Athletic Women Get Their Muscles Photoshopped Away

Athletic Women Get Their Muscles Photoshopped Away

– It’s just a stigma that we get from the media and social media in particular that we have to look
and appear a certain way in order to be feminine. (upbeat techno music) – I’ve always been an athlete,
I started playing soccer, I played in college, I
played in the W league in Atlanta for three years. – I’ve always been extremely athletic and extremely competitive, even in gym class, I always wanted to beat the boys. I ran track at a division one college. – Before I got into
crossfit and weightlifting, I battled weight gain and
weight loss and fluctuated for pretty much my entire
teen and young adult life. I hated every part of my body. I hated absolutely every
part, and when I started lifting weights, I was
able to let that go. I didn’t think I could ever
let it go, but I was able to. – I definitely did think that
I could have been skinnier, think that maybe my body
composition could’ve been better when I was younger. (light instrumental music) – [Ashley] My athletic body,
my muscles have been a part of me for as long as I can
remember, so I don’t know how I’m gonna feel with them being taken away. – I’ve had countless female
friends that have been concerned about building
muscle mass and what that would look like on their body, because they’re worried
about being too big, or too bulky or too muscular. – We are used to other people telling us what we’re supposed to look like. For every 10 positive
comments, there’s some guy out there telling a girl
she looks like a man. It’s really this complex
that people have created in women that tells us we’re
not supposed have muscles. – I’m doing this experiment
because I want to be able to look at myself in a
different body form and still love the way that I look now. (upbeat techno music) – Now I’m nervous. – I’m looking at my original picture, and it looks like me,
and I look like a badass. So, now lets look at the
photoshopped version. Oh, wow okay. Oh, okay. What bothers me the most
about this is the arms, like I don’t have any, like arms at all. It’s crazy. – Woah. I hate that, that definitely
doesn’t look like me. There’s no muscle tone,
there’s no muscles, it’s literally just skin and bone. – Oh weird. Honestly, it just looking at it, it just doesn’t feel like me. I’ve always had big
legs, I’ve had big legs since I was a kid, so I’ve
never seen small thighs on myself before. – Like, I’ve put in a lot
of hard work to my body, years and years of training,
blood, sweat and tears, just to see it being stripped
off is like devastating a little bit. – This is still a picture
of thing that at one point in my life I was striving
to be almost every day. I’d wake up every morning hoping
that I’d looked like this. I don’t feel that way anymore. – Women have been held back for so long, and we’re starting to see that gap close as women start to be like “I
don’t really care what you “think, I’m picking this heavy thing up, “I’m throwing it around.” – Through weight lifting
and through crossfit I definitely found freedom with my body. – Having muscle is healthy,
and it definitely should be celebrated instead of women
being afraid to put on a little muscle, I think
they should definitely welcome it. – I am proud of my
original picture because that girl can clean 185 pounds. (light uplifting music)

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  1. I live working out but my dad doesn’t want me to get to big he just wants me to get nice tone. I said dad I’m an athlete idc what people think ab me I’m going to build more arm micke because I already have big leg muscles from soccer and I need my arms to fit that. I have a little muscle definition in the arms but not a lot but it’s a good amount my legs are ripped though. Know I do 100 push-ups, curl ups, and squats throughout the the day but I can’t do heavy squats because if my knees even though I can but my knees give out. But they make ur knees stronger💪🏼🔥💯

  2. I know blood sweat tears is an expression….but……well…. I love BTS…so.. I am sorry… for me…..wonhae manhi manhi!!!!

  3. Why would you photoshop your muscles away? Seriously? I wish I had a girlfriend that looked like these girls.
    Girls, don't be scared of "getting too big" or "too muscular". As long as you don't take steroids you're good to go. Just don't do Crossfit. I don't care if you're a man or a woman, it's the most healthy sport. Every Crossfitter will eventually have an injury. Knee, back and shoulder are the most common ones and they're also the worst injuries to have, because the damage is most likely permanent.
    When I heard "Blood, Sweat and Tears" I actually thought about "Nobody's Listening" by Linkin Park first…

  4. I love muscular women

    Not women that inject Male hormones tho and yes women aren't supposed to be muscular that's nature and naturally lifting and pushing your body as a woman you'll always look feminine

    Naturally key word

  5. That lady with the short hair is clearly on steroids, so I'm not getting why they are trying to pass steroid use as a healthy lifestyle women should adopt. The other two ladies have a nice toned body and there's nothing wrong with a female body like that. But the short haired lady looks pretty unhealthy and you can even see how steroids have changed her voice if you look at old videos where she talks. There's a limit on the muscle mass both men and women can achieve naturally and I think it's pretty obvious for people who have been into body building etc that this lady's muscles cannot be achieved by a female naturally and that is not a sexist statement, it's pure biology. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for muscle growth at the most part and men produce way more testosterone than women do. If a women takes testosterone she can indeed grow more muscle, but she also gets some other male characteristics like a deeper voice, facial hair etc. We are not here to judge whether that looks nice or not, but it's clearly unhealthy and it shouldn't be promoted.

  6. Lol we're not saying to NOT workout and get muscle, but don't complain when a lot of guys think it's unattractive.. Just like girls don't go for men who are too fat, why would we go for girls who are the same, or are too muscular? It's the same reason, because they're not physically attractive enough whether it's their face or their body. I'm telling you right now, I'm turned off if I see a girl with massive arms, or braulic shoulders. I don't think they should be shamed for it, but I always voice the truth that a lot of guys are smaller than these women, and they won't remotely go after a girl like the black girl because she's too muscular. I'm 6'0" 220lbs., if you got arms as big as mine or are close to them, that's an issue.

  7. I like feminine girls more than musclar girls. I don't know what it is but it makes my heart dance everytime i see girls with children or in dresses. I don't mind muscular girls though, I find their hard work admirable and see them as a brother instead of a lover. Someone I can train with and play around with. I hope this isn't me being selfish or bad.

  8. Muscles in women to a certain degree are ok once you start wanting to physically look like a male figure then something is clearly messed up with you but hey everyone can do whatever it is they want to with their body.

  9. Only the black woman actually had some muscle, the other chicks were slender and fit. None were manly, this is ridiculous.

  10. “I don’t really care what you think, I’m picking this heavy thing up and throwing it around” <<Awesome!
    Love all the before pics better!

  11. Is it just me or none of these women were "MUSCULAR" to that level that they made it seem like they'd be?? I was expecting a super swole girl…haha all very pretty tho

  12. the white girl doesn't have visible muscles in any way, she has a quite average body, there's no objective reason for her to play the victim in my opinion. The black chick is incredibly athletic though, the two girls are miles apart

  13. You know who they didn’t look at, powerlifters. The women who can clean 300lbs and do it in a singlet. The women who are not lifting in booty shorts and a sports bra , the ones who don’t have a great deal of muscle definition but they have actual strength.

  14. I’ve worked hard many years for muscle tone..I get it. I finally feel comfortable looking in the mirror…however just seeing hard work being taken away in a second is devastating for me to watch 😬

  15. jesus christ – i'm so lost. I thought fat is beautiful. Now muscle is beautiful. If all women are beautiful then no women are beautiful smh

  16. I felt like all the women were in the realm of normal fit women, nothing really extreme here honestly…

  17. Seriously, why do you care about what idiots think of your bodies? Do your thing, keep looking great. The ones who have opinions probably don't look half as good as you do. And they're idiots. Never forget that. Don't listen to idiots.

  18. The black girl makes me question my sexuality… I'm a guy but she looks really masculine yet I'm most attracted to her. SHE'S GORGEOUS AAAAAAA

  19. I think everyone would agree the before is better. Maybe it's just the guys I've been around, but everything single one has always been super supportive of women building muscle. I've never heard a single bit of stigma about women being too big when it comes to muscle.

  20. I don't know how women don't wanna look like them and insist on not being too muscular. I wish I could look like that.

  21. WOW their bodies are so healthy, strong and GORGEOUS <3 I wish all people see how beautiful every inch of them

  22. Must be nice to have gotten that athletic encouragement. Gym class was a source of torment for me, my gym teacher hated me so much I was moved to the boys class… every sport I tried out for I didn't make becuase every "girl" sport at my school (my high school had 300 students TOTAL) was a popularity contest.

  23. All my guy friends are athletic either as MMA fighters or powerlifters and they are very supportive of muscular athletic women. Just surround yourself with the right people

  24. I hate it when women say they don’t want to get bulky because honestly I would kill to have a body like them

  25. as a girl i naturally have muscles i don't do weights but i have it sociaty thoughts: she must be lesbian she must be trying to be a man, a girl os not suppose to be this way. my thoughts: well if you have a problem with my body i cant change that how bout you go pray to god and ask him to change your heart.

  26. Look everyone has their taste, so you can like muscles on women or not. If a man doesn't like a woman with a lot of muscles, it doesn't necessarily mean he's intimidated, it's just not his thing. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what men think of you, as long as you're healthy and you love yourself

  27. The cross fit girl with the tattoo is bootyful. Like all of them are but damn she's just so womanly even with the muscle 💜

  28. Muscular women tend to be more confident. I have yoyoed with my body. I’ve been fat and I’ve been slim. Now I am athletic lean and muscular and it’s the only time I’ve ever felt happy with my body. I have three kids and a wonderful husband who loves me muscles and all.

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