Ask Doctor Mike ft. GABBIE HANNA | Why’s My Body Crooked?

Ask Doctor Mike ft. GABBIE HANNA | Why’s My Body Crooked?

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  1. Dr.mike : do u have a primary doctor
    Gabbie: no, why
    Dr.mike : because I am a primary doctor
    Gabbie : well silence

  2. Oh god. Hearing this makes me scared. I have very fair skin and many moles. But i like sports and i HATE using sunblock. Crap

  3. her subtle flirting and hair grabbing and touching his shoulders…
    it's almost painful but also hilarious to watch

  4. Dr. Mike, can you be my PCP and do a sleep study with…I mean on..I mean..sleep study/me..🥳

  5. I can feel Dr. Mike's pain internally. I deal with patients like this and it's really annoying. They cut you off, you have to repeat yourself over again, they still don't get what you're saying and they have like 100 questions.

  6. Lol I swear my bestfriend has sleep apnea because she is snores really loud and she takes between twenty five and four second breaks in her sleep but she doesn't believe me when I tell her. Halp

  7. So, just to make sure, if I have never had a sunburn in my entire life, I am at a lower risk to get skin cancer? That is actually the best news I've gotten today… 😀

  8. Jesus Christ this was almost unwatchable. She has zero ability to maintain focus and kept quoting what she learned on google. Poor Dr. Mike.

    Edit: now I completely agree with that most recent video about the dangers of social media on younger people. She’s exhibit A.

  9. Doctor Mike, will you consider to further your education on Natural Family Planning (NFP) and 2019 Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM).

  10. OMG Gabbi doesn't know the difference between vitamins and supplements?? lmao. She sounds like a dumb 12 year spoiled valley girl who can't stop saying like. AND touching her hair every 5 secs to try to attract him…

  11. Why would a doctor say you should take a vitamin supplement because you have a deficiency if they don't work? 😅 I'm confused, I was told to take vitamin D supplement from a doctor 😅 (I live in a northern country so we can't get enough from the sun)

  12. Gabbie Hanna, first of all, I appreciate all of the transparency you are bringing to mental health issues. I have them myself, and the stigma & demonization of not being mentally “healthy” or “stable” is in itself, crazy. Secondly, if you want to know more about Fascia-what it is, the different types, what they do, (along with helping yourself feel physically better by massaging or releasing it) check out Ashley Black’s link. She tries to draw attention to it by pointing out the side effects (smoothing our cellulite) but it’s a very health relevant book. I have tried her tools (FDA approved btw) & my fibromyalgia pain is decreasing. Here’s her website:

    PS I’m a huge fan of your music!!
    PPS I’m obsessed with Dr. Mike’s channel because he brings a great dose of human kindness with all of his medically relevant videos. Plus he’s funny as $#!+

  13. Dr Mike is my inspiration. I got accepted into a radiology program and I’m only 19, so I hope in the future I can push myself to be a real doctor!

  14. Maybe she is sweating because she went to the Gym or it was hot and she had no A/C mabe she feels pressure because she is on a youtube video you don't know why you can't just all say its because doctor mike is standing in front of her you don't know you can assume but other then that nope

  15. I have EDS, so I take calcium daily since osteoporosis runs in my family, and with the EDS, osteoporosis is a comorbidity. I take it with dinner, to help with absorption. Other than that, I don't really take supplements

  16. Hi Dr Mike, i have a friend I am really worried about, she has a lump in her throat, its the size of a grape on the side of her neck between her ear and the base of her neck, we live in South Africa and our medical care here is not great if you dont have a medical aid, she has been to the Dr, gave her qutazon it was ok for a bit now it bigger and she says its sore and she cant swallow it hurts, please can you advise what she can maybe suggest to her Dr what tests etc. she is in her 30's has had 2 children. Please Dr Mike Im really worried about her.

  17. Is it okay to use an LED lamp on hell POLISH, not the UV on actual gel nails? I've had skin cancer so I'd never get full on gel nails.

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