51 Replies to “Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.2”

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  2. If your desire is to get shredded, i suggest you Google search for "Oak Muscle Method". You are certainly achieve the muscles you deserve.

  3. I'm ASTOUNDED by how much sense it makes to let your feet drop. That is my entire problem right there. Thank you!

  4. good vid, what if we didn't have that wall/box with weights you talked about? how can we practice the hip drive with only the bar?

  5. yes but im sure there is a technique to getting a strict muscle up that is different than doing the muscle up with the kip

  6. Man I have this ong ass freaking arms, everything gymnastic is so hard to me, gonna give this a try for a few weeks, I couldnt do it at first

  7. Yup. Best tutorials I've found. You explain everything so concise and break it down clearly. It took me two months to do my muscle up but I was incorporating what seems like sixteen different techniques. I'm going to go back to square one and work on the progression. The feet DOWN makes so much sense, I kept wanting to lift them up. Question: How do you progress back down to set yourself up for more muscle ups? Thank you!!!

  8. @Malaki236  That's what I like about that wonderful program
    because its safe, quick, simple and easy
    to use and will eventually tell you how
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  9. I wish I would have seen this sooner. The vertical cargo at the Spartan races has a ledge where this works perfectly. Gonna try next time. Thank you.

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