Back Pain Relief with Extension & Rotation Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Back Pain Relief with Extension & Rotation Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. I just got
an email the other day, and somebody said that they were doing extension and rotation
stretches at physical therapy, and they couldn’t remember exactly how to do them correctly.
So what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna do some extension and rotation stretches for
our back. So the first one I’m gonna have you do is an extension and so we’re gonna
roll over on our stomachs right now, so here we go. We’re gonna roll over onto our tummies.
I’m gonna pull down my shirt so hopefully my fanny’s not showing. Now the first thing
that you’re gonna do is you’re gonna prop up on your elbows. This is the one that’s
the least amount of pressure on your back so this is probably the one you want to try
first, and if it feels ok, then you can progress to the next step. The key with this on your
elbows is you want to bring your stomach down to the ground. You don’t wanna be arched up,
but you want those hips to be flat on the floor. And as you can guess it’s gonna be,
you’re gonna do it 3 times for 30 seconds. But if it feels good and it feels comfortable,
you can even do this for a while in the evening if you’re reading a book or watching TV this
is gonna stretch out your back. So you’re just sitting like this. Kind of relaxing your
hips and letting them roll onto the ground. So the next progression is if this feels good
and it’s feeling like it’s not quite stretching as much, or you stretched it out and now you
want to try a little bit more. What you’re gonna do now is you’re gonna push up all the
way up onto your arms. And straighten out your arms. Same kind of thing, though, you
want to try to keep those hips on the ground. You don’t want to push up like that, that’s
not gonna get that back extension that you need. You really want to roll those hips down
and feel that stretch. If you have somebody at home, they can actually push down on your
back a little bit right there to help you get that extension stretch. I’m sure you can
guess how long you’re gonna do it. 3 times for 30 seconds. Alright so those are some
of the extensions, now let’s do a couple of rotations. So I’m gonna have you roll over
onto your back, pull your shirt down again. And what you’re gonna do is this is gonna
be a progression again. You’re just gonna gently roll your legs to one side as much
as you comfortably can, trying to keep your hips down. And roll back to the other side.
Now you can do this either 10 times back and forth, or as you can guess, you can hold it
for 30 seconds and do 3 on each side. Whichever one’s more comfortable for you. So this is
gonna get a little bit of rotation in that lumbar spine back there. And you’re just gonna
roll back and forth. Now if that feels good and it doesn’t hurt. Then you can progress
it a little bit more, so you’re actually going to bring your bottom leg down to the ground.
The top leg you’re gonna pick it up and pull it to about a 90 degree angle and drop it
down to the side. And that’s gonna really get a good stretch. Sometimes you’ll feel
a little pop in your back. As long as it’s not painful, that’s ok. Same kind of thing.
You’re gonna stretch here for 30 seconds. If this feels good, you can actually put your
hand on top and give yourself a little bit more pressure down through there. And then
you’re gonna slowly come back up. And then rotate back to the other side. Leg down, bringing
your other leg about 90 degrees, drop it down. And if that’s easy, push a little bit. 30
seconds, 3 times each. Alright, for the last one, it’s gonna be a standing stretch. So
what I’m gonna have you do is I’m gonna have you stand on up. So the last stretch that
I’m gonna show you is an extension stretch again. And so all you’re gonna do, is you’re
gonna kind of put your hands on your hips for a little bit of guidance. And you’re gonna
lean back and get that stretch. Now remember, you don’t want to bend your knees and go back
like that, that’s not quite stretching your back. You really want to rotate at those hips.
So kind of put your hands there, and just lean back. I bet you can guess how many times
you’re gonna do it, yep 3 times for 30 seconds. No remember, you want to go back, you want
to feel some tension, that stretch in there, but you don’t want it to be painful. You never
want your stretches to be painful. You never want to feel like your muscles are gonna pop.
You want that good hurt. Like “oh, it’s hurts, but it feels good because I know it’s doing
something.” Alright so there you have it, those were your back extension and rotation
stretches. So if you liked them, please click the like button and leave us a comment. And
remember if you want to see more exercise videos, or even some educational videos, please
check me out at So remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better

48 Replies to “Back Pain Relief with Extension & Rotation Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. It kind of depends on what is causing the sciatica, but not usually. I have a sciatic nerve pain stretching video if you want to check that out. Good luck!!

  2. hi jo, i m having back pain . i had and MRI It shows mild diffuse in L4-L5. should i do
    back strenching. it would help ? i m having pain in my back from the last month.but from the last two month m not doing any execize i gained weight. i m 27 .if i stand more then 20 mintues my back hurts badly. if i sit on the same time for 5 mintues.
    my pain vanished.what is your suggestion. should i go for acuepuntre or any operation or should i do the exercize only. in my daily life i dont have any pain.

  3. You really should focus on strengthening your core right now to protect your back. You probably also want to stick more with flexion stretches right now. I have several videos to strengthen your core if you want to check those out! I would give the stretches and exercises at least 2 months before you even think about any kind of surgery. Also if you have access to a pool, you might want to check out my aquatic videos. That would definitely help!! Good luck!!

  4. Hey Dr Jo I am fan of your videos I have lower back problems whenever I bend my back I feel stiffness and tension which makes it difficult to stand up at times which exercises would be ideal for my weak lower back pain

  5. Thanks! If you have a swiss ball, those are the best exercises to strengthen your back and core without irritating it. Good luck!

  6. I appreciate the reply. I do not have a swiss ball so what are the best exercises I can do without the swiss ball? Thanks for your help thus far.

  7. The next best ones are called quadruped exercises, basically when you get on all fours. I have a video for that too if you want to check it out!

  8. Thanks for your help i will give these exercises tip a try and i will let you know if they work or not take care

  9. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I have mild to moderate on & off back pain. I use to have severe back pain as well. However, my back issues became less intense due to be living a more active life. It helped that I lost about 30 pounds last year. I use to weigh 240 lbs. It is interesting how you learn on to core with your back issues even if they are not as extreme as the past. Good luck with your back pain. I hope you one day do not suffer any back pain at all. Take care of your back.

  10. Hi dr jo you answered my questions about my knee anout a month ago and I thank you. The other I was standing and stretching my back backwards after work and I felt a crunch and had alot! Of pain. I havent seen the orthopedic dorcot yet but I wanted to know if u had any ideas on what could be wrong.
    P.S. this happened before I saw your video on stretching your back

  11. Thank you madam – for ur kind vedio – actually iam suffering with back pain with L5 S1 – i hope i will get more relief with ur vedio physical excercise –

  12. Just started doing the extension exercise both with elbows flat on the floor and arms straightened. Where should I feel this in my mid or Lower back want to make sure I'm doing it right

  13. So I have a spinal injury and I am currently in a workers comp case. Each physical therapist I have seen have said extremely different things that all conflict with each other. I've been told I am too flexible by one and not flexible enough by others for example. One only wanted to work on my neck while others spine focused. Another was laser focused on my hamstrings which made little sense to me since I can do the splits and have abnormal flexibility in my legs. Who should I trust in a scenario like this? If any.

  14. hi dr. my name is iman and i have back pain since 12 years i have try lots of excersize no relif please give me some suggetion

  15. I have tight hips and have a hard time activating my hamstrings. I also did break my L4 years ago and I have a weaker core compared to the rest of my upper body.. I have pain in my glute area, i feel like it is the sciatic nerve. Will this exercise help relieve that pain, do i need to strengthen my core? I love your videos they are extremely educational!

  16. So I injured myself shooting ball(soccer), and felt some kind of pain in my front hip, but I didn't stop playing, I did some hip flexors stretches, but I still feel something in my hip flexors it's very uncomfortable, some kind of pain, and I feel pain in lower back when shooting ball, can you help me? Thanks!

  17. Hiii Dr Jo how are you I'm a big fan of your channel …. I have back problem ..muscle weakness bad posture and my back is not straight ..My doctor recommend for me to go to the gym … I start since 3 months but I want to ask you is boxing and lifting weight good for my case ??

  18. So how exactly does this stretch the back b/c when I do it I feel my lower back seems to feel like its tightening up not stretching

  19. Hello Dr Jo,
    I have grade 1 listhesis along with bulging disc. Are these exercises safe for me , especially the hip rotation.

  20. Dr Jo ,I recently caught your channel and I found it the most unique and useful one. One month ago I got an ankle sprain of my right leg. I have been suffering from neck, upper back and especially lower back pain since 5 years. Yet , the most painful and discomfort thing is that my ankle can't move forward and backward . While I'm walking it seems like limping and my knee pulling forward . I can't walk correctly and even can't stress enough pressure on ankle. It hurting me 😔 have sharp pain if i want to walk correctly . Kindly response me back Dr. Jo . I want to associate with you .

  21. you are fantastic im only 23 and use to be able to run about 4 miles daily and keep up with Taekwondo but recently last year I started getting severe knee pain on and around the patella and it hurt to the touch even at random with just sitting down. And when i ran again my knees hurt for weeks after. so I found your video on it today and my knees feel much better today and i can walk without pain. Now latley my lower back has been in increasing pain until I found this video and I feel way better after. Thank you so much. p.s. since I'm only 23 and my doc says I have a perfect BMI I think it's wierd that I have so many injuries. my only thought is, it's because I'm tall at 6'4" and drive a forklift all day that doesnt have a seat nor back rest.

  22. Dr. Jo please help me with my diagnoses that what should I do?

    I have bulging discs at l4l5 and s1 which compress thecal sac, traversing nerve root and recess lateral and bilateral also effusion facet joints at the same level. This happened 7 months ago. From then just the pain got worse I am not able to do anything. In this period of time I only went physiotherapy and doing some stretches by my self at home.
    But there is not any improvement
    The pain affected to both legs, calfs, ankles, bottom of my feet, toes and also neck, shoulders, arm and hands. Most of the time my blood pressure is high. Get headache and all my body is itching and get red.
    The sign in my calfs and feet sometimes like I am in the jungles cloud of mosquitos bitting. In my ankles and bottom of my feet are so chronic pain that I cant bear. My toes tingling.
    Severe pain in my back is 24/7 I cant sleep too every 10 minutes or so I have to change position. I walk with cane a little but I cant sit.
    I appreciate your help and recommendation

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