Barbell Bench Press VS. Dumbbell Bench Press | WHICH BUILDS MORE MUSCLE?

Barbell Bench Press VS. Dumbbell Bench Press | WHICH BUILDS MORE MUSCLE?

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  2. Ok, this dude is vey knowledgeable, but he could have answered this question in about 45 seconds… I guess dumbbells are the winning answer..

  3. Dumbbells are safer than barbels, but even though there is more tension and a tiny bit more ROM, that is compensated for with the fact that you can do quite a bit more weight. One is not necessarily better than the other, which is why this video is kinda stupid. Also, you camouflage bench on the Smith Machine, or if you are lucky, your gym will have a self spot bench press, so there are safe ways to bench alone.

  4. I hesitated to click on his video, I've been avoiding them for years. But I went for it anyways with the stipulation that I'd be out if I heard "bahhbell." I was out shortly after 0:19.

  5. For me, Barbell bench press feels really weird in comparison to dumbell bench press. I cannot make a mind muscle connection with my chest like I can with dumbells

  6. The only problem for me With dumbbells is the more stronger I get the more heavyer I go , and I’ve had many back problems in the past so picking up 40-50kg dumbbells in the future my back wont handle it , that’s why barbells for me is safer Aslong as I don’t go crazy heavy , and if I do heavy Just ask for a spot ? ( any solutions?

  7. Daaaamn Right!!! Dumbbells for the WIN!!! I've had more strength and size gains since implement dumbbells and eliminating barbell for chest presses. I did have to drop ALOT weight, but steadily increased and continue to practice proper form. Great breakdown Scott!

  8. wtf is this video just get to the fucking point jesus christ……….!!! i dont remember the last time i wanted to slap someone so hard in my life

  9. imagine caring about somebody’s accent so much that you spend time complaining about it whilst they’re trying to help you for free 😕

  10. What do you mean by “weight doesn’t matter when building muscle” at 10:05? I know that the correctness of the exercise as well as using the right equipment is fundamental, but don’t you need to increase the weight over time in order to gain more muscle growth?
    Btw I’m really questioning the usefulness of the barbell, apparently it’s only good for weighted squats. Even for shoulder exercises it seems dumbbells offer better muscle activation, longer time under tension etc …
    Barbell, being a single piece, offers more control of the movement though imo.
    Nice vid!

  11. Clavical liceteral man fuck you im not a doctor get to the point bench or dumbbell mofo…
    Thats why people get tired of listening to you fucking nerds reading scripts

  12. I weigh 155 & I did 70 for a dumbbell Bench PR today 😁 the most Linear Leg Press is 510…but sucks cause I haven't worked my legs in a month or 2 & 400 is hard rn 😂 gotta get back to that 500+

  13. Dumbbells are best to be honest. Especially for uneven muscles. Also doing them single allows you to focus on contracting 1 side

  14. Is he trying to impress us with his knowledge of anatomy?
    If so, not impressed, stop showing off and speak english please.

  15. You're talking foreign to me so I downloaded so I can watch 100 times to decode hehe 😉 Great video, thank you. (BTW I didn't mean your accent, as some people below keep, annoyingly, pointing out – I meant the medical names for the muscles). Keep up the great work.

  16. I lived in Mass/NH for 10 years…this is the fakest accent I've ever heard. He slipped up a few times and pronounced his r's…he said together instead of togethah…and the Boston accent is not just….pahk ya cah in the havahd yahd….lol….like when people try to speak jamacian and speak regularly but say mon after every sentence…lol

  17. Good tips on the dumbbell set up and good information to back up the conclusions. Is there any reason to work a barbell press in if you are not planning to push a large weight? Obviously dumbbells only go so far, but most of us aren't lifting that heavy to begin with.

  18. I agree with Scott more than I do with Jeff here:
    From personal experience, I don't need a spotter with dumbbell press, I've reduced my muscular imbalances and I'm seeing way better results than years of barbell pressing.

  19. I thought u were suppose to only come down when your arms are parallel with the ground, I heard going press parallel your engaging other muscles or maybe from injuries on the shoulders?

  20. What's with the daisy duke shorts? Scott when are you going to show some gains? You've been the same size for years.

  21. "For men, the first thing we want going through a door is our chest when we walk in." For me my penis bulge is the first thing that goes through when I walk in.

  22. Love this video. Thanks for the great explanations. Especially nice to hear someone like me with that thick New England accent.

  23. my dominant side is right so when I do barbell bench press, my right side always takes the range of motion more and my left side doesn't and it is very embarrassing.. but when I do dumbbell bench press both my hands do the proper range of motion.. this video is very informative thank you scott 👍👍👍

  24. How can y’all not understand him? I’m from San Antonio tx and I understand him perfectly well, and the dude knows what he’s talking about. If I had the money I would definitely get one of his programs. And 2 million others like and understand him. Keep it up Scott , your my go-to YouTube channel when I need to know proper form on a exercise.

  25. Thanks man, the main reason why I wanted to replace the bar is the terrible pressure it puts on my shoulder !

  26. 13:10 that is the main reason dumbbells are better …. if you don't have a spawwtuhh then you can only push yourself to failure with DB's not the barbell

  27. Greetings from philippines. Because of you, i dont do barbell anymore. Only dumbell. The first time i tried it, I realize that my dominant arm is weaker than my other arm. Now its all balance. But i just notice that i can only do 40 lbs dumbell on each arm total of 80lbs. While i can do 120lbs in barbell before. Thanks for your help. Now i will never go back in barbell that caused me some pain in shoulder. I will do my best to reach 120 lbs on dumbells. Im in no hurry, but i will get there.

  28. I still come across SH gems that I have not seen yet. I was just wondering the other day which of these two should be sticking with. Question answered. And I personally LOVE the added info about body and muscle anatomy.
    "That's gold Jerry. GOLD!"

  29. Just answer the fucking question in hand. Stop beating around the bush with your damn anatomical jargon, such a waste of time.

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