Basic Stretching Exercises : Neck Roll Stretching Exercise

Basic Stretching Exercises : Neck Roll Stretching Exercise

Hi my name is Maryam Askaar and I’m with Expert
Village and today we’ll be doing a stretch class. So first we’re going to work on our
neck rolls. It’s very important that you have a flexible strong spine and neck. A lot of
our tension is held in our shoulders which tends to lead up to headaches and or migraines.
So the stronger and more flexible you can remain through the shoulders and the neck,
the more results you’ll see. So I want to start with our posture first. So I’m just
seated in a basic cross-legged position. My hands are on my knees, palms face up or face
down is fine. Abs are engaged slightly, your spine is strong and straight. So right here
my shoulders are down, my spine is lengthened, my abs are engaged and my hands are relaxed.
It’s very important that this is your seated posture. Next, I’m just going to drop chin
to chest. Now I want you to notice what your body does when you drop chin to chest. This
might seem like a simple movement but a lot of us tend to round through the spine when
we do that. So I want to make sure you drop chin to chest keeping your spine lengthened,
keeping your abs engaged, if so you should feel a deep stretch through the back of the
neck. From here you’re going to take your ear to shoulder. Again, abs are pulled in
make sure this left shoulder is down. Make sure this right shoulder is down. Breathing
and then rolling, as long as you have a healthy neck, a strong healthy neck feel free to round
through the back dropping the neck slightly but keep in mind if I’m dropping my neck my
abs are pulled in, my body is pulled up, my shoulders are down right. And then left ear
to left shoulder, still staying pulled in. So when my abs are pulled in I’m assisting
in this neck roll right. All the energy and movement isn’t dropping in my neck. I’m pulling
up through my center and we’re going to feel an easy stretch to the right side of the body.
Both shoulders are down and then we come back to center dropping chin to chest. Watch that
spine; make sure it’s strong and straight. And we take it to the left. Left ear to left
shoulder. Hold it here; relax both shoulders, deep inhale, deep exhale pulling in through
your center. And then coming all the way back again if you have a strong healthy neck feel
free to drop it back staying pulled in through the center, relaxing your shoulders, deep
breath. And then dropping right ear to right shoulder, both shoulders are down, abs are
pulled in, again breathing deep, lengthening the left side of the neck and then slowly
rolling through center again dropping chin to chest. Strong straight spine and then gently
lifting the head.

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  3. This is what I've been looking for, I’m not a visual learner so thanks for taking the descriptive approach, it really helped me learn the technique.

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