ART DOESN’T ALWAYS COME EASY! | Exercise your Art Muscle! | Watercolor on Graphite

ART DOESN’T ALWAYS COME EASY! | Exercise your Art Muscle! | Watercolor on Graphite

so today I really want to play with my
watercolor set ooh, la, la! – oh… oh, yeah. I don’t have all the colors – I like to keep them like that so it
looks like I have a complete set what happened to this guy?! okay so I
haven’t used this in a while and I thought you guys would like to come
along with me as I create a little something that didn’t exist before so,
yeah! let’s do it! ♪ so I’ve got two sheets of canson XL watercolor paper now what I
thought it would be fun to draw is a face in profile because I used to draw
faces in profile all the time like it was kind of my go-to doodle you know
like on napkins in restaurants and stuff? – but I was trying to do it and it
wasn’t coming as easy as I remember it always doing so I feel like it’s time to
stretch that art muscle I was watching, I think is Babs Tarr on her new show on
Critical Role where she’s teaching everyone to draw – she kept saying
drawing is a muscle that you need to train and practice and if you get lazy and you’re not stretching it all the time then it’s gonna get weaker and it won’t be able to draw the same way so you have to
practice and sketch and really make it a habit so that’s what I want to do today in my sketchbook, I also came up with a pretty cool hairstyle so I think
we’ll be able to make this pretty fun and interesting but I think I want to
make the head a lot bigger than this yeah let’s go bigger that’s too big
actually let’s try and just see if we have room for everything use really
simple shapes to make sure everything fits on the page it kind of looks like a
mushroom [giggle] the neck would be like there the side of the face would be there, with like a jawline – so now I’m taking those rough shapes making them look a lot closer to the detailed
shape without going too close you know? I think one of the easiest mistakes to
make when you’re starting a drawing is to go too detailed too fast (or too soon
rather) if you tackle it in stages slower and with like simple upgrades you can
really pinpoint a mistake as you’re making it and then you can kind of fix
it before you get a little too far down through the process I mean and feel like fixing anything it doesn’t feel like you’re erasing the whole
drawing either (which is good for you mentally you know) figure out where some
of these body parts are that is some big hair oh my gosh! I’m
gonna just quickly sketch out the hairline before I start putting too much
detail into the hair really like this pointy nose I feel like I always draw
like a little squishy button noses it’s kind of fun to do something different all right I’m pretty happy with this face, if you remember what it looked like
before I maybe I can put a side-by-side comparison you don’t need it to look
pretty at the beginning you know slowly work on it and it’s a lot easier to get
it to look good if you just take your time – I’m really enjoying the thin lines
and the pointyness of this face so I really want to take that and expand upon
it with the hair so if you look at it right now there’s a lot of like softer
squishier lines like this one right here and I really want to take that sharpness
and apply it up through the hair so like here I’ve got this super round and soft
curve but if I just make it a little bit more angular you see how different that
looks now not all of them have to be perfectly you know angular so if I don’t
like it I can always change it see how that’s suiting the rest of the drawing a
little bit more? I’m gonna pinpoint a couple strands so now I’ve got all of the larger
elements laid out on the page that I wanted to include in the drawing but now
it’s time to go in and add the accessories like the parts that are
gonna make it a little bit more unique and I’m mixing a bunch of different
ideas I saw on Pinterest cuz I kind of was just looking through hair
styles the other day and so I’ve kind of got some of those running around in my
head – one was like this really cool like cut in the hair – it was actually even
more extreme than that – and they also like trimed the hair like that, so it
had this really cool shape to it and I think that also suits our ‘triangular-
ness’ that I was aiming for – the other thing
I’m gonna add was like sort of like a flower crown that goes along the edge
here as the Mohawk extends from the scalp so I’m just gonna go in and doodle
some flowers, get a rough idea of where I want them and then maybe I’ll look up
some references of flowers so that we can make them look like you know legit
flowers when it comes to references, I really like to kind of sketch the idea out on
the paper and then look for references that’ll help me further my idea instead
of using straight references and just sort of copying from them but if you
need references to help you getting started there’s nothing wrong with that
either this is just my personal preference can’t decide if I want this
buzzed and this long? or this to be kind of like a faux hawk in the way that it’s
just hair being pulled into the mohawk shape – so there’d be like [hair strands] like that –
can’t decide maybe a little flower being jammed in the side of her head i should probably zoom in so you can see what’s going on – there we go what if there’s
like a book called like the anatomy of a flower and it like covers a bunch of
different species of flowers so I can be like hey I’m drawing a ‘so-n-so’ instead
of just look at this blob… it’s a flower what kind of flower? who knows. which one
does it resemble? maybe. everyone knows baby’s breath though, right? the little
poofy white things that you used to fill in any drawing with flowers everybody
knows those ones – maybe I’ll Google a rose, let’s see if we can stick a rose in
here oooh thats so pretty! right here kind of got
like the center of the Rose then you just have these petals that come off
from it like this-ish – and some of it is like shaded… here we go,
who tried. kind of looks like chewed up gum [laughs] but then again what’s really the
difference between a rose and chewed up gum? – let’s add more of my fake flowers – since I can draw those – looks like fingers [gurgle sounds] I think we will go with the
faux hawk/ponytail mohawk thing I mean she still shaved your head there so it’s still kind of edgy alright, so this
what we’re working with so far – I definitely want to give her some clothes what if we do like an off-the-shoulder v-neck sort of thing ♪ something like that – I feel like some
jewelry is called for here I got some graphite everywhere – oh I just made it worse [haha] I’m really a fan of this neck feeling a
little like a real neck – you know with like a cartoon filter on it but still now I was trying to decide if I wanted to line this with like a pen before
adding in the watercolor but I feel like it would be kind of fun to just do a wa- oh jeez I think it’d be fun just try and do a wash over pencil I feel like I’ve done that
before and I didn’t turn out too bad we’re artists, we are not trying to put a
man on the moon I mean I can have fun with this – if it turns out like a
disaster it’s fine – here, I’ll turn off the camera, take a picture of this, so I
have it and then we’ll DESTROY IT! it’ll be so much fun ♪ watercolors ♪ I have a couple of scraps of watercolor paper that I use for swatch cards ooohoho I’m excited for this okay oh! I need paper towel and a cup of water and brushes my dog was playing
with the paper towel roll so we don’t have a perfect square edges here for some
reason out seeing bright pink for the hair but I don’t know if I even have a
bright pink color I’ll have to test some things out here – see if we can get a pink… no
that’s pretty orange that’s like cute peachy color – I could use that for hair – Im kind
of thinking I want the hair lighter than the skin that way we can use some darker
more saturated colors for the floral bits – let’s give it a shot oh very light coral color – not having too much
graphite smudging so that’s good alright and then we just have to do the hair here alright
while it’s still wet I think I’m gonna go a little darker add a little texture
in here – add some contrast in the same color blend that out a bit I’m seeing sort of like browns and teals [in my head] so let’s go back to
my little swatch card here and try and find some colors that’ll complement
this one well I should have done that before I applied that there but I love
that color so much I don’t really care let’s try to mix some greens and blues
to make a teal color here – oooooooh should have taped this down it’s not too late I can
tape it down do I have tape? [rummaging sounds in the distance] okay nope I can’t find that masking tape [laughs] I thought it was just right here – with my
luck its probably is on my desk somewhere and I’m just not seeing it – I like
these swatches they look so good together let me just start coloring with it now
everything’s looking pretty pastel still might have to do multiple layers of
different things and since I spent so much time looking for tape the pink
layers dry so I don’t even have to worry I think my favorite part about using the
pencils you see all those sketch lines underneath of the color and I’m really digging
that actually gonna just mix in some straight Coral try and brighten up that
color I think there’s some eraser shavings getting stuck didn’t foresee
that problem while that’s drying, I kind of want to go in and add another layer
of color to the hair – see how I like that, actually not a big fan might try to blend that out that’s better that’s fun that adds a little extra you know something something I can use this
turquoise color we made since we don’t add too many colors to it or will
distract from the color scheme I’m gonna use that same turquoise color and
instead of making a green and using it to color in all the leaves like-a-so! I might actually use those color for lips what we can do if this is dry – sweet. – we can color the shirt, I guess we kind of have to use the turquoise color but I
might try to go a little bit more pastel because I might darken up the skin we’ll
see okay I need a bigger paintbrush for this – this feels silly add some splotches
of color here do I like that? I don’t think so let’s blend that out darken that up the hair a little smidge now I’m gonna use a little bit of the pink and darken up some of the skin now that it’s dry I can do that without messing up the layer underneath
too much – if you fiddle with it too much you still can ruin the layer underneath so
you gotta be careful again I’m kind of following that same technique from when
you’re sketching it out that I’m doing like bigger blobs like I added the flat
layer of the watercolor with some slight shading kind of like lightened up near
the cheek and now I’m going in after it’s dry kind of pinpointing where there
might be shadows and then I could do I can keep doing this you know for a while
and continue improving upon it until I get bored you know [hehe] darken up this area a
little over here maybe – I’ve kind of got a problem where her face is lighter than the rest of
her skin, but I really like the way this face is shaded so I’m scared to darken that up and lose all the shading that I have in here I’m gonna use the coral then add some of that Brown if that makes a new color it’s fun it’s kind of earthy a little muddy but hmm add some more reddish pink
in here and maybe even add some of that to the hair down here to bring that color into
the piece that seems a little bit crazy right now and out of the color scheme
kind of blend it out coorporate it anywhere we can –
there we go! I might even-this might be gross cuz these are kind of
complementary colors – add a little down here in the shirt – just trying
to find places to incorporate that color looks kind of cool actually
never done that before I wonder if we could even take some of that green color and add it to
the tip of the top of the hair cuz we don’t any have any green up here I
wonder what that’ll look like might ruin it but again not putting a man on the moon what do I think of that that’s fun kind of what I would do if I
was digital art you know just kind of incorporate some of the colors in other
places kind of ties the drawing together a little bit and since its watercolor we
have the ability to add all these layers and mix the colors while it’s on the
paper – now even though the hair is predominantly that Coral color we still
have the hints of the carmine and that turquoise color we made and it’s just
sort of gradients out and I really like that about it – the thing I’m not
really crazy about in this picture is the floral thing I feel like it doesn’t
stand out enough I’m not sure how to fix that once we’ve come this far
mm-hmm?? I can try to darken up the face a bit start by just putting it
in all the places where there is shadows and then trying to blend I mean we
can’t have places with highlights that’s fine I just feel like it doesn’t fit the
rest of her like with her neck and her shoulder here definitely don’t think it
ruined it so I’ll take it even maybe use watercolor to add some details too but
before I can do anything else I’m sure I need to wait for this to dry so now that I’ve taken
a step back and I’m looking at it again I notice there is definitely not a whole lot
of contrast in this drawing so that’s something I want to pay attention to in
the future – but now that it is all dry, I do want to go in with some liners and
darken up some of the lines that I really want to stand out like maybe the
eyelashes that pen is dying on me I guess not that one anything else now this [pen]
is not waterproof so I can’t put water on it afterwards darken up some of these lines does that actually make it look any different? it’s kind of hard to tell I don’t know if that’s really making a very big difference let me try with
the flowers cuz those are really what looks kind of mushy oh! what I can do
though – where is my Posca – I can lighten up some of that baby’s breath that looks
kind of cool actually I like that – my favorite part is always adding the
highlights at the end – I actually have a pink Posca Pen – I wonder if I could use
that for anything whoo I love that that actually looks
really cool okay let me look oh look first try add some – ooh!! – that’s still
dumping… okay add some highlights to this Rose – like that I don’t want to draw
over too many of the pencil lines cuz I do like that texture even though it’s
kind of muddy but just a couple of them maybe go back to the white Posca pen – add
a couple highlights here and then maybe it’s a Sun [hehe] maybe we can add a little bit of a highlight to the hair a blob and then
pull out from it – we can even smudge a couple of the areas so that its not as opaque
in those locations yeah look at that that’s kind of cool now usually when I paint over pencil, I
paint over a Col-Erase pencil and that’s a little less muddy than using
graphite (just regular graphite) so I do like the look of this with the
watercolor because I already knew I did although I usually use the color pink or
rose which really complements some of the watercolors really nice there we go! I had a lot of fun with this – what did you guys draw today? I want to thank you for drawing
along with me! I know a lot of you do that or just watching it’s really nice
to have you here! so yeah thank you guys for watching I hope you all have a
delicious evening full of waffles ♪ BYE! ♪ ♪ do dee do ♪

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