. 🙏R.I.P. Franco Columbu🙏 A great athlete and great soul has passed through. You and your brother Arnold together created magic. WOW

  8. You have to break through the pain barrier to be succesful he says hahaha.
    Tell that a few top bodybuilders these days, Phil Heath, etc.
    Some train only one hour a day . Dexter Jackson?
    Genetics dope and effort. But not the effort Arnold claims is needed.
    And pain… I have seen guys workout like the were into a battle.
    They ate right, nothing, no big muscles.
    Yes, a little more musculatur.
    But you really have to have the genetics.
    Just like in any other sport.
    Most will never become a master at chess.
    Or a swimming champion or discus thrower.
    In every sport you need a genetic predisposition.
    If not there. You can work on it as much as you can, and want it with a passion, but you will make yourself only frustrated.

  9. I like the skinny guy- seems like a good dude. I wonder if he ended up lifting weights after this in real life. Arnold was very nice to him. Great to see.

  10. Arnold forgot to tell him to inject steroids into his ass just like he did lol. Great physique,lot's of hard work, but also some cheating involved.

  11. bro i workout hard and have more fat on my lowerback than him. i would kill to have a skinny waist like that. dont talk down about yourself there is always something you have that someone else wants.

  12. Arnold is such a great man by always encouraging and helping people to train and be better. And to think that there are guys at the gym looking down on you and they're not even 1/8 of what Arnold is.

  13. I don’t why the Bodybuilding today doesn’t look like like the Bodybuilding during the the golden era…the mass,the size,the aesthetic,the symmetry and proportion

  14. Brilliant lesson from the old days on how to motivate someone that wants to put muscle on. First the compliment on the good things he has as a base to work on.

  15. Everyone.. please a moment of silence.. the host was sadly eaten by Arnold Schwarzenegger shortly after filming this. It is told Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't find his protein bar and panicked

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