Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: Diamond Stretch

Basic Yoga Poses : Yoga: Diamond Stretch

And we’re moving from Bound Angle Pose right
into a Diamond Stretch or Wide Diamond. So, you lift the torso to release the hips, bring
the feet two feet in front of you or twenty four inches. The feet, two feet, that’s a
lot of redundancy isn’t it? Inhale lift through the spine and on exhale take again a forward
fold. This time, the stretch is going to happen in the outer thigh, little bit more radiating
down the leg where your IT Band is and you feel that stretch in the IT Band. It’s great
if you’re an athlete or a runner to get that stretch out. That’s your, your very thick
fibrous muscle that holds the legs together and keeps your balance when you run or when
you do athletic events. So keeping the hands, let’s keep the left hand on the feet right
now and inhale open up through the right side of the room. So we’re going to add a little
spinal twist to this Diamond Stretch with the breath. Keep the breath flowing evenly
and smoothly. Exhale bring that right arm down to the floor. Good. And then opening
up to the left side of the room on an inhale. Nice. With the right elbow drawing towards
the mat, you can increase the stretch just by holding the feet and bringing that forearm
towards the floor a little bit deeper. With each inhale stretch to the spine, with each
exhale twist a little deeper. Nice. And then release back into Diamond Stretch, take a
couple of breaths here into the back body so you feel like the back gets a nice rest
and you energize the adrenal glands that sit on top of the kidney. So, very nice to back
breath here. Inhale come back up. Great job!

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